Throughout history stands have existed and been involved in almost war-like situations. However, only a handful of these events are told in legends. This is because all of those stories are about members of the Joestar family tree. But there are many stories of stand users that are almost unknown because no one of importance was involved. Today we will learn the story of an American teenage girl in the year of 1990.

In the late 80's and early 90's psychiatric hospitals for teenagers were a very popular thing in the United States. Parents who thought their child had a problem would ship their kids of to these hospitals to be 'fixed'. But what these parents (And most people for that matter) didn't know is that these hospitals were more like prisons. And most of these children had no problems, and the ones who did could probably have their problems solved with the use of medication.

Jennifer Love was 16-years-old at the time of her 'medical arrest'. Her hair was long, brown, and curly. Her eyes were your standard brown color, with no real unique characteristic to them. Her face was very scrawny and pale, much like the rest of her body. She wasn't a girl that all the boys would flock to. But what she lacked in looks she made up with her character. She was the kind of girls that anybody could befriend.

Something that Jen tried to hide from everybody was that she had an eating problem. Years prior to her imprisonment she was one of the fattest girls in her junior high school. After years of being teased by everyone, including her own friends, she tried dieting. But dieting wasn't working for her and only stopped her from gaining weight. After that she just stopped eating altogether. And when that didn't work, she turned to bulimia. Her parents were much more rational than most parents that shipped their kids of to psychiatric hospitals. They didn't ship her off to the hospital as soon as she stopped eating, and her reason for going was actually legitimate.

Jen stepped out of her parent's car and two guards standing outside the car grabbed one of her fists each. And with that she was lead into her new home, St. Myers Hospital for the mentally unstable. The guards led her through various hallways, as if they were leading her through a maze, until they reached her room, room 314. When she walked in the first thing that she noticed was that there was already another kid in the room. Jen had expected that she would have to share a room with someone, but this was different.

"You're making me share a room with a guy?" She shouted.

"All of the empty rooms in the girls wing are under maintenance for now" Said the guard who had been holding her right hand "So you'll just have to share a room with this kid for a little while"

"'Sides, Kurt's a good a kid." Said the other guard right before closing the door, leaving Jen alone with her new roommate.

"Hey" Muttered the kid, Kurt. Right away Jen noticed his eyes, as they were hazel and stood out from the rest of his face. His skin was pale, most likely from the lack of sunlight. His hair was a just a few inches long, shortly cut, and a dirty blond color. "What're you in here for?"

"I- I don't really want to talk about it" She replied.

"Alright, I'm fine with that." He responded.

"So, what are you in here for?"

"How about this, tell me why you're here and I'll tell you why I'm here." He said smirking.

"Maybe later."

Suddenly there was a loud ringing noise seemed to come from the ceiling. A few seconds later a loud click came from the door to Kurt and Jen's room. With that, the door slid open, as did the door across from their room. Then what seemed like hundreds of kids poured out into the hallway.

"It's dinner time." Said Kurt rubbing his hands together "Since your new here, I'll be your tour guide."


"Just a warning, things can get a little freaky here"

"Don't worry, I'm used to weird shit"

"Not like this"

Kurt led Jen out of their room and into the lunch room. The first thing she saw there were to boys who seemed to be at least 17-years-old screaming at each other. And without even touching him, one of the boys sent the other one flying across the lunch room. Seeing that happen made Jen's jaw drop, and Kurt just shot her a told-you-so look. After that, things started to settle down and the two of them were able to get their food. Jen sat down at an empty table, but Kurt walked right on by her.

"Hey!" Shouted Jen "Where are you going?"

"Back to the room." Said Kurt without turning around "It would be in your best interest to eat there too."

She didn't know what he was talking about, but Jen still followed him back to their room anyways. When they got there, both of them just sat there in silence and ate their food. Jen got about a third of the way through her meal before setting it to her side. "Done already?" Said Kurt, shocked.

"Yeah, I'm just not very hungry."

"That's why you're in here. Isn't it?"

"Wha..." Jen said, her eyes widening.

"It's obvious." He said, pointing a finger at her "Look at you. All you are is skin and bones."

"Y-yeah... You're right" She said, blushing "Now will you tell me why you're here?"


"What?" She shouted "But you said...!"

"I said if you told me why you were here" He said, smiling "I figured it out myself, so I guess you'll have to figure out why I'm here yourself."

Jen's urge to go to the bathroom had been rising ever since she got to the hospital. The last time she had taken a bathroom break was early that morning. And now it was approaching 8 O'clock. "Hey Kurt... Can you show me where the bathrooms are?" She said.

"Really?" He said with an angry look on his face "You couldn't have asked this earlier?"

"Why is it such a big deal?"

"Look at the time! It's 15 minutes until 9, and once it hits 9 the doors close!"

"But... I really have to go."

"Ah shit... Fine" Kurt said, getting up and leading Jen out the door.

Kurt quickly led Jen to the nearest bathroom, which was actually fairly far away. By the time Jen first got into the bathroom they still had 8 minutes to spare. He tapped his foot impatiently waiting for Jen to hurry up and do her business. Inside the bathroom, Jen saw that all but one of the toilets were out of order, and it happened to be a urinal. She sighed, but there wasn't much she could do. With 5 minutes left before the doors would lock up, Kurt was wondering what was taking Jen so long.

Finally Jen made her way out of the bathroom and the two of them quickly sprinted back towards their room. They saw their room just a couple feet away when a loud bell rang throughout the hallway. And right in front of them the door to their room slammed shut, locking them out. Immediately afterwords the lights that illuminated the hallway went out.

"Shit!" Shouted Kurt.

"S-so are we going to get in trouble or something?" Said Jen, worried.

"Well no, the guards don't monitor the halls at night"

"Then what are you freaking out about?"

"Well... Supposedly there is an evil spirit that wanders the halls at night and kills all those who don't make it to their rooms before the doors lock with the spear he use to kill himself."

"Hahaha." Laughed Jen "THAT is what you're worried about? Really?"

"Weird things happen here all the time, so I wouldn't be surprised."

For the next few hours both Jen and Kurt wandered the halls to pass the time, waiting for the doors to open up again. At around 1 AM they started to hearing whispering behind them. And then suddenly Jen felt a sharp pain in her side and let out a yelp. Quickly afterwords Kurt yelped just like she had, and then a fuzzy cloud materialized behind them. In front of the cloud was a arrow, which the cloud had most likely used to stab the two of them with.

Both Kurt and Jen screamed and took off running down the hallway. But Kurt knew that the hallway that they were heading down only led to a dead end. But he didn't want to mention it to Jen, or even think of that at the moment. But when they finally made it to the end of the hallway, they were trapped. The cloud that was out to kill them was started to materialize into a humanoid shape. At the time, the two would think that the cloud was actually materializing itself, but in reality, their minds were just adjusting to see the evil spirit.

The spirit raised its spear-like arrow to stab at one of the two again. But suddenly a door erected itself out of the wall behind them. Then the door swung open and a hand reached out and pulled the two of them inside before shutting. Right after the door shut, the door sunk back into the wall.

"Great, you've guys've been stabbed" Came a voice behind the two "The last thing we need here is more Stand users."

Authors Notes:

I know that this is kind of a slow start, and I'm not starting off with an outburst of epic battles and stand's all over the place. But if you read this, I'd like some criticism so I can know if there is anything to fix. I don't mind if you tell me that you think this fanfic is garbage, just tell me how you think I could improve.

And for Stands, I'm going to try and name them all after bands from 1990 or earlier. But I may stretch this rule to some bands that are a few years younger than that. And I'm pretty sure they never actually mentioned that stand users name their stands after bands, but they are just references that only exist outside of the 4th wall.