"I can't...I can't do anything!" Ayane buried her face in her hands, not wanting to even look at her trombone. She was a failure. A shy, small, useless little girl that couldn't accomplish anything. The one thing she tried, the one thing she put every fiber of her being into, she couldn't do it.

She sat there, on her bed with her trombone discarded carefully beside her, and cried. Cried for her insecurities, her loneliness, her failures...she was nothing. After what felt like forever Ayane's tears subsided, though her eyes gave evidence to it as they were red and puffy from when her hands had rubbed them.

You're not nothing, Ayane. You're a very kind and cute person, and you do things for people without a second thought. No matter what the situation is you always think of others, and that's what I like about you. Never give up, Ayane. Never.

Ayane sat up straight, the sound of Souji's voice reverberating throughout her mind. "Senpai..." she whispered to herself, pulling up her legs and hugging them to her chest. Souji was always there for her. He was always helping, always caring...The only person that had ever made her feel like she was worth something. The only person that made her feel like she had a purpose, and that maybe she wasn't a just a nobody.

She blushed happily with a small smile adorning her face as she recalled the times when her senpai had stayed after band practice to help her stack the chairs and clean up the room, the times he invited her to share his lunch, the times when he helped her practice, comforting her when she got discouraged. He was there.

"I-I...I can do it. For Senpai!" she resolved, taking up her trombone while the butterflies continued to flutter in her stomach.

Maybe it wouldn't be today, and maybe not tomorrow, but someday she would become someone that deserved Souji's confidence and love. When she was ready she would tell him, but for now the most she could do was try and have faith.

That night she played just a little better than usual.