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Tawni's POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The depressing day finally came. Just three days after her body was found, It was time for Her funeral. You may wonder why I don't mention her name. It's too painful. If almost anyone hears it nowadays, they burst into tears. I am one of those people. Since she passed, everyone in condor studios, heck, almost everyone in America was depressed. She was the ultimate role model for everyone. She was sweet, kind, caring, funny, smart, and talented. Everything anyone could hope to be. That's the only reason I ever used to be mean to Sonny. She was so much better than me. She was a better person. No one at SoRandom is really funny anymore. At the Falls, they just don't care about their show now. She was friends with everyone. The mail guy, the light people, the less popular casts, the janitors. No one was left out. I miss her so much. I don't put on make up anymore. I covered all my mirrors. Almost everything reminds me of her. Getting Fro-yo, mirrors, the prop house, when someone laughs, when someone smiles, when anyone is happy, when anyone is sad, when someone says 'Fine' or 'Good'. Even just a sunny day. We were all just sitting at ours seats near the front of the chairs set up near the burial site, tears raining from our eyes. It was a nice day. Not a cloud in the sky. How ironic. It's as if she's here telling us to cheer up. I wished so bad it would rain. It would show how we all feel without her. When she started secretly watching the falls, I was right. We had all started centering everything around the Sonny. When the minister was done, he said that anyone could say a few words. I walked up to the podium. It's the least I could do.

"First I'd like to say that Sonny was a wonderful person.

She still is.

When I think of her, only good thoughts come to mind.

She was impossible to dislike.

She was kind, smart, funny, caring, and very talented.

When she was happy, she lit up the room.

She brightened everyone's day. She was friends with everyone.

She was my best friend.

She always will be.

I love her and I'll miss her so much and I know I'm speaking for most when I say that.

May she rest in peace."

I slowly walked back to my seat. I hadn't realized that when I was speaking, I had started shaking and crying harder. I can't believe she's gone. I sat as people made their speeches probably along the same lines as mine. I couldn't focus. My mind was too scrambled. I stood and shook people's hands with Sonny's family and the rest of SoRandom. The girl next to me was probably in the same state as I was, by the looks of it. She looked almost exactly like Sonny except she had blonde highlights in her hair.

" Hi. I'm Tawni. What's your name?"

"Oh. I'm Summer."

"You're Sonny's twin sister, right."


"I've heard so many good things about you."


"Do you want to meet the rest of the SoRandom cast?"


After the funeral was over, I took Summer over to meet the others. They looked like they had seen a ghost. Nico started to speak.

"How? She was j-just s-she….her….what?"

"Guys, this is Summer, Sonny's twin…Summer, this is Grady, Nico, and Zora."



The rest of my cast said simultaneously. All of us nervously glanced at each other, knowing that if we were to befriend this girl, we'd have to eventually read her the letter. I decided to tell her now.

"Summer…I have to tell you something…"

I started slowly, worrying about her reaction.

"Relax, Tawni. I already know about that bastard."

She said as she glared hatefully in His direction. All of us probably internally sighed in relief as we realized we wouldn't have to bring even more horrible news to the girl that knew Sonny best, besides me. We were all snapped out of our little trances as she started to speak.

"I have a plan. A plan for revenge. I've talked to Nico about this. Meet me at the tree near the gate at midnight."

We all nodded in agreement. Geez, she works fast. Already planning her revenge. We drove off in silence as I contemplated how exactly she already knew so much…..kind of…suspicious….oh well. I want this just as badly as her.


Summer's POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I paced back and forth at the old tree in the front of the cemetery. Only 10 more minutes till I tell them the plan. Just as I thought that, they pulled up in a dark minivan.

"So, what's the plan?"

Nico inquired.

"I can't tell you out here. It's too close to the street. Follow me."

I said as I led them to me secret place. I stopped at a pine tree. This was good.

"We need to find a way to keep our promise. We will break him, and I don't mean beating him up."

Nico said seriously.

"Well, I know a certain sister of Sonny who already has a plan."

Tawni said as she shot a pointed glance in my direction.

"What are we waiting for then? Let's get to it!"

Zora practically screeched. I took that as my cue.

" We won't just prank him. Now we're above those silly games. Think your biggest prank you've ever done on Chad. Now that times a million plus explosives, sabotage, break ins, etc. But- not until we've done the emotional damage. We'll push him past his breaking point. He'll beg for mercy, for death, and we won't give it to him. He'll hit rock bottom so hard, he'll have to pull the trigger himself….."

Everyone stared at me in shock.

"You don't mean…."

Grady asked, trying to see if I was actually implying that we'd do something that awful. I almost laughed at his weakness. If they want revenge, then they're going the distance with me.

"That's exactly what I mean. He'll be even more miserable than She was right before….you know…."

They all nodded their heads in agreement.

They were all in.

Well, that's what I needed.

A team to help me with the dirty work.

Not that they'd ever know how messed up I was.

I've been planning this since the second I knew HE caused my sister's death.

He deserves pain. He deserves suffering.

Monsters like him shouldn't die peacefully.

Maybe I should murder his family and make him watch, make him mute, disable the upper half of his body so he can't write down what happened and then make him stay alive. Force his life on him even though he has no one in the world that really knows or loves him…..

Nah. Too much work. What can I say? I'm devious, but I can't do ALL the dirty work or go through with ALL my plans. I should figure out how the break in is going to happen first any way….

Tawni's POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I like this. Summer's obviously gone a bit loopy….but she's right about what HE deserves…..It's odd that she's been planning this before she even knew we were out for revenge too. It's not like it'll matter if this ends badly…I don't know what exactly badly would be yet, but it can't be worse than losing your best friend because of some asshole who treated her badly. She was worth way more than he ever will be. Even if I have to die to do this, in the end, I'll be happy. I'll be with my best friend.

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