Sheesh, it's been so long since I've updated this. I love it so much, though! I'd almost forgotten how much I love writing for these two. Also, a nod of recognition goes out to Chibi-Ra-Chan, whose fiction inspired and is referenced in a couple of these snippets. With out further ado, enjoy and review!

31 – Spring

With much reluctance, Yao would admit that he would do most anything for his brother when he looked at him with those wide, hopeful eyes and flailing sleeves, even go on a walk in the frigid weather because "It's spring, Aniki!".

32 – Kiss

Their first kiss was sloppy, awkward, and many more unpleasant adjectives, but such details didn't matter to Yong Soo as he held his brother, their hearts beating rapidly in unison.

33 – Gone

For many years, Yao would look at the boy and see only his sister, dark unruly hair and brilliant eyes. It was only when those eyes turned cold and dangerous and the hair was matted with blood that he realized his sister was long, long gone.

34 – Acknowledge

"Yong Soo, do not ignore me when I'm talking to you, aru!" No response. Yao sighed. "…Please, Yong Soo?" Finally, he was acknowledged once again.

35 – Rice

Yong Soo sniffed the air around his Aniki before boldly asking, "Has anyone ever told you that you smell like rice?"

Yao stared at him incredulously. "D-Don't say such strange things, aru!"

36 – Friday

~Cuz it's Friday, Friday, gonna get down on Friday~


37 – Hunger

It was all Yao could do to quell his mounting irritation with Yong Soo, chopping carrots with a vengeance, but the feeling melted away as soon as his brother gazed at him with a brilliant smile of admiration and an excited word of thanks.

38 – Mistake

"Excuse me, miss! You dropped some peppers, daze!" Yong Soo's eyes widened comically as the 'woman' turned to him, face a scorching red and expression beyond embarrassed. 'Oops. Definitely not a chick.'

39 – Favorite

"You can't play favorites, Yao. Then you'll drive them all away."

Yao nodded at Ivan, trying to banish the image of a piercing glare from his mind, a child attempting to kill his brother, a brother reacting to his doting with anger and violence, betrayal from loved ones and the one he loved, and the suffocating loneliness that had overtaken him.

Ivan knew him all too well.

40 – Wake Up

Yong Soo woke to the strangest sensation, one he hadn't experienced since he was young; he was being held by his brother. He tried and failed to smother the giddy smile on his face, thanking God for small blessings.