Hunting Love


Lady Razeli

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Chapter One

Iolaus took three steps to Hercules one, he had never gotten over the feeling of inadequacy Hercules gave him and although he loved the big guy it was just hard to shake the feeling. Iolaus nearly scoffed out loud as he thought of his jealous tendencies, it seemed to him that for someone he called his best friend, he sure did envy him a lot. What was it about Hercules that got him all the women and fame, nine times out of ten Iolaus had been right beside him. Where was his girls and his fame? Iolaus began to wonder did he even love his best friend?

"Hey what's on your mind?" Hercules asked interrupting his thoughts. Iolaus frowned.

"I'm just wondering how do you know you love someone?" Hercules looked at him thoughtfully.

"You'd do anything for them, you know that," Hercules told him clapping him on the back. Iolaus nodded.

"I guess you're right," Iolaus told Hercules as they continued walking.

"But if you really doubt it or can't believe, I would go to the source."

"Who the fates?" Iolaus asked confused. Hercules chuckled.

"Not unless you want your question answered and more questions in the process, no, Aphrodite, she's brilliant at her job." Iolaus nodded.

"That's true if there is one thing she can do it's love." Hercules nodded. "Any particular girl you have in mind I don't know about." Iolaus shook his head.

"No, but I suppose that is part of the problem, you've had two great loves, three really if you count Xena, but me all I've got are endless one night stands."

"Well maybe you don't love as easily as I do."

"No the way I see it is perhaps I love too much, I mean you hardly ever love at all." Hercules looked slightly embarrassed.

"Uh okay so are we even referring to actual love anymore." Iolaus sighed.

"Maybe you're right I ought to talk to Aphrodite herself she's suppose to be responsible for this right?" Hercules nodded.

"Well she has a hand in somethings, but there is such a thing as honest true love and even she can't and won't interfere with that."

"Tell that to the couple she tried to break up over a temple according to Gabrielle." Hercules shrugged and nodded.

"All Aphrodite could do was redirect the girl's intentions, Cupid spent months developing that into true love." Iolaus nodded.

"Well there can be many interpretations to this story." Hercules nodded.

"You know I think Aphrodite has a temple just over here."

"Oh why don't we…" Iolaus was interrupted by a scream.

"Hercules!" They both turned to see a small man running down the road towards them, there was a fork in the road and if he hadn't spotted them they were sure he would have turned down it. As it was they thought he probably had no idea he was so close.

"Are you all right?" They asked when he bumped into Hercules.

"Please do you know the way to Hercules." He took huge breaths of air.

"I am Hercules, what's happened?" The man looked more than relieved.

"An army coming straight for our village you have to hurry," He cried and now he began to pull and pull on his arm. Hercules looked apologetically at Iolaus. Iolaus frowned.

"Hey look I think you can handle an army, I'm just gonna head to Aphrodite's temple and then join you." Hercules nodded and waved to his friend as the man pulled him along. Iolaus sighed and continued on towards Aphrodite's temple. He hoped she would find it in her heart to keep his questions to herself, he didn't want it getting back to Hercules. Iolaus had been walking for a candle mark when he finally spotted the top of Aphrodite's temple; it was another candle mark before he even arrived to his amazement.

"Gods, what is it with Gods and having temples that are out of the way."

"Hey blondie it's not our fault you mortals build temples so far away," Aphrodite told him as she appeared with three guys. "You remember the boys tall, dark and handsome." She grinned at each one and rubbed their chin.

"Yeah, I do," Iolaus reluctantly admitted him gave them a short wave, they made him uncomfortable. "Say Aphrodite can we talk, just you and I?"

"Of course, that's why I didn't wait for you to call me." She sat down on one of her plush pink couches as the boys disappeared.

"How did you know I was coming here to talk to you?" Aphrodite looked at him as if he were an idiot.

"Like I don't ease drop every time my name is mentioned, I want to like know what people are saying duh." Iolaus nodded.

"Fair enough than you know why I'm here?"

"You want to know why you haven't found love yet and settled down, popped out a couple of ungrateful kids," Aphrodite told him.

"Yes, that in a nutshell and the fact that I apparently love Hercules, but envy him." Aphrodite looked at him thoughtfully.

"Blondie your envy has something to do with you not Hercules that's why you love him, and no I'm not lying you love my big bro with all your heart, you'd do anything for him."

"Well where is the woman I'd do anything for?" Iolaus demanded.

"You're rash," Aphrodite told him in a surprising observation. Iolaus took several deep breaths he was getting frustrated over nothing.

"I'm sorry Aphrodite it's just all very frustrating to be so…so…."

"Envious?" Aphrodite asked as if it was nothing. Iolaus nodded.

"Yes envious I mean he's had two families and look at me, best friend all his life you ever think he's been to my wedding gave me bad marriage advice and no all because I can't make a commitment or find a woman I love." Aphrodite looked at him sadly.

"Don't fret, somewhere there is a mortal out there for you, and I haven't found her yet." Aphrodite stood and walked over to her glass bowl ready to peer in.

"But that's just it I want true love, honest to goodness love nothing you cooked up." She stopped and frowned.

"Well Blondie you can only sit and wait for true love, not all this moping around, true love will find you, there's no time limit on it."

"Perhaps I should visit the fates and ask them when."

"Or you could leave it so I don't have to repeat myself later." Iolaus was about to speak when he was interrupted, although he wasn 't surprised there. He didn't know a time when he wasn't interrupted by anything. They both turned look at Hera standing in the middle of Aphrodite's temple.

"Hera, what do you want?" Aphrodite asked. Hera had never set foot in her temples before ow, so what was she doing here. Hera didn't say a word as she raised her hand and pointed it at Aphrodite; Iolaus seeing the fireball form immediately began to push Aphrodite over to the side as the fireball went pass her and burnt a whole in the wall. "Hey, you're going to make this!" Hera didn't say a word as she continued to throw fireballs destroying the tension. Iolaus kept pulling a screaming Aphrodite out of the place.

"Come on transport us somewhere safe!"Iolaus yelled at her. Aphrodite forced herself to focus and then there was nothing but silence around her.

"What the hell was that?" Aphrodite asked. She had never been attacked by another god before unless she happen to be in the way when they were attacking Ares.

"I don't know you tell me why Hera's suddenly got it out for you."

"I don't know!" Aphrodite cried.

"Oh no please look no tears please." Aphrodite calmed down very little. "Look just come with me to Hercules, he can solve our little problem, and keep us both alive as well we just have to figure out out. Aphrodite nodded.

"That'a good idea blondie, now let's go before Hera comes." She held out her hand.

"Oh no we walk and do this my way just in case she's trapping you and your wound inside or outside." Aphrodite moaned and groaned as he pulled her out of the little shack they had landed in and headed for the road.

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