"Sleep with me."

Ezio stepped around the persistent Spaniard. "You heard my answer."

"Sleep with me."

"I've said so already."

Blocking his path, Cesare stridently walked up to the older man, narrowing his acute gaze as he breathed seduction. "Sleep with me."


A breath.

And then some.

"Your wife?" The assassin bitterly scoffed. "Oh, yes: your concubines?"

"What of her—of them?"

Sharply, the bothered male turned, a simple path to the door, not long until he realized the frame was blocked by obstinate flesh. "Move."

"Sleep with me."

"Find another."

"Sleep with me."


"Sleep with me."


"Sleep with me," he whispers, as if desperation fueled his vehemence. "Sleep with me, Auditore."

Those last words before he submits were his undoing.


"—and then, you would simply walk around naked, sans breaches," Cesare smugly continued, ignoring the exasperated look on the other's face. "So facile it would be to bend you over a cloud and—"

Ezio haphazardly slapped the Spaniard's arm, too tired to protest his hand being lifted up to warm lips for a hyperbolic bout of kisses. "Is that all you dream about—your pene as your brain?"

A shake of the head. "No, don't be absurd—my kingdom is run by God's gift to man."

Oh, the arrogance. "Well, seems as if God gave you the smallest present of all."


Cesare cracked an eyebrow. "Oh, such naughtiness from a good lapdog?"

Halfheartedly, Ezio pushed the other man off of the bed as he buried himself deeper within the covers—a true bother it was to fight off the fool who rapidly straddled his hips without the slightest indication of shame. "You're the one with such thoughts."

And a smirk. "But you're the one who loves it like the dogs do."


"The hour?" Cesare groggily asked, his voice taking on the guttural undertones of unfixed pitches. "Past dawn?"

"No. Before the larks." Ezio settled himself drowsily over the other, struggling in vain to get some of the covers to his side but failing miserably. "Or, should I reiterate, after the giant hog steals the entirety of the blankets."

Settling a lazy arm over the irritated assassin, the younger man rolled nearer to his resistant target before he ruffled choppy locks, noting the beginnings of his favorite scowl complimenting the subtle crease in his brow. "However, can this hog state that it only takes such niceties for the grumpier hog to draw closer?"

A disbelieving snort. "Truly a hog."

"Si, but this hog can hog such a hog."

What a lovely morning.


Ezio glared at the other. "I don't fucking think so."

"Che cazzo?" Cesare demanded in an agitated manner, his smug composure slipping as he leveled a bothered gaze at the disapproving male. "Don't tell me your fear has coerced you to flee."

"I'm not running."

"Then, what?" The younger male gesticulated towards the assassin with a stern finger. "Come over here so we can finish what we started, Auditore."

"No, not until you get some damn lubrication."

Dio, to think that he had gotten this far! "For the love of Christ, take it like a man." Slanting his eyes, the aggravated Spaniard fought to keep his hands off his cock while he bore down the stubborn fool, already contemplating a great set of retributions to bestow upon such rebellion. "Else, God will not be here to help when I take you on the floor."

Ezio should've just listened.