A/N: This has nothing to do with Blue-Eyed Kitten, though, coincidentally, I'm working on a sequel to that one too.

Summary: Juliet and Kate still kinda hate each other, but when they get drunk and make out, James and Jack realize dreams really can come true.

Pairings: some PG-13 juliet/kate leads to some M-rated jate and suliet.

Spoilers: I guess it's AU, so nothing spoiled, but a basic knowledge of the Jack-Kate-Sawyer-Juliet quadrangle might help.

Rated M for giggle-inducing smut and language.


James made the tires squeak as he slammed the brakes in the driveway. He turned the car off, yanked the keys out of the ignition, and grabbed the bright orange bag off the passenger seat before getting out. They were going to be late if he didn't hurry. It was Halloween night, and he had a very big party to get to.

"Juliet, I'm home!" he yelled when he opened the door. "Are you dressed yet?"

He was looking in the direction of the stairs, prepared to hear her voice call back to him from the second floor, but when he heard her voice it purred to him from the living room.


James' mouth came open, and his eyes went a little wider when he saw her, standing there in her Catwoman costume.


He couldn't really think of any other words as he looked her up, down, across and around. Her hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail, and she was smirking. No - she was pouting, and she had a hand on one hip, and her heels, good god, the stiletto boots...

A weaker man might have whimpered, and James only had the will power to blink and clear his throat.

"When you told me what costume to buy, I assumed we'd be coordinating, but this..."

"You like it?" Juliet asked him, her sexy pout accented by the hope in her eyes. Sexy and adorable.

"Baby...I more than like it." James said, dropping the bag on the floor and walking over to her. His hands touched her waist, squeezing her, then moved down to her back side and squeezed her there too. Juliet bit her lip, grinning as James hugged her close. She felt the effect the costume had on him pressing against her thigh. "I got hard just lookin' atcha..." he growled, whispering it in her ear. Juliet chuckled that all-knowing chuckle of hers, and nuzzled his nose before he took her mouth with a hard kiss. She moaned into his mouth and he squeezed her tighter, but when he broke away to trail his lips down her neck, her next moan was regretful.


"God damn, who told you you're allowed to be this sexy?" he murmured against her skin. Juliet's eyes rolled back in her head for a second, before she regained control of her senses.

"James, we cannot do this right now."

James lifted his head, and he looked down into her cleavage.

"You know I've had a thing for Catwoman since I was twelve years old?"

Juliet giggled. "You told me. I remembered."

"Come on, we got ten minutes..."

"James! It took me ten minutes just to get the bottom half over my hips, I am not taking this off until after the party."

James growled again, really low and quiet down in his throat. "Just lemme feel you for a second." he said, his hands wandering over the material.

"You have to get dressed." Juliet whispered, smiling apologetically as she took his hands gingerly from her waist.

"You sure we can't just skip the party?"

"Come on, we haven't seen any of them in so long."

"I don't need to see 'em." James countered petulantly.

"Yes, you do. They're our friends."

"They're your friends."

"They're our friends. Now go. I need a Batman by my side."

James grinned, and she smiled back at him; she knew he'd just been kidding anyway. He really really really did want to stay home, but he was excited for the party too. Everyone would be looking at Juliet tonight, knowing exactly what James was going to go home with. Before letting her go, James swooped in for another kiss, hugging her tight so he'd have something to last him for a few hours. Then he pulled his head back, and looked into her eyes.

"Say it again." he said, his mouth hanging open in boyish fascination when he glanced down at her lips. Juliet pouted again, and leaned towards him.


James pressed his lips together and groaned loudly, releasing her and walking away before he lost all control. He grabbed the bag with his costume in it and bounded up the stairs to change his clothes. Juliet sighed, walking over to the wall and leaning against it.

"Fuck, this costume is tight." she moaned to herself. She'd considered staying home too, especially now, knowing what her little outfit did to James, but she wanted to show off her costume at the party. She walked over to the mirror and put her mask on, sneering at herself like Billy Idol to get the full effect. We're so hot. she thought to herself, chuckling and taking the mask off for the car trip.

James had his hand on her thigh the whole way over.

"Promise me you're not gonna bend over." he asked her. "Or say 'meow' like that to anyone else."

"Maybe just Miles." Juliet teased. In response, James moved his hand and teased her back. Juliet moaned, grabbing his wrist and pulling his hand from between her legs and clasping it in her own.

"You better behave yourself, Mr. Wayne. This kitten's got claws."

She emphasized her statement by lightly raking her fingernails up and down his forearm. James tried not to think about it too much, since they were almost at the party and it was too late to take a squealing u-turn back to their house.

"How can you even sit down in that thing?" he asked.

"I'd rather not talk about that. Just help me up when we get there, okay?"

They laughed together, and James kept driving.

The party was at Jin and Sun's house, at their mansion in Beverly Hills. When Sun opened the door and saw Batman and Catwoman, she gasped with delight.

"Juliet, you look amazing!" Sun gushed, stepping forward to give her good friend a hug.

Juliet laughed. "Thanks, you look good too." They stepped back to admire each other's costumes, Juliet in her catsuit and Sun in her...40's attire? Juliet wasn't sure at first, but when she saw Jin in a zoot suit, carrying a tommy gun, it all made sense.

"Sweet mother of sexy Jesus!" Miles exclaimed as he walked over from the punch bowl.

"Hi, Miles." Juliet said wryly.

"Wow, you're gonna get me in trouble, Jules." Miles said as he accepted her offer of a hello hug.

"Watch the hands, Egon." James said, right on cue. Miles had on his Ghostbuster jumpsuit - complete with a faithful recreation of the backpack - like he did every year. "Very original, by the way. Where's the Robin costume?"

"As if I'm going to be your number two ever again." Miles scoffed. "...Boss." he added. "And it's not Egon, it's Ray. That's why Hurley is the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. Hey, Hurley! Show 'em your costume!"

A little deeper into the house, Juliet spotted Jack and Kate, and her invisible temper flared a little inside of her.

"Superman and Wonder Woman, huh?" James whispered in Juliet's ear. "I guess they did get the memo."

Jack turned and saw them, and his face lit up when he saw his buddies. Well, his face lit up when he saw Juliet. James didn't get much more than a passing glance. "Hey!" Jack said, a goofy grin spreading as James and Juliet got closer. Kate was busy talking to Claire, but she eventually turned and saw them.

"Hey yourself." said James. "Does this mean we all have to enter the costume contest together?"

"Wow, Juliet." Kate said approvingly, looking Juliet up and down. "You went all out."

"So did you," said Juliet, smiling at Kate's star-spangled hot pants. "You even have your little lasso of truth."

How ironic. Juliet could have said, but she didn't need to. It was all in her tone. The boys were oblivious, trying to check out the girls without letting the other catch them, to the tension between the girls, and Juliet decided to move on. She looked over at the other blonde, and noted her purple t-shirt and the little white hat.

"Claire...are you really dressed as a jar of jelly?"

Claire rolled her eyes and smiled. "Yes. Wait til you see Charlie and Aaron." They arrived a few minutes later, fresh from the bathroom.

"He's all changed now." Charlie said, smiling at the newcomers. They all laughed as he approached, since he was dressed as a huge jar of peanut butter, and baby Aaron was stuffed into a puffy sack made to look like a loaf of bread.

It wasn't so much that the punch was spiked with gin, but that the big bowl of gin was spiked with a fruity flavor that made it go down that much easier.

"Jin drinking gin." Claire said, giggling right afterward. She turned to Charlie, to see why he wasn't laughing, but she was soon distracted by the sound of Juliet and Kate giggling with her. Charlie and James looked at each other.

"Sometimes it's more entertaining being the designated driver, isn't it?" Charlie remarked. James agreed, shaking his head in happy disbelief as he walked over to the punch bowl where Jack was standing. Jack nodded another greeting when he spotted James, and even handed him a cup. They both turned to survey the room, their eyes inevitably coming to rest on Juliet and Kate. They could see the ladies were trying their hardest to avoid speaking to each other, even though they were standing right next to one another.

"What do you think it would take for us to get them in bed together?" James asked Jack. Jack crossed his arms and made a thinky face as he pondered.

"I could write a valium prescription." he said, shrugging his shoulders. "But I assume you don't want them sleeping."

"No sirree."

"Well, I'm pretty sure drugging them would be the only way, so we're out of luck." Jack concluded with a chuckle.

"You figure out another way, you got my number."

Jack chuckled again, and they tapped the rim of their cups together like they were making a pact.

"Oh my god. Never again." Juliet muttered to herself. She'd had too much to drink, and broken the vow she'd made to herself to not have to go to the bathroom before she got home. Getting the costume down far enough to do what she needed to do had been easy - it had been a relief, she could actually breathe for a few minutes - but getting it back on was proving to be a problem. She couldn't get the zipper up - her boobs were too damn big. "Not that anyone's complaining..." she murmured, giggling drunkenly as she tugged on the pull.

There was a harsh knock on the door. There could have been a line down the hallway for all she knew, for how long she'd been in there. "I'm sorry, I'm trying to get my costume back on!" she called out to whoever was waiting.

"...That's okay." Kate said reluctantly. Then, after an awkward amount of silence, she asked "Do you need any help?"

Juliet's laugh was desperate. "Yeah, I kinda do."

"Do you want me to get James?"

Juliet almost said yes, but then it occurred to her what James would try to do if he saw her in this compromised position. She'd made another vow that night, to make him wait until they got home, and now she was stuck halfway out of her suit...

Kate was drunkenly startled when the bathroom door opened.

"It's just the zipper on the front." Juliet sort of slurred.

"Oh." said Kate. "You want...?"

Juliet shuffled backward, half hiding behind the door to let Kate in.

"Okay." Kate murmured, feeling strangely pleased about the development. She slipped inside, and Juliet closed the door behind her.

"My boobs." said Juliet. "They're too big."

Kate snorted. "I noticed."

Juliet's temporary, good-natured smile disappeared. Kate rolled her eyes and reached for the zipper that was stuck just beneath them. "You could probably go back out like this, it's not like anything's really showing." Kate said, pulling up as hard as she could with both hands. Juliet almost lost her balance, taking a sloppy step backward, and they both started giggle. "Sorry," Kate giggled, grabbing Juliet's waist so she wouldn't slip and hit her head on the bath tub. "Brace yourself this time!"

"I know I could go downstairs like this," Juliet said, grabbing the towel rack and the edge of the sink so Kate could pull harder without knocking her over. "But there are children present."

"You mean Jack and James? No, you have to hold it closed at the top..." Kate tugged at the fabric near Juliet's neck, showing her what she meant. Juliet took both sides and pulled, and Kate went back to the zipper. It started to budge.

"Yes, I mean James." said Juliet. "He'll jump me in front of everyone, I swear."

"That would be...memorable." said Kate. Suddenly, Juliet's costume was closed, and both women made a sound of victory and laughed.

"Thank you." said Juliet, putting her hands to her rib cage to make sure nothing was crushed. She smiled down at Kate, and blinked slowly. "You're a life saver."

Kate was smiling back at her, and Juliet didn't realize at first that she was leaning toward her. She must have done it really fast, Juliet thought, because Kate was now kissing her and Juliet didn't remember leaning in or saying that it was okay to do so with her eyes or anything like that. Out of curiosity, and because it felt pretty good, Juliet kissed back, leaning forward and pressing Kate against the opposite wall with her momentum. Kate's little gold crown almost got knocked off when Juliet grabbed her face and frenched her, and Kate grabbed Juliet's waist and frenched her back. With the passion of every snide remark they'd ever wanted to say to each other but hadn't because keeping the peace kept their boyfriends happy, Kate and Juliet made out in the bathroom at their friends' Halloween party. It was hard at first, almost punishing, but then they both slowed down, really kissing each other, until Juliet ended it and pulled her head back.

"We're really drunk, aren't we?" Juliet asked Kate.

Kate nodded. "Are you going to tell James?" she asked Juliet.

"Yeah." said Juliet. "Are you going to tell Jack?"

Kate nodded again. "His head will probably explode."

That made Juliet laugh. "Does he ever ask if you'd ever sleep with me?"

"He jokes about it all the time."

"But it's never really a joke, right?"


"Same with us."

Kate stared at Juliet, until she felt another giggle bubbling its way up from her stomach. "It's funny." she explained.

"Yeah." Juliet said in quiet agreement, already leaning in to kiss her again. It was a really nice, slow, french kiss, and it had one of those perfect endings too, when their lips came back together and made that pretty sound. It was even hotter than the hard kisses. It made them think about their feelings and their motives and even for a second about their sexual orientations.

"Do you ever think about it though?" said Kate. She either sniffled or hiccuped then. Maybe both. Juliet was blinking slowly again, so she missed it.

"I think about punching you in the face." Juliet admitted, cracking up right after.

It was Kate's turn to glare at Juliet. She pouted her signature pout and asked, "Why do you hate me?"

"Because you hate me." Juliet responded immediately, smirking her signature smirk.

"I don't hate you." Kate said, shaking her head with her eyebrows raised haughtily. You're the bitch, not me.

"Then I don't hate you either." Juliet said with a shrug.

"You're such a liar." Kate said, rolling her eyes and grinning.

"So are you." Juliet said with a smile. "You're a good kisser, though."

Kate's smug smile slowly disappeared. "You too." she said. Juliet leaned in for another go, but Kate avoided her mouth. "If I let you kiss me again, will you promise not to hate me anymore?"

"If you let me?" Juliet said incredulously, raising an eyebrow. Juliet tried leaning in slower, but Kate still resisted. Juliet smiled again. She'd forgotten how stubborn Kate could be.

"I promise." Juliet whispered. Kate didn't believe her, but she didn't mind. She'd kiss that bitch all night if she let her.

In the living room, Jack was sitting on one end of the couch. James was sitting on the other. They were both wondering where their ladies were. They'd been gone a while, a little too long for a bathroom trip.

"They probably ran off together. Ha ha." Jack said. He gulped the rest of his punch down, and tapped his boot on the carpet.

James turned his head toward Jack and gave him a disparaging look, but Jack wasn't looking, so he gulped the rest of his punch too and kept waiting.

Twent minutes later, both Jack and James spotted them walking down the stairs together, still wobbly from alcohol and from their intense game of tonsil hockey. The sight inspired much confusion, and neither one of the men would ever have suspected what had just happened between their ladies. Kate watched Juliet walk quickly to James and whisper something in his ear. Kate could tell by the look James gave Juliet that they were going to leave immediately, race home and have hot, wild, superhero sex just like Kate was about to do with Jack.

"Take me home." the girls whispered in their guys' ears, just three words that let them know they were ready for everything the guys had been fantasizing about all night.

During the car ride home, Kate was quiet, and Jack assumed that it was something Juliet had done or said. Little did he know how right he was.

"Where were you for so long?"

She didn't answer right away, but she did eventually utter some fatefully enlightening words.

"I was making out with Juliet."

Jack laughed, but Kate didn't. He got really quiet after that. Kate was making that 'I'm guilty and I don't care' face again. Usually it drove him crazy in the bad way, but if she was serious about what she'd just said...

"Are you joking?" he asked her, just in case.

"She was in the bathroom, trying to get her costume back on, but she couldn't get the zipper up. So I helped her."

Jack, mystified by how they'd even come to be in that situation, remained silent.

"She said thanks, so I kissed her."

As if it were just so logical. Jack would have asked why, because he had no idea why Kate, who'd never liked Juliet for a second, would kiss the woman just because she said thanks, but he didn't want to know why, it didn't matter why, it only mattered that his girlfriend had put her lips on Juliet's lips. They'd both kissed Juliet now. His mind was expanding at the very thought.

Kate could see Jack was speechless. She wasn't sure anymore if telling him had been the right thing. Jack was still hot for Juliet, but he was a fiercely possessive, jealous guy by nature. There was a chance he might not take it the way Kate wanted him to.

"She kissed back." Kate told him, hoping it would help somehow. "She shoved her tongue down my throat and we made out for like, twenty minutes. That's why we were gone for so long. We were in the bathroom the whole time."

Jack parked the car in their driveway, wondering if Kate had purposefully waited until they were closer to their house to tell him. "Did you like it?" he asked her, unbuckling his seatbelt and unbuckling Kate's for her. He went for her shorts next, and Kate already knew he needed to do it in the car, right then and there, or else he might die.

"I loved it." Kate said, the tone of her voice betraying more than the words ever could. Jack had never been harder in his life. Even the spandex of his costume didn't have enough give. He had it out in seconds, not bothering to take any more of their costumes off than absolutely necessary. "I want to fuck her, Jack."

Jack pulled her legs toward him, then pushed them apart, making her shout when he stuffed himself inside of her all at once. "Say it again." he said desperately.

"I want to fuck her so bad," Kate moaned, loving that she could make him feel this way. He was thrusting into her so fast she could barely keep up. "I want to fuck her while you watch...I want you to watch us, Jack..."

"Say her name." Jack pleaded, slamming into her harder, as fast as he could.

"I wanna fuck Juliet," Kate breathed, overwhelmed. "I wanna fuck Juliet."

"Fuck-" Jack said harshly, his mind consumed and his body taken over. He was close, and Kate's voice was rising.

"I wanna fuck Juliet!" she shouted, and Jack realized she was close too. She wasn't just saying it for his sake, she really fucking meant it. She said it over and over again until she came, and she clenched her teeth and kept saying it all through her orgasm. Jack was making the most desperate sounds, like he could no longer control what his body was doing. His brain finally caught fire, and he tensed up, pouring everything he had into her.

"Fuck." he said, breathing the word out, and he kept moving in and out of her, slowly now, too caught up in the feeling to fight the momentum. "Fuck..."

Kate was moaning, catching her breath. She was going to be sore in the morning.

"Oh my god, I want this costume off now. Drive faster, James."

James glanced over, swearing he saw, out of the corner of his eye, Juliet put her hand between her legs. Sure enough she was touching herself, squeezing her thighs together and writhing in her seat. He ran a red light as a result.

"I don't mean to question a good thing," said James. "But what the hell made you so horny all of a sudden?"

"I made out with Kate in the bathroom."

They were approaching another red light, and there were cars coming. James, in shock, had to slam the brakes, and he thanked god that he'd made sure Juliet was buckled in before they'd left the party. She was giggling up a storm as they screeched to a halt, even though the seatbelt was digging into her chest.

"You what?" James demanded as they fell back against their seats.

"I couldn't get my zipper up. Kate helped me."

James immediately thought of Juliet with her costume halfway down, Kate touching her naked breasts. Wait wait, what was she really saying?

"She was acting so sweet. She kissed me, and I don't know why but I kissed back. Okay, I know why I kissed back. But I really kissed back, James. I fucked her mouth with my tongue."

James was staring at Juliet. He saw the glow of the traffic light on her costume change from red to green, and rubber was burned as he peeled off. Juliet laughed again, holding on to the seat so she wouldn't fly away.

When they got home, James got out of the car and walked around to the passenger side to get Juliet out. She was still drunk, still babbling about Kate. He picked her up right off the seat, slung her over his shoulder, kicked the car door shut with his black Batman boot and brought her into their house.

"Did you see her tight little ass in those shorts? Didn't you just want to spank her?"

James set her down on her feet in the living room, letting her unzip her costume while he pulled off his own like the fabric was on fire. Then, since she was struggling with the impossible tightness of her outfit, he tried helping Juliet with hers.

"This fuckin' zipper..." James muttered. It was stuck again. He tried to respect the laws of physics, but he really needed it to come off, like, now.

"That's where it got stuck last time," Juliet said, getting jostled as James tugged harshly at the pull. "When Kate propositioned me. If this thing wasn't so hard to get on and off we might have done it right there against the bathroom wall."

James stopped moving, checking Juliet's eyes for the truth. There wasn't a hint of humor or irony in them, so James grabbed two handsful of fabric and pulled, ripping the zipper apart and tearing the rest of the costume off of her like a barbarian. Juliet gasped and accepted a savage kiss when he grabbed her body and pulled her toward him.

"Against the wall?" James breathed in her ear, wrapping both arms around her waist and carrying her over to the nearest one.

"She wanted me, James." said Juliet, as James pushed her against the wall and lifted her right leg to wrap it around his waist.. "I could feel it." she continued, wrapping her arms around James' neck so she could wrap her other leg around his waist too. "She wanted to fuck me."

"Say that again." James muttered, fixing her hips so he could push into her.

"Kate wants to fuck me." Juliet moaned, suddenly full between her legs. "Oh god...I want to fuck her too..." she added, knowing it would drive James out of his mind. She cried out when he pushed into her again, harder than the first time. The very idea, the sound of the words on Juliet's tongue, made him hard enough to hurt them both. Juliet had put her tongue in Kate's mouth, Kate had tasted Juliet's mouth, and they wanted to fuck each other. The fucking Catwoman costume had already turned him into a drooling caveman, and she had to go and make it worse?

"Tell me again." he said, slamming her against the wall so he could really go at it.

"I wanna fuck Kate." Juliet growled through clenched teeth. "I want to fuck her harder than you ever did."

"Yeah?" James egged her on, staring at her mouth while his hips bumped against hers.

"I'm gonna fuck her, James. You're gonna watch us fuck."

"Fuck yeah..." he growled. "Keep talking..."

"I'm gonna..." Juliet breathed, but James was driving into her at just the right angle. "Oh my god..." she moaned.

"Say it, baby."

"I'm gonna come," Juliet moaned loudly. "Thinking about Kate fucking me."

"Oh, fuck..." James groaned. "So am I..."

Juliet threw her head back against the wall and James could feel it, his girlfriend being driven to orgasm by thoughts of another woman. Another woman he'd slept with, for fuck's sake. His hips jerked unevenly and he pressed her against the wall, holding her in place while his mind exploded and he finished inside of her. When he was done, they slumped against each other and Juliet moaned, catching her breath. She was going to be sore in the morning too.

James carried Juliet to bed, and she passed out quick, exhausted from the night's activities. As James got into bed, his phone received a text. It was from Jack, and all it said was:

I think I figured out another way.

James chuckled, looked over at Juliet, and thought about how even now, after years of being together, she still found ways to surprise him.