1 - Homecoming
Yao couldn't help but find it cute when Yong Soo showed up on his doorstep holding out a panda with a card that said "HOMECOMING?" in its paws. It was, however, decidedly uncute when months later the same boy told him that he should hurry up and ask him to the Sadie Hawkins dance, since he was obviously the girl in their relationship.

2 - Apple
When Yao walked into his classroom he was greeted with the sight of a rosy red apple sitting on his desk. His puzzlement over the cliche gesture quickly disappeared, though, when he spun it around to find a smiling face drawn in sharpie on the other side. He smiled, knowing only one student of his that was as strange and cliche, and that student was staring at his teacher with a large grin on his face.

3 - Pride
Since both he and his brother were very prideful people Yong Soo figured that just for Aniki, no matter how much it hurt, he would put aside his and ask for forgiveness.

4 - Cold
The simple demand of "Aniki, cuddle with me! I'm cold, daze!" was all it took for Yong Soo to get Yao into his bed.

5 - Game
Yong Soo let a pout claim his face, upset that once again his brother had beaten him at his own game.

6 - Air
Ever since he could remember Yong Soo had felt that Yao was his everything, the very air he breathed, so it came as little surprise when he felt short of breath after the confession of love he'd only dreamed of became a reality.

7 - Adorable
His younger brother was adorable, but that made no difference in his urge to throttle him whenever he claimed the Chinese alphabet as his own.

8 - Drive
Driving with Yong Soo was a decidedly heart-stopping affair as the boy yet again narrowly avoided another head-on collision.

9 - Taboo
Over time their incestuous relationship became less and less of a shock to the world, leaving Yao to wonder if that fact was good or bad.

10 - Cry
Yong Soo rarely saw his elder brother cry, so when he did he knew that he'd messed up terribly.