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Sonny's POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I stared at the thin white pills in my hand. Was I really about to do this? I thought about my friends- Tawni, Nico, Grady, Zora, Lucy, even Portlyn and Chastity. I thought about my family. My mom. My sister, Summer. Then I came across the reason for even considering this. Him. I was drowning in my pain. I still remembered that night as if it had been a minute ago. In reality, it had been a month or so….


It was the night of Chad's birthday party. I walked into the bathroom and there he was, Chad Dylan Cooper, my boyfriend of six months. Guess what he was doing? He was enjoying an R- rated makeout session with a blonde bimbo.

"Chad! How could you do this?"

"How could I not? It's not like I even have a girlfriend!"

"Who did you think I was then?"

"Oh. You're just some worthless bitch that is interrupting Chad time."

"I thought you loved me!"

"Well you thought wrong! Do me a favor and get out you stupid slut!"

-flashback ends-

He said his last words as he shoved me out the door. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm doing the right thing by ending my misery. I glanced at Tawni's make up table. Well, I'll admit it. I've always wanted to use her cosmetic stuff. Might as well give it a try before I go. I painted bright red across my lips. Dark eyeliner and mascara outlined my eyes. I checked my appearance in the mirror. Okay. Devastatingly beautiful is quite a stretch, but it's not like that matters anyway. My time is basically up. I made sure I had left my note for Tawni in its rightful place. I already knew He had his waiting for him under the door of his dressing room. I took one last look around my dressing room, knowing it would be the last thing I ever saw. I emptied the pills into my mouth and gulped. They were all down. Well, goodbye world. This is the last you will see of Sonny Monroe. And finally everything went dark. I was gone.

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