A/N: This story was spawned from the inspiration that I got when I watched the mirror scene in Phantom of the Opera. Then suddenly plot bunny spasms attacked me and I got inspiration for a RinxLen fan fiction. This is based on Phantom of the Opera, but it has it's own twists and turns and it's own plot. Only the basic concept is inspired from Phantom of the Opera. By the way-Rin and Len are reflections-not twins and I am a huge RinxLen shipper when it comes to Vocaloid pairings. If you have a problem with that, then this story is not for you. XD

This is also rated T because this story WILL get pretty dark and there probably will be some intense romance scenes between Rin and Len later. Nothing sexual, though, as I make it a standard not to write those types of things.

Chapter 1: The Audition

"Rin Kagamine?"

Rin suddenly raised her head as if she didn't expect the voice that now suddenly called her. She quickly stood on her feet from her dusty chair, facing the rather indifferent-looking man pushing his glasses up and taking a pen to a paper. There was a moment of awkward silence as he scribbled something on the paper until he looked up and furrowed his eyebrows.

"Well, go on—you're next."

Rin was expecting him to lead her out onto the stage, but she found as she headed out of the dusty, old, cobweb ridden backstage, he had followed closely behind her. His presence was somewhat of a disturbance—but then again, everything was at that moment. The slightest pin drop was enough to make her jump and be a nervous wreck. Butterflies were an endless plague in her stomach.

"Now, Rin..." She told herself, "Remember what your teacher told you... take deep breaths and do your best."

By now, she had reached the front of the ornate stage. There were statues of figures twisting their bodies around to create an elaborate design and gold carvings accompanied by deep scarlet curtains drawn back for the moment. The candles at the very front of the stage were lit, illuminating Rin's pale, nervous face. She felt that she could not match up to the grandeur of this place with her simple dress that she wore. In the house, she could see three old men sitting, all with pieces of paper in hand and pens frantically flying across them. Their faces were hard to make out in the darkness, but Rin could hear every single movement that came from them.

"You may start at any time." One spoke.

Rin's heart seemingly flew across her chest as she lowered her hands to her side to prepare to sing. Closing her eyes for a moment, she breathed deeply and briefly thought of the song she would sing, and how she should come into it. Now moving her entire body, Rin began to sing.

She heard her voice echo throughout the hall—the acousitcs were wonderful. She was not sure how she was doing, though. Rin was concentrating on every single technique that she learned and all the phrasing that she practiced. She dared not look at the expressions of the three men that sat in the house. She would only see them in the corner of her gaze, glancing at each other and scribbling across their papers. As Rin sung the last note, she let it fade into the silence of the hall, and paused for a moment.


The next thing she heard was, "Thank you. You may go."

Rin quickly walked off the stage and passed the indifferent-looking man, who suddenly stopped her.

"Please wait in the entrance hall with the other auditionees and we'll make the announcement when everyone has finished auditioning."

After he finished speaking, Rin quickly continued forward once again. Though she had noticed something strange about the indifferent man—there was a tear in his eye... Was that a good thing or a bad thing? Did she sing so beautifully, she had made him cry? Or did she sing so terribly, that he was wincing in pain?

When she entered the hall where the rest of the girls were waiting, there was an awkward air of competition among them even though they had already auditioned. All the other girls there were dressed much more finely than her—surely matching the ornate entrance hall much better than she was. They most likely came from richer families with teachers that were better paid. Rin overheard the conversation of two other girls.

"There are a lot of auditionees here... I wonder which one will get the part of the diva?"

"Well, this is the most famous opera house in the country—naturally there will be many girls auditioning. But you see Neru over there?" The other replied, "I heard she had a spectacular audition."

Rin suddenly heard the voice of another girl in a different conversation.

"Haven't you heard? All the divas that sing here end up mysteriously disappearing... that's why they have so many auditions for the diva."

"That's only some silly legend, though. The reason why they probably have so many auditions is because they're so strict and whoever sings the part of the diva doesn't last long... if I get the part, I'll be able to hold out, though."

Rin's heart sank a little. It was her dream to sing in this opera house ever since her father had taken her to see a performance when he was still alive. If she made it, by some slim chance, what a shattering thing it would be if she was suddenly kicked out because she couldn't sing well enough? She suddenly started panicking about her audition—had she sung it precisely the way she had practiced it? Had she missed several notes without realizing it? Had her voice cracked? She fretted like this until the last girl came in from auditioning.

They had waited for another half hour before the three men that had sat in the house came out into the entrance hall, holding stacks of papers. Some girls behind rin were murmuring to each other and in the middle of their conversations, she had picked out the phrase, "quick decision." It was strange finally seeing the faces of the three men, who she recognized as the two opera house managers and the maestro, in the light so suddenly. Rin almost did not expect them to look the way they did.

"We'd like to thank you all who auditioned today. We have heard many wonderful voices today, but alas, we must come to only one decision. And we three must say, that it was a fairly easy decision—this woman's voice is incredibly stunning and we have no doubt she will be a wonderful diva here."

A pause.

Rin always hated the pause. Whenever she had sung in contests when she was younger, she always hated the inevitable pause they put in before announcing the results. Suddenly, the silence was broken.

"We have decided to choose Rin Kagamine to be our next diva and leading soprano." The maestro glanced at her, ushering her towards them, "Would you please come forward?"

Rin hesitated a moment, wondering if they had really called her name. And when she stepped forward, she noticed the collective gasps and murmurs that erupted behind her. She noticed the girl pointed out to be Neru with an incredibly angered face that quickly turned to sobbing. The other girls dressed in finer attire narrowed their eyes at Rin in venomous jelousy. When reached the two opera house managers and the maestro, they turned her around to face the crowd that lay before her. One hesitant clapping of hands ushered another and another, and soon the hall was filled with a light applause that lasted for only a moment, but it brought a smile to Rin's face, regardless.

Her childhood dream, in a single moment, blossomed into reality. And quietly to herself she muttered,

"I did it, father..."

Dear Teacher,

You won't believe it! I made it into the Vocaloid Opera House as the diva! I almost can't believe it myself—it's a dream come true. I can't believe they selected a young eighteen year-old girl like me. There were so many much older girls there that sounded as if they had teachers that flew overseas just to coach them. But it's all thanks to te wonderful tutoring you gave me that I was able to get the leading soprano part. And I'm sure you know that if father was still alive, he'd be very pleased.

I am to move from the orphanage to live in the opera house tomorrow. Rehearsals are beginning right away for me and the performance is at the start of the next week! I do not think I will be able to take lessons from you anymore due to the circumstances, but I cannot thank you enough. I will try my very best.


Rin Kagamine

As Rin made the last stroke of her pen, she glanced over her letter with satisfaction as well as gratitude. At last her life was moving forward, at last she was able to begin the dream she had told her father about and promised that she would do. Carefully, she folded the piece of paper, placed it in an envelope and adressed it to her teacher. She then turned from her desk and began packing her clothes and few belongings into her only suitcase.

The next day, Rin found herself standing before the opera house once more. As she gazed upon the opera house, a mixture of feelings overwhelmed her. Confidence, triumph, nervousness, hesitation... Looking upon the towering, elegant structure before her Rin slowly began to move toward it, clutching her suitcase a little tighter in her hand. She felt awfully small as she stepped up the steps just and walked toward the towering door just as she had the day of her audition. At first Rin wondered if she should knock, but she then settled with merely opening the door. Rin peaked her head through the crack she had made in the door, looking once again into the grand entrance hall. As if by coincidence, the opera house managers were coming down the stairs and had just noticed here.

"Ah, Rin, we were just expecting you! Come in, come in!"

Rin hurriedly walked in and closed the door behind her and lightly trotted toward them.

"Such a frantic girl, you are." The manager on the left chuckled.

"This is such a huge change for me." Rin gasped.

"Well, come along, we shall take you to your quarters and we shall measure you for your costumes straight away. We start rehearsals with the entire cast tomorrow—is that all you brought?" The manager gestured toward her suitcase.

"Yes, it's all I have, sir."

"Surely a diamond in the rough." The other manager whispered to the other.

Rin silently followed them to her quarters, listening to their brief descriptions of the rooms and corridors they passed through. She saw the occasional chorus member and dancer passing by them giving her an odd glance or a murmur if they were not alone. When they had brought Rin to her room, it was definitely more than what she was expecting. It was adorned with scarlet wall paper with delicate carvings in the corners of the room and on the floor, a plush carpet lay under her feet. However, what completely caught her attention the most was a beautiful, full, golden mirror at the end of the room that seemingly stared back at her when Rin looked into it—into her reflection.

"Well, then we'll leave you to settle, and the tailoress should be in her in a moment."

And with that, Rin was alone in the room that was now hers. Something seemed mysterious about it. Everything stared at her—from the vases of flowers that sat on the dressers to the framed paintings on the walls. But it was mostly the mirror that seemed to stare the most into her soul. Setting her suitcase at the foot of her bed, she walked toward the mirror and stared into her reflection once more. Her layered blonde hair framed her pale, softly angled face and her deep blue eyes stared back at her in wonder. Finally she shook her head—how silly... to be entranced by such a thing. She dusted her plain dress and turned to the door when she heard a knock.

"Come in," she said.

As expected it was the tailoress that came through the door frame—carrying a basket of sewing supplies and a long tape measure rested around her neck. But unexpected was the maestro that followed her into the room, who was clutching a full score in his hand.

"I am terribly sorry for such a late notice... but here is the score for our next performance. Would you look over your part for tomorrow?"

"Oh, yes, of course." Rin took the score from his hands, "I'll gladly look it over tonight."

"Very good—thank you. If you wish, there is a small chapel area in the lower level if you wish to practice in a more subdued place rather than have everyone hear you behind the walls of this room." He chuckled and with that, he left the room.

Rin softly giggled in response to make the situation less awkward, but he already had his back to her and he had left her alone with the tailoress, who was already at work measuring her waist. Rin quietly opened the score to the first few pages—it was some of the hardest music she has ever seen. And naturally, her part was the leading female role. At first a sigh escaped her lips.

"Is something wrong?" The tailoress asked, measuring another part of her body.

"No, nothing's wrong." Rin quickly replied, and then she thought to herself, "I will do my best."

That night Rin wandered her way into the small chapel in the lower level that the maestro had told her about. It was a dark room with only streaks of soft blue moonlight that hit the colored stained glass windows at the top of the walls. Rin noticed unlit candles lining the altar in front of a crucifix, and placing the score under her arm, she lit the candles with spare matches that were placed near the candles. A soft glow illuminated the darkness, and a soft warmth touched her face. Satisfied, she took the score in her hands again and looked over the notes once more. The song that appeared to be the hardest for her was the aria in the third act—it seemed to to be the extent of her range.

"Then I shall practice this song first." She muttered to herself.

Closing her eyes, she imagined what the music would sound like. She thought of how the music would be phrased and how certain notes would flow to each other. Opening her eyes, she glanced over the first line and began to sing where no one could hear her.

Or so she thought—

Down below. Deep below in a level that no one had really known about someone could hear her. Her voice pierced below in the cold air and reached the ears of a boy. Once, what seemed to be, the angelic bells reached him, he immediately stopped all movement and remained still... listening. It was a voice he was unfamiliar with—perhaps the new diva? Then quietly he sung to himself, matching his voice to hers in beautiful harmony and suddenly his heart skipped a beat as he ran over to his piano and began to play a few notes—a song that would match this beautiful angel's tone.

A/N: Just a fun fact-I based Rin's auditioning process under personal experiences of my own. So I hope Rin's emotions were "real" there. XD