Queen of Arcadia

Return of the Ice Queen


Lady Razeli

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Drake and Xena fell back onto their bed exhausted; ruling over two kingdoms was not an easy task. Lucky for them Xena could see to mostly matters concerning Glacial as well as the duties of a Princess in Sultry. It had been five years since Xena had returned to Arcadia, the country her husband, Drake of Arcadia, had been born and raised to rule. Since her return she had found out who her real father was, learned her true family history, which had led to her realizing she was of true Royal blood in a country so hot the sun couldn't compete with it. She also learned that she had been wrongfully betrothed to the heir of the archduchy of Glacial. Within weeks of her return she had been kidnapped and even tapped into a host of power she wasn't expected to gain until she was a true Queen. The wars had been terrible on the lands, but now they were recovering.

So many responsibilities and they somehow had to make time for three needy children. Xena's eldest was Llyr, she had adopted him during the second time she was kidnapped. Her captor had drugged her and taken her all the way into Queensland. A land so wild that the men and women shape shifted into wolves; they had no respect for women there, but Xena had changed that at least where she was concerned. Llyr had attached himself to her and she him, how could she let him go, and how could he stay away? Llyr was now seven years old and while she groomed him to fit in among those unlike him she tried to see to it that if he ever went back to Queensland he would not be shunned, it was hard, but thanks to the treaty they now had with Queensland it was easier to ensure.

Xena's second eldest was the beautiful Princess, Eve. Eve had been born in Greece where Xena had grown up ignorant to her true heritage. The Gods had hunted Eve there, but thanks to Ving and Caesar it was safe to say she could travel in both realms safely now. Xena had been happy to take Eve back to Arcadia where no God could hunt her and best of all she would get to know her father as well. Eve had long auburn red hair that framed her face beautifully and gorgeous blue eyes that could only be like her mother's. Eve now proudly claimed the age of five.

Xena's youngest however and baby of the family was Melody. Melody was a gorgeous blond with ice blue eyes that made you shiver, no one liked to get her mad. She too had been born under unusual circumstances. During her first kidnapping by the Archduke Ubel, his mother had put a spell on her to turn her back into a virgin, the spell was sloppy with horrible side effects. To ensure her son's seed spread on the spell also made it possible that she should

somehow get pregnant if Ubel should die, fortunately for herself and Drake, it was Drake's essence that got passed on Melody was born.

"Please tell me we can go straight to bed?" Drake asked Xena.

"Why are you even asking you know we can't, our duties as monarchs may be over, but our duties as parents never are." Drake sighed and nodded. He just wanted to get some sleep, but that was still out of the question.

"When is our day off?"

"You'll have to ask Lord Bosley about your schedule."

"There's so much to do, I've got agricultural problems left and right, the people aren't happy with me giving lands away to the Amazons."

"No one is happy, they have to play a bigger role in the kingdom, people have to think, that our way of life can't continue without them."

"Glacial pitching a fit as well?" Xena nodded.

"The only ones not pitching a fit is Sultry, they're use to women in charge." Drake nodded.

"How is Gabrielle taking it?"

"She's handling it well, right now there's no open violence which is good, and I need to keep it that way."

"How are the crops in Glacial?" Drake asked.

"Poor really, one day you have a good harvest the next it's gone bad, we need a new plan. I'm trying to educate myself better on how it's done. Evzenek is doing a great job relaying orders and making them happen."

"The dragons?" Drake asked her.

"Recovering definitely getting better according to Izo when he comes to train Melody and I. Poor guy he has to go to Sultry for mother's lessons as well and than back to Glacial. It's good thing that Isolde will complete her Master's soon."

"Will she station herself here?" Drake asked. Xena nodded.

"Izo needs to be in Glacial, she will remain here our court master of Ice."

"I have a meeting with Ryoma and Jiao-long now that you remind me." Drake and Xena attempted to split duties. Drake took care of agriculture and court duties and things along that line except in Glacial. Xena took care of the dragons and the amazons except in Arcadia.

"Hey if you can take over the amazon situation here, I can relieve you of agricultural stuff in Glacial."

"Done deal," Xena told him without hesitation. After a few moments they got up and went to spend time with their children who were more than eager to play with them and tell them about their lessons and day.

"Who are you?" Xena asked. After their last war placing orphans had not been a huge priority for anyone. The war had caused for sudden mobilization it seemed and Ubel had disrupted a lot of lives.

"Maggie Fletcher." Xena made sure that she got her child back and they had a place to live. Eve walked in and sat down on her little stool with a feathered pillow on top, it wasn't uncommon for her or Llyr to come in and listen to these court things.

"Bring out the children." They nodded and the children recognized their mother immediately they gathered their things and were taken home. It was unfortunate, but a lot of children no longer had parents, the orphanages however we clearing and less were living in their palaces. They had even managed to move back into the newly finished capital of Illusia.

"I daresay today was a happier one," Lady Emily commented. Xena nodded as her ladies of Arcadia: Lady Emily, Lady Clara, Lady Agnes, Lady Elizabeth, Lady Sonya, and Lady Tabitha, her youngest began to help her change. Her ladies from Glacial: Lady Nava, Lady Eira, Lady Gwyneira, Lady Eirlys, Lady Eirwen, Lady Polara had taken care of her bath. Her ladies from Sultry: Lady Daphne, Lady Blair, Lady Crystal, Lady Lalainia, Lady Isabella, Lady Saffron had her dressed and out of the door in no time. Ladies Galena of Arcadia and Aithne hadn't worked out very well mostly because she couldn't fine one more lady of Glacial who didn't break her ankle at the slightest run. Depending the country she frequented those ladies were the heads of her ladies. Otherwise she promoted Emily, Daphne, and Nava getting along.

"What's next?" Xena asked.

"Wedding plans," Lady Tabitha told her. Xena nodded. Tabitha had only been thirteen when she first came to Xena and to protect her Xena had arranged a betrothal. Now at seventeen, Tabitha, had made the decision to keep that betrothal, it turned out that her and William were a very good match.

"Oh okay good, how are the plans so far?"

"Oh awful my Queen I never thought you went through this much for your own wedding."

"Yes, it's different when you must handle everything. The princess has agreed to be the flower girl?" Tabitha nodded.

"Both of them, they were about to fight over who had the honor." Xena shook her head.

"God help those two, they're always…" She was cut off as the sound of a door being taken off it's hinges it seemed was heard. Everyone raced towards the sound to see Melody throwing energy balls at a black dog that wasn't the royal pet.

"Eve, Melody!" Xena yelled. They both froze although Eve kept growling at Melody who still had a ball of energy in hand.

"Get over here right now, right in front of me." They both heard the tone in their mother's voice and dared not disobey her, but they watched the other. "Melody so help me if you don't put that energy ball away and you Eve will take human form this instant!"

"She started it!" They cried.

"I don't care who started what this time," Xena told them. "This is the fourth time this week and as I told you before if you fought again and damaged something again I would tan your backsides and that is what's going to happen so march right now back into the nursery."

"Oh mommy no please," They cried. "We'll be good." Xena wouldn't listen to them though as she took them by the ear into the nursery just as Drake arrived.

"Daddy," Eve got loose and ran behind him. Xena frowned and turned to Eve as she still held Melody.

"You'll do well to get your backside back over here," Xena told her.

"What's happening now?" Drake asked.

"They were fighting again about what I don't know or care until after I follow through with my threat." Drake sighed and frowned at both his wayward princesses.

"No, no you don't need to spank them," Drake told her as both Melody and Eve started look relieved that their Daddy would get them out of trouble once more as he always did. Xena shook her head.

"No, not this time, I usually let you talk me out of it, but not this time," Xena told him.

"I'm not trying to talk you out of it," Drake told her. "I'll do it this time, you're running around enough as it is you don't need to spank them too in your condition." Xena made a face.

"I'm only four months along really this isn't that big a deal for me. I rode a horse while I was pregnant with Eve as if I weren't."

"I'm sure you did, but you have a lot more duties here, please go take it easy with the wedding plans I'll handle this." Xena released Melody to Drake, but she stayed to make sure they were punished and punished they were to their disappointment and tears.

"Both of you are grounded," Xena told them as she directed servants to their toys. You'll study the entire time your grounded. That also means no shapeshifting or any other type of magic," Xena informed them. "If I catch you doing any magic, I will be the one to spank you understood?" They nodded.

"It's not fair I can't pleasure read, but she gets to keep her music," Eve whined. "Xena looked at the piano Melody had asked for in the nursery. She used a spell and through it at the piano.

"No experimenting just your scales and what the teacher as assigned you." Melody groaned and looked like she wanted to shove Eve. "Don't you dare not after you just got punished for that type of behavior, if you two can go forty-eight hours without fighting of any kind with one another I just might lift you ban early."

"Daddy," Eve whined. Drake shook his head.

"Your mother has spoken and she's quite right to punish you, I can't help you." Eve groaned and went to her bed to sulk. Drake and Xena walked out of the door that servants were now fixing again.

"What am I going to do with those two," Xena sighed.

"Love them like we always do, they'll grow out of it I'm sure." Xena nodded.

"I hope so, the last thing I need is three children that fight, when this one gets here, just to torture me she'll start."

"Or he," Drake told her. Xena nodded. "Have you decided where to have the baby?"

"Well it's Sultry tradition that the Princess after her wedding has her first born child at home, and since Eve missed out Father thought now is a good a time as any to do the whole ceremony and such." Drake nodded.

"Hey come with me I want to show you something." He pulled her into a side corridor quickly before her ladies or his attendants noticed. They started freaking out as they began looking for them.

"What are you doing?" Xena asked when they had passed.

"Shs come with me." He took them back to his bedroom.

"So we're in your bedroom, I've been in here a thousand times," Xena told him. Drake grinned.

"What a man can't make love to his beautiful bride?" Xena chuckled.

"No, but he can make love to his wife," Xena replied as he kissed her. They quietly and happily made love before everyone figured out where they were and what they were doing and stopped fussing over them.

"You stop," Drake told her.

"No you stop," Xena replied back. It was after dinner and they were playing cards. According to Drake she was smirking way too much for his liking as if she were up to something so she just accused him of doing the same just for fun.

"Stop looking at me that way, you know that leads to one thought which leads to another." Xena smirked, but didn't say anything. "Oh come on are you going to do that all night?"

"I can do a lot of things all night if you like." Drake blushed at her teasing it was the only time she could get him to blush it was in private just them. He didn't know why as if he were embarrassed in front of her, he supposed it was because she exposed everything about him and he wanted to be that raw in front of her so that nothing was hidden between them.

"You know you're sexy when you blush."

"Your sexy in the kimono you got as a gift." Xena shrugged letting it fall off her shoulder a little on purpose. "Ah! You're such a tease!" Xena laughed. She loved Drake so much it felt great to be with him, he was always making her laugh, and she couldn't help but feel her heart swell with love for him. Life without him had truly been hell and now she was in heaven.

"I can tease you some more if you like." Drake was about to answer when the gong began to ring. They both frowned and stood up.

"No, you stay here with the children, just for my peace of mind." Xena groaned. "Please just for me, I know you can handle yourself, but I'll worry less." Xena sighed and groaned some more.

"Dickhead." Drake couldn't help, but grin as he kissed her forehead.

"I know, I'm a huge one." He rushed out and Xena went to see about the children trying hard to act as if she were one of the many silly court ladies who ran and hid every time Rebels from the northern region decided to raid the city somehow. While they had built grand magical walls they weren't always up.

"My Queen please come with us to the parlour closer to the escape tunnels," Lady Nava told her. Xena nodded after she had changed. They never took any chances at the palace if somebody even if it was one lone man got through.

"You're not going out there are you?" Fiona asked. Xena shook her head.

"Drake has asked that I stay so I will do my best to honor his request, although I've made no promises," Xena commented. Her ladies entered ready for battle as was she. The girls and Llyr were already secure in their own clothing instead of their pajamas. Xena didn't think it was practical to gather them in their pajamas if they had time to change. Xena hadn't been there long when a soldier burst in.

"My Queen!"

"What?" Xena asked.

"The Rebels they're ice!"