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The Story So Far…

Dean has fallen in love with Bobby's daughter Andie. He almost had to kill her when a powerful demon named Lilitu took her over as her meat puppet. Lilitu was the same demon that had forced Bobby to kill his wife Karen when Andie was a young child. Sam has been laying low, trying to stay out of Dean's life in the vain attempt to give his brother some normalcy. Cas talked him into coming to help Dean save Andie. Sam arrives at the last minute and sort of saves the day. He killed the demon, but Andie dies in the attempt. In heaven, Andie meets her mother who tells her that she is needed on Earth, that Dean needs her. A mysterious angel sends her back. Castiel has been trying to help Andie remember who it was. He has the feeling there is more to the story than what she is able to give him. Sam and Dean are back on the road and headed to Dewitt, Michigan to handle some business involving a haunted cemetery.


Sam was standing in line waiting to pay for the gas. He looked out the window at his brother bopping his head to the beat of Led Zeppelin's 'Ramble On'. Dean was playing the drums on the dashboard and singing off-key. And very loudly. He smiled at the sight. They were about 65 miles north of Dewitt with nightfall fast approaching. They had taken shifts driving to get there faster. Most of the time, Sam had his trusty laptop out, using his Wi-Fi to do more research on the case they were working on. What he had found so far hadn't really shed a whole lot of light on what they were up against. But it turns out that the kid they had found in the burnt up house had gone missing about a month before. That, along with the other weird deaths that had occurred, all happened on a full moon. He had tried in vain to find out more information on the Blood family, but had come up empty. He decided that first thing tomorrow he would hit the public library, hoping they would have what he was looking for in the archives.

"Hey, buddy…you ready?"

Sam shook his head to try to clear his thoughts. "Uh, yeah, sorry. I need a fill up on pump 7." He handed the clerk fifty bucks and headed outside. Rubbing his eyes, it suddenly hit him just how tired he was. Dean jumped out of the car and started to pump the gas. He seemed overly hyper for some reason. He was still singing loudly when Sam climbed back in the car on the passenger side and started to turn the volume down.

"Hey Dean? You mind driving the rest of the way?"

"Sure. Shouldn't take us long anyway. You thinking we should set up shop for the night and start tomorrow?" Dean said as he put the pump back in its holder and came around the side of the car. He climbed in and looked at his brother. He noticed that Sam looked more tired than usual. His eyes had dark shadows under them. A look of concern shown on Dean's face. "Dude. You look like hell. No offense."

Sam chuckled slightly. "Yeah, I don't feel too hot, I guess. Maybe I'm coming down with a cold or something."

Dean looked at him skeptically. He had seen that look before on his own face. He didn't have the heart to tell Sam that he had been talking in his sleep. A couple of times, Dean had looked over and seen tears falling from Sam's eyes while he slept. He knew his brother must have been having nightmares about his time in the Cage. He remembered all too well what his nightmares had done to him. There was no worse mind fuck than what he carried with him to this day. There were times he could still feel the heat on his skin, could smell the blood and sulfur. Granted it wasn't very often, but there were still those nights when it all came back to him.

Dean put the Impala in gear and headed out. Within the first five minutes of being back on the road, Sam was fast asleep. Dean looked over at him and sighed. He had been avoiding bringing the last year up with Sam, but there were still some questions nagging at him. For instance, if Sam wasn't back on the demon blood, how did he exorcise Lilitu out of Andie? He had never been able to do it without the 'go juice' before. "Unless…" Dean shook his head to clear that thought out of his mind. If he started questioning whether Sam was fully himself, he would never be able to stop. He looked at his brother again and noticed that he was wincing slightly. His brow was creased as if he were in pain. Dean considered pulling over and waking Sam from his nightmare, but he knew that Sam would just say that he was fine and leave it at that. He looked back at the road and continued to drive into the night.

Comin' Home

Chapter One

Dean and Sam looked around the motel room questioning whether they had made the right choice this time. The orange shag carpeting looked like it hadn't been vacuumed in years. The television still had rabbit ears. The two twin beds were sunk down in the middle. Dean scrunched up his nose in disgust.

"Sammy? What the hell is that smell?"

Sam looked like he had eaten some bad shrimp. "Sorry man, it's the only thing we can afford right now." He threw his duffle bag onto the bed closest to the bathroom and a plume of dust flew up into the air. Waving his hand in front of his face, he turned and looked at Dean and shrugged. Dean rolled his eyes and headed toward the bathroom. He shut the door and lifted the lid.


"What?" Sam stood and opened the door. Dean was standing there, plugging his nose.

"I found out what the smell was." He pointed down into the toilet and Sam saw a dead rat, bloated and floating in the water. Sam reached up and grabbed one of the hand towels that were hanging next to the sink, reached down and grabbed the dead creature. He quickly ran from the room and chucked the animal outside. Dean was grabbing his bag and started heading out the door.

"Where you going?" Sam asked.

"Somewhere…" Dean looked around the room a final time and added, " Not here." He had stayed in some dives in his time, but this was ridiculous. He could handle the crappy carpet, the funky beds and he could even handle not having Casa Erotica on the tv, but he drew the line at dead rats in the damn toilet. "You coming or staying Sam?"

Sam picked up his bag and followed his brother to the manager's office. Handing the keys back, the manager gave them back their money and actually said the words, "Come back and see us soon." Dean just glared at him and threw open the lobby door and stalked off towards the Impala. It didn't take long for them to find a new room that was more hospitable. The décor still wasn't much to look at but at least the pest control problem was under control. Dean headed for the shower, insisting that he had to wash the rat funk off of him. Sam pulled his jeans off and climbed into bed, his long legs hanging over the edge slightly. He was flat out exhausted. His eyes closed as soon as his head hit the pillow.

"Sam. Wake up."

A female's voice that sounded far away stirred him from his sleep. He rolled over and rubbed his eyes. Looking around he saw that he was in his old room from college. He could see his desk with his laptop on it. His stack of books on the chair. It was then that he felt an arm wrap around him. Turning around he saw Jess. She looked beautiful. Jess smiled at him and leaned down to kiss his lips.

"Morning sleepy head."

"Jess?" Sam asked. He was completely confused at this point. "Where am I?"

Jess laughed, "Umm, home? Where else would you be?" Looking into her eyes, Sam melted. He reached up and pulled her into his arms. She smelled so good. A mix of honeysuckle and vanilla. Her skin was soft and warm. Sam kissed her lips feverishly. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew that this must be a dream, but he didn't care. She was here with him. He ran his hand through her long, wavy, blonde hair. Jess pulled back and smiled down at him.

"What's gotten into you?"

"I guess I'm just really happy to see you is all." Sam caressed her cheek and pulled her back into his arms. "I feel like I haven't seen you in years."

Jess kissed his chest. "You're silly Sam. Now get up. We have to get to class. I don't want to be late. This new professor is supposed to be amazing." Jess wiggled out of his embrace and started dressing. Sam just watched her for the longest time. He loved the way she moved. So graceful and strong. She smiled over her shoulder and seeing that he hadn't moved, she put her hands on her hips and turned around.

"Baby, hurry up!"

Sam crawled reluctantly out of bed and grabbed his jeans and threw them on. Jess handed him his t-shirt. He threw it over his head and picked up his books. Jess opened the door and he followed her out. They walked hand and hand through the quad. The sun was extremely bright. It almost hurt his eyes.

"What class is this anyway?" He asked.

Jess just gave him a strange look. "Sam? Are you sure you're feeling okay?" Concern shone in her eyes. She reached up and ran a hand through his hair. Sam sighed at her touch. She was always so good to him. Had always taken care of him. "You're acting weird." She added.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He smiled down at her. "I guess I just didn't sleep that well last night. Brain's a little foggy." Grabbing her hand again, he added, "I promise, I'm okay Jess. Come on, you didn't want to be late, remember."

They young couple entered the big brick building. Noticing that they were the last people, they both ran to the last door in the hallway. Walking into the room, Sam realized that things were decidedly not good. Standing in front of the empty class was Madison. He knew that this was impossible because he hadn't known her when he was in college.

"Sam Winchester. Nice of you to join us." She smiled seductively. Madison was dressed in a long, red, satin nightgown.

Sam turned to look at Jess but she was nowhere to be found. Turning back to the front, he finally saw her. She was dressed exactly the same as Madison. "Jess? What's going on?"

Madison and Jess both started laughing at him. Madison reached around Jess' waist and drew her to her. Her hands started rubbing Jess slowly. Caressing every inch of her. Sam's stomach lurched at the sight.

"Come on, Sam. Join us. It'll be fun." Jess sneered.

He shook his head, refusing to believe what he was seeing. Jess would have never done something like this. Not the girl he fell in love with. Not the girl he had planned to marry. This was some twisted mockery of her. He watched as Madison reached down and ran her hand up Jess' leg underneath the nightgown. Suddenly, blood was pouring out of Jess, making a puddle around her feet. Sam screamed and tried to run towards her but found that he couldn't move his legs. He watched as Madison transformed into a werewolf and began biting at Jess. Jess reached up started undressing the monster. She began kissing her all over. Sam was horrified at the sight. Both the women were covered in dark red blood from head to toe. Madison reached into Jess' chest and ripped her heart out and began eating it. Jess should have collapsed but yet she kept moving, running her hands through Madison's dark hair. She moaned into her ear. Sam's eyes filled with tears.

"Jess. Please stop."

The two women looked at him. Madison smiled a twisted smile and began walking over towards him. She reached out a bloody hand and Sam pulled away from it. "It's okay Sam. You made me what I am. You made Jess what she is. All you have to do is give in and join us. Then all of the pain will go away. All the hurt you caused us, erased forever." Sam looked down at Madison's chest and saw the bullet hole that he caused when he shot her. Seeing where his gaze lingered, she reached down and took his hand. Pulling his index finger straight, she rammed it into the hole. "That's right Sam. You did this. You killed me, just like you killed her."

"You asked me to Madison. I didn't want to." Sam sobbed. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

Madison spit at him. Sam's face was covered in blood now. "Sorry? Sorry doesn't exactly make the fact that you sent both of us to Hell okay. Now does it?" Suddenly her face softened, "But it can all go away, just give in Sammy. Just…."

"Sam. Sammy… SAM!" Dean stood over his brother, shaking him awake. Sam jerked up suddenly. Looking around, he looked like a wild animal. "Dude. Relax. It's okay, it's just me." His hair was matted to his forehead from sweating. He could feel tears on his cheeks. Dean handed him a glass of water. Sam gulped it down. His heart rate finally started to slow and his breathing was returning to normal. He looked at his big brother. "It was just a dream." He thought to himself. "Just a dream." Sam realized that he had forgotten to take his meds last night because he had been so tired.

"You okay now?" Dean asked, his voice thick with concern. Sam had been thrashing about in his sleep, screaming out Jess' name. It had taken him a few minutes to get him to wake up.

Sam looked around the room and took a deep breath. "Yeah..I'm fine. Thanks bro." He finally stood and grabbed his clothes and shaving kit. Heading toward the bathroom, he turned to Dean. He shrugged his shoulders and said, "It was just a dream."