Good evening. I'm Julie Chen and welcome to "Big Brother 13... When Worlds Collide"...

Tonight, we'll meet the fourteen house guests who will compete for half a million dollars and the title of 'Big Brother Champion'...

~opening credits play~

Night one...

"We take you now to the Big Brother House where the house guests have all just arrived. Remember, they haven't spoken to each other until now. Let's see what happens..."

The scene panned into the living room, where the contestants were standing around, some in groups of two or three, some alone, but all were doing the same thing... sizing each other up. Off to the one side was the youngest male, and he looked scared out of his mind. He was joined by one of the other men, a glass of champagne in his hand.

"You look a little nervous, kid." He said, taking a drink.

"I don't like it here." He sighed "They wouldn't let me bring my doggies. They're meanies."

"I'm Tommy, by the way... you got a name?"

"Connor... are you a meanie too?" Connor did not shake the other man's hand. His daddy had taught him long ago not to trust people.

"Depends who you ask." Tom answered, a plan already forming in his mind. "So Connor, what do you do for fun!"

"I kill peoples!" He announced proudly, but a little too loudly. The entire room went silent, their eyes drawn to that area.

"Just the punch line to a very bad joke." Tom mock-laughed. The conversations gradually resumed.


Across the room, there was one guy standing alone. Dressed all in black, he fit in perfectly with the darker look of the house. He watched everyone, eyes darting from one conversation to the other, occasionally picking up a word or two, but otherwise totally unemotional.

"Halloween isn't for a few months." He was joined by one of the other guests. "By the way, I'm..."

"I know who you are." The man answered

"You do? How?"

"I was listening to Happenstance on the airplane." He replied, the first hints of humanity becoming evident. "Do I call you Chris or Moongoose?"

Chris laughed. It had been years since he'd used that name professionally. "Don't call me Moongoose and I won't call you Assclown... deal?"

"Deal... I'm Erik." They shook hands, then both continued to watch their future housemates and opponents, all in total silence.

The same could not be said for a group of six girls, standing kitty-corner to them. Nooks, Megan, Jess, Becky, Tigger, and Bella were in the midst of a huge gab-fest. They'd already talked about themselves, decided to maybe form an alliance, and discussed which guys were the hottest. Maybe five feet away, stood another loner: Jeff. He'd been fretting for months about leaving his nine-month-old son Draco in the care of his brother while he did this.

Gone twelve hours and I already miss the little Dragon... He was feeling much like Connor did about his doggies, but he knew that winning the money would make life a lot easier for all of them. He could hire the best lawyers to fight his ex in her upcoming custody suit, move he and his son to a better house, away from said ex, and maybe start again. But how was he gonna do that? Unless there were some jump off a hundred foot platform into a wading pool challenges, he was going to need to use his brains, something that he wasn't the best at.

Randy, a former Marine, and Johnny, a former Olympic gymnast, and two of the last to arrive, were in the process of swapping war-stories when one of the more flamboyant members bounced over.

"Hey guys... is this gonna be fun or what?"

Or what? Randy rolled his eyes at John. He had no problems with 'alternative ways of thinking' as his Dad used to say, but John's body language showed a lot less tolerance.

"Yeah, yeah..." Randy answered "I think those girls want to talk to you..."

Shawn looked over at the five girls. They were whispering about something.

"Okays..." Shawn literally skipped over to them. "Hey girls, I need to catch up on my gossip..."


"You know what an alliance is?" Tom asked Connor. He was conversing with Connor, if that could be the right word for it. Connor was rambling from topic to topic, while Tom was nodding at all the appropriate spots, hoping for some excuse to leave the kid to his own desires.

"Uh-huh..." Connor's attention was momentarily taken away from waving at the cameras.

I'm sure the guys in the control room are loving this..."You see all those girls standing over there?" He pointed to the cluster of females.

"Nuh-uh... one of them's a boy." Connor pointed to Shawn.

Tom squinted. "I'll be damned. Anyway, that clusterfuck over there has seven people, right? And there are seven of us." He pointed to the other two pairs, plus Jeff.

"So?" Obviously, logical thinking wasn't high on this kid's short list.

"So we have to make sure they're not in an alliance."

"Alliances are bad?" Connor asked

"Only when we're not in them." Tom answered

"Okays." Connor stomped over to the group, and announced in a very loud voice. "You better not be in an alliance!"

The girls, plus Shawn, laughed. "But what if we are, sweetie?" Nooks asked

"Then you're all meanies!" Cooper replied "Nyah!" He stuck his tongue out, then proceeded to run around the entire house, screaming "Meanie!" at the top of his lungs.

~from the diary room~

Tom: I figured that kid would be easy to manipulate, but he may be too easy. The house is already divided, and I didn't have to do much. I guess it'll depend on who wins Head of Household. That'll be the first power shift and we're what?... One day in.

Connor: I likes Tommy. He's not a meanie... yet. Ooh... a spider...

Chris: I hadn't even met half the house and already the game is on. I'll say this... that Tommy guy knows how to play people. He's already got the guys thinking about a female alliance. I'll admit, it's a good idea, but I don't think the girls are smart enough to pull it off.

Nooks: Connor's cute. He's either really innocent, or the kid doesn't have a fucking clue. He outed my alliance even before I had one. We were trying to get Shawn involved, but we never even had a chance to ask him. If there's any chance of an alliance, Connor is going to have to go. After him... Tommy. He's dangerous.


As the night wore on, and the wine flowed freely, tongues loosened and game play was put aside. Most of the contestants had seen previous seasons of Big Brother and were expecting some sort of competition, but other than a greeting from the robotic voice of their host, they had been left to their own devices for the entire evening.

While most of them enjoyed the social atmosphere while it lasted, some took every word, every body movement, as strategy; trying to figure out who might be aligned with who.

"...what about you Megan?" Jess asked

"Well, my life is split between a crappy job and writing." She answered

"Join the club." Nooks interjected

"What does everyone else do?" Erik changed the topic. "Musician", "artist", "student", "not a whole fucking lot", were among the answers given.

"I make boom booms!" Connor announced proudly. Like his 'I kill peoples' speech earlier, this one also silenced the entire room.

"Are you in demolitions or just for fun?" Megan asked

"I dunno. My daddy doesn't like it when I make boom boom's though. He says I cost too much." Connor sighed "He's a meanie, sometimes."

"I hate to sound cliche, but who's your daddy?" Erik asked

"My daddy owns Likansuk." Connor enjoyed the attention he was getting.

"Likansuk? You mean the porn company?" Randy blurted out.

Connor nodded excitedly.

"I'll be right back. I'm going out for a cigarette." Erik stated

While he smoked, he thought. He soon sensed that he wasn't alone. Whirling about, he confronted Nooks, who had apparently followed him.

"Scare ya?" She giggled

"A little. Smoke?" he offered

"No thanks... never touch the stuff."

"My funeral, I guess." Erik stuffed them back into his jacket. He'd arrived at the house in a full suit and, other than loosening his tie, was still dressed formally. "You know who we have in there, right?"

"What do you mean?" she asked

"Mr. Boom Boom... I don't know why I didn't recognize the face. That's Connor Lawson."

"Not THE Connor Lawson." Nooks gasped a little. "Are you sure?"

"Positive." Erik answered "Believe me, I wish I was wrong, but I'm not. My brother-in-law was a homicide detective... Tracy Smothers... the name ring a bell?"

"Maybe... I'm not sure."

"Last year, he and his partner were killed while investigating a murder at a nightclub..."

"Now I remember... the Wolfepack mess."

"Yeah... so you know what happened." Erik answered, butting out his smoke on the sole of his black dress shoes. "I'm not worried about Connor, he doesn't seem like the type to be able to do something on his own, but I'm also not taking things likely." He turned to stare right at the overhead camera. "I'd also like to know who fell asleep when the psych profiling was being done."

Erik and Nooks returned to the house, where Connor was leading a colorful discussion about his father's company.

"You missed a good one." Randy stated

"Probably did. Thanks, but I'm not a big porn connoisseur." Erik helped himself to another drink. The welcome booze was almost gone, and the next drinks might be days, or even weeks, away.

"You don't need to be a connoisseur." Chris' eyes were starting to glaze over. "I'm not embarrassed to say that I've used Likansuk's fine selection of products."

Tigger giggled. She had introduced herself with that name, and no one had bothered to find out what her real name was. "I've never heard it described quite that, uhm, romantically."

"What did you want him to say... 'I've beat off to their fuck films'?" John snorted, starting a chain of laughter. Get the liquor flowing, and the fact that they were being filmed was one of many to be forgotten by most, if not all the cast.

Shawn blushed.

"Are we planning to stay up all night?" Bella asked, yawning loudly.

"Maybe we should see if the bedrooms are even open." Shawn stretched, not-so-innocently letting his arm fall across John's shoulders. John flinched, as if he'd been slapped.

"Hope so... the floor ain't big enough for all of us."

To their relief, the three bedrooms were unlocked, but there were only enough beds for thirteen.

"But there's fourteen of us!" Becky complained

"I'll take the couch." Tom offered "It won't be the first time."

"I want the big one." Connor whined, pointing to the double-bed that took up almost half of the smallest bedroom. Before anyone could object, he jumped on it. "Mine! Mine! Mine!"

The others looked at each other. "Whatever." Jeff shrugged. He grabbed his bag and sought out a quiet place to sleep.

"Hey, there are six beds in this room... why don't us girls make this our room?" Nooks bubbled with excitement.

"Now we'll never get any sleep." Erik complained

"At least you can close the door tonight." Tom said "I'm the chivalrous one that took the couch, remember?"

"Sucks to be you, jackass." Chris joked. He, Randy, and John joined Jeff in the second of the two bedrooms, leaving Erik and Shawn with Connor in the smaller room.

"I hope you two don't snore." Shawn warned "I'm a real bitch if I don't get my beauty sleep!"

"Erik... Shawn's using bad language!" Connor yelled

"Shawn, stop fuckin' swearing!" Erik yelled from the kitchen.

"Shawn... Erik's using..."

"Okay, Connor... indoor voice please." Tom called from the couch.

The second bedroom was soon bathed in darkness, leaving the only lights on in the house the one bedroom, and the kitchen, as well as the red lights on the cameras.

"You going to sleep right away?" Erik asked, in passing to drop his bag on his bed.


"You Smoke?" he asked

"I thought you'd never ask."

"You comin' to bed?" Shawn shouted

"Going for a quick smoke." Erik answered "Gimme ten minutes."

"Well, hurry the fuh... heck up."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Erik and Tom stepped outside. Once they had both lit up, they stared at each other.

"First night, and already I'm thinking strategy." Erik replied "Not my original plan, but those girls worry me."

"You too, huh?" Tom answered

"That stunt you pulled with Connor was pretty cool."

"Unintentional, I assure you." Tom took a deep drag. "You didn't bring me out here to discuss my people skills... what's on your mind?"

"Just a thought... how about you and me in the final two?"

Tom's expression didn't change. He'd played enough poker to be able to maintain himself. "How do you plan to do that?" he asked

"This is what I had in mind..."