A/N: FINALLY! Sorry for the wait. This one was a struggle, I hope it was worth it...thanks for reading anyway! As you can imagine, this involves quite a bit of smutty juliet/kate, but also a little between suliet and jate. If you've made it this far, I can't imagine you having any objection to what happens next. :) Enjoy...

The man behind the counter in the resort's lobby looked up when he heard two giggling women running past. Twenty seconds later, two men ran by, heading straight for the back door after the women. The door opened up onto a series of private bungalows, and the two running pairs had the two tiny houses on the very end of the row.

When the boys got there, the girls were already inside - but which room? Jack ran into his and Kate's room, and James ran into the other. Jack, having made the lucky guess, stopped in his tracks when he got to the bedroom door. Juliet was in their bed, with Kate on top of her, their bodies pressed against one another as they shared a long, lazy kiss, their hands wandering everywhere they could reach. Jack had to remind himself to take a breath, and he took a long one that was knocked out of him when James came running in behind him. After shoving Jack forward a step, James froze too.

"Close the door." Juliet murmured against Kate's mouth. James backed up, finding the door handle without looking, until it clicked closed. Kate was running her hand up Juliet's thigh and he couldn't look away.

"Sit down," Kate said, more of a command than a suggestion. She turned her head to look at their audience, giving them one last instruction. "And don't interrupt." It was the last time either of them were acknowledged, at least until the women decided this particular encounter was over. Juliet made a sound, a soft mm to get Kate's attention back. They didn't mind having their guys there. It was going to be kind of nice, since really anything they did, whether it was soft touching or hardcore sex, would drive them insane. Simply being in the same room without giving each other hidden looks of disdain was a step up from the norm, and now they were touching, and kissing, and Kate was looking back at Juliet and smirking, and her hand was still moving up...

Jack and James thought for sure that it was all just a mean trick, that Kate and Juliet were going to stop any minute, turn to their gullible prank victims and laugh until they were back at home. Then something magical happened. Kate's hand actually closed around Juliet's breast, and Juliet moaned. It was the look they gave each other after that made the boys realize that it was for real, when the women looked into each other's eyes and told each other without uttering a word that this was going to feel really fucking good.

Kate lowered her head, sucking on Juliet through her bikini top. Their suits were still wet, and a little salty. They both made little sexy sounds when she did it, and they giggled afterward.

"You want to torture me, don't you?" said Juliet. Kate gave her a tiny bite, and moved her body so that their eyes were level again.

"You stole both my island boyfriends." Kate reminded her, saying what she'd been feeling for years. Being in bed with Juliet made it not really matter much to her anymore. Now it was just an inside joke. "I want revenge." Kate said anyway, but she said it with a good natured smirk. Juliet grinned, and wrapped her leg around Kate's waist to trap her for a second. Kate moved her entire body against her, and they both let out a sighing moan at the same time. They kissed again, harder now, and hands went wandering for more places to grope.

Jack leaned to his left in the chair he'd found, rubbing the messy hair on the top of his head. Then he sat up and crossed his arms. Then he shifted his hips and settled in again. He was fidgeting a lot.

James took a deep breath, fighting the urge to yell by covering his mouth with his hand. He'd also found his way into one of the chairs in their suite, and he was slouching as far as he could, trying to get comfortable. It was impossible with the scene playing out in front of him. His entire body was screaming at him to just get off already. His girlfriend's body was occupied at the moment, and it was way too weird with Jack in the room to do anything for himself. Sweet, sweet torture.

Kate knew they were out there somewhere, but all she could see, hear, feel and taste was Juliet; her soft skin, her softer curves, her strong muscles, the sounds she was making and the way she grabbed Kate's ass any chance she got. She smelled good, too. Kate's hand reached the soft spot between Juliet's legs and she started rubbing her there, making Juliet's knees spread out in opposite directions, her breath coming harder. Their suits were wet, but that spot was very warm. It wasn't from the ocean.

"You want me to fuck you?" Kate asked her, the edge of a formerly angry lust in her voice. She watched Juliet's face; her eyes were closed, and her lips parted slightly to let the out all the oohs and ahs.

"Uh huh." Juliet breathed, nodding as she said it.

"Look at me," Kate demanded. "Tell me you want me to fuck you."

For once, Juliet didn't smirk at her request. She opened her eyes, and stared straight into Kate's. "I want you to fuck me, Kate." she said, her voice so dead serious it was almost funny. Awkward as it was for the boys, raw nature won over psychology during the first exchange of dirty talk, and they suddenly had painful erections fighting the seams of their clothing.

Kate smiled evilly, and slipped her hand underneath the fabric she'd been pressing. The sound that Juliet made then, coupled with the sight of Kate's hand moving inside Juliet's bikini bottom, actually made Jack sweat.

"You are so wet for me..." Kate said smugly, watching Juliet's eyes flutter closed and her mouth hang open in pleasure-shock.

"Oh, sweet Jesus." James muttered into his hand.

"You want me so bad..." Kate continued.

"Shut up and get me off." Juliet said, suddenly curt. She was trying not to breathe such shallow breaths. Something inside of her still hated when Kate had the upper hand. It wasn't often, and she wanted to keep it that way, but allowing herself to be dominated by Kate did have it's own appeal...

"Don't tell me to shut up." Kate said evenly, rubbing harder with her hand. Juliet had to acvitely supress her moan.

"I'll tell you whatever I want-" Juliet began, but her last word crumpled in her throat when she felt Kate suddenly push her finger into her.

"Come again?" Kate taunted her.

"Eat me." Juliet said through clenched teeth, even as the muscles inside of her contracted.

It was clearly an insult, a verbal attack to belittle poor, sweet Kate and make her work even harder. Kate knew she didn't have to work any harder - Juliet was obviously feeling good - but when a challenge was issued she couldn't back down. Not when it came to Juliet, and not when she had a chance to get her back.

"Eat you?" Kate mocked her. She pulled her hand out of Juliet's bikini and knelt between her legs. Juliet's eyes flew open as Kate yanked her bottoms down her legs and threw them across the room. Jack couldn't help but watch where they landed. They flew toward James, who caught them right out of the air. The two men accidentally made eye contact, and they quickly looked away, turning back to the bed. Kate was trying to push Juliet's legs apart, and Juliet was fighting her just because.

"You told me to eat you." Kate said through her teeth, trying not to smile. "Now let me..."

Juliet smiled slowly, and she relaxed her thighs, relinquishing control to Kate. Kate pushed her knees apart and moved back, and both men winced when Kate dove in between Juliet's legs. It really looked like she was going to bite her. They relaxed when they heard Juliet moan, a signal that Kate's tongue was doing the work, not her teeth. Kate actually whimpered when she tasted it, as turned on by the act as Juliet was by the feeling.

"Ooh," Juliet whimpered in return. She giggled at herself and at Kate's intensity, and then moaned when Kate licked her harder. James suddenly felt like his tongue had gotten bigger in his mouth. He could feel what Kate was feeling. He could recall the taste, too. When he saw Kate's finger worming its way back into Juliet, his erection pulsed again, envious and mean. He wanted his woman so bad that it hurt.

Meanwhile, Jack was going crazy. Kate was in the power position. Or was it Juliet? Kate was the one in control of Juliet's pleasure, but she was also bowing down like her pussy was an altar. Why hadn't she told him about this side of her before? Same reason as always - he wouldn't have been able to handle it. He could barely handle it right now. As Jack dragged a hand over his face and told himself to breathe, he wondered for the zillionth time why he hadn't fucked Juliet when he had the chance. Now he'd have to ask Kate what it felt like.

Heaven. That's what it felt like. Kate's tongue had found paradise, and she was getting lightheaded from how badly she wanted Juliet in her mouth. Kate put all her weight on her knees, and put the hand that wasn't in Juliet down her own panties. Kate moaned on Juliet, wondering if she could see what Kate was doing to herself while Juliet was being served. Juliet did see, when she lifted her upper body onto her elbows to watch Kate. Juliet was moaning steadily now, and as Jack's mind split in two - the part that needed to hump something was compartmentalized and shut off for the time being - he wondered why women got such worried expressions on their face when they were about to come. It was awesome.

Juliet moaned louder and louder, her body starting to tremble.

"Does she do that every time?" Jack asked James, never looking away from the bed.

"Yup." James replied, his voice strained as the moaning continued.

And just when it sounded like Juliet was going to let loose a wild scream, Kate lifted her head and pulled her hands away. Juliet cried out and fell back on the bed, her heart racing and her breath coming as hard as she would have if Kate hadn't stopped so abruptly. In their minds, James and Jack were on their feet screaming about a barely missed soccer goal. How could she do that to them?

"You bitch." Juliet moaned, even though she laughed a little too. "You evil, fucking bitch."

"I told you, I want revenge." Kate said smugly, licking her lips and wiping her mouth off with one swipe of her forearm.

"I'm gonna fuck you blind." Juliet threatened her. Kate was crawling up between Juiet's open legs, licking the relatively neutral skin on her belly. Juliet tried futiley to lift her hips to meet Kate's body, to get any kind of friction so she could leap off the edge Kate had dragged her toward, but Kate kept her pinned, kissing her belly, her chest and then her neck. Juliet waited until their faces were level with each other before she used her legs to flip Kate onto her side. The surprise in Kate's expression brought the smug back to Juliet's.

"What, you forgot I was a ninja?" Juliet asked her. Before Kate could answer, Juliet put her hand down the front of Kate's bikini bottom.

"Oh my god..." Kate breathed.

"Wow..." Juliet murmured sarcastically, finding a warm waterfall between Kate's legs. "Someone liked eating my pussy..."

Wouldn't we all? thought Jack.

Kate watched Juliet's hand go up and down, a blush coming to her cheeks at Juliet's comment, and at the evidence of her reaction.

"Don't act ashamed now." said Juliet, part scolding and part encouragement. "You knew exactly what you were doing."

Kate's laugh came out shaky. She could feel a fingertip at her entrance, teasing her, and she whimpered at the feeling. Kate draped her leg over Juliet's so she could slip inside, but Juliet's finger stayed where it was. Kate moved her hips, trying to force her inside, but Juliet wouldn't let her.

"Take off your top." Juliet murmured, her lips searching Kate's collarbone. Kate reached behind her neck to untie the strings and pulled the fabric of her suit away from her breasts. Juliet's mouth moved to one of them, sucking softly as she slowly, finally, pushed one finger into Kate.

It was so soft, Juliet's treatment of Kate. James mused over this fascinating detail, doing some compartmentalizing of his own. He'd bruised Kate a few times himself, and she'd bruised him; the girl could handle a rough time, evidenced also by the bruises she'd worn after much less pleasant altercations with Juliet in the jungle. Bygones may have been bygones, but considering what Kate had just done, it made James wonder if Juliet was building to something.

Kate expected Juliet to stop any moment now, to get her back for what she'd done, but she didn't stop. She kept going and going until Kate started shaking. Gentle, impossibly gentle and soft, Juliet's one finger was like a magic wand. Kate felt like she was laying on a fluffy cloud as an orgasm snuck up on her from the inside. Her eyelids fluttered, and she almost stopped breathing, frozen but shaking as she came. After twenty seconds had passed, she wondered if she was having some sort of seizure. It didn't really matter; it felt too good.

She coasted slowly to a stop, until she was no longer shaking. She was dimly aware of Juliet's mouth moving away from her nipple, and of the soft wiggling of her own hips even though her orgasm had ended.

"See?" Juliet said softly, waiting for Kate's eyes to flutter open. Kate hadn't even realized they were closed. "I don't hate you."

Kate bit her lip hard, feeling sheepish as she looked into Juliet's eyes. It was so typical of Juliet, to make herself look like the bigger person and make Kate look like the fool.

Juliet smiled, trying to take the edge off. "Just finish what you started." she said. And all will be forgiven. Before their little vacation, before the Halloween party and their fateful makeout in Sun's upstairs bathroom, hearing something like that from Juliet would have made Kate's blood boil with anger. She'd always thought Juliet's compassion was phony, that her softer side was put on to make herself seem human when inside she was just a heartless bitch. Now, after the party and after receiving such a sweet screw...well, Kate still thought Juliet could be a bitch sometimes. But she was a sexy, giving bitch after all.

Kate put her hand behind Juliet's neck, pulling her closer until the corner of her mouth was pressed to Juliet's ear.

"Wrap your legs around my neck," Kate whispered. "And don't let go."

Kate. Jack sighed mentally. You can be such a brat. But always so giving in bed. He watched his girlfriend share a dirty, open-mouthed kiss with Juliet. Kate wanted Juliet in her mouth again. And this time she wanted to hear that scream.

Juliet smiled when Kate kissed her way back down the front of Juliet's body. Even with their eyes closed, the boys would have been able to guess what was happening just from that evil chuckle of hers. They watched, and their jealous hands squeezed the arms of their chairs, jealous groins straining at the sight of Kate, face down, between two milky white thighs. She'd be there as long as Juliet needed her, and Juliet made sure of that when she wrapped her long legs loosely around Kate's head. Juliet put her hand in Kate's hair, massaging her scalp more than holding her down, and Kate compensated for her tenderness by putting her arms around each of Juliet's legs, holding her closer.

The moans began to build again, and James couldn't help himself; he grabbed his crotch and groaned to himself. Jack, a true self-denying masochist, kept his hands on the arms of his chair and waited. Pie eating contest were the only three words floating in James' mind, and he had to grit his teeth when Juliet's body tensed up. Jack nearly passed out when she put both hands in Kate's hair and squeezed, but he told himself to hang on. It was a rough one, and the tighter Juliet squeezed, the harder Kate went at it. She kept going, until Juliet's moans turned to sighs. She relaxed and pulled gently on Kate's hair, letting her know it was over. The orgasm, at least. This arrangement would be far from over.

Kate crawled back up beside her, wiping her mouth and smiling. "That better?" she murmured. Juliet grinned and nodded. "That was..." She chuckled when she couldn't think of any pretty words good enough to describe it.

"I almost passed out." Kate chided her. "But it was worth it." she added, grinning back at Juliet. Her hand was laid softly on Juliet's bare hip. Juliet was bottomless, while Kate was only topless. They made quite a pair. They basked in each other, in their newfound friendship, for just a few more moments until the elephant in the room had to be addressed.

"We should probably take care of them now, huh?" Kate asked Juliet. They heard Jack clear his throat, and they laughed.

"Yeah," Juliet said, pretending to think about it. "They deserve it after behaving so well."

Kate leaned back, not bothering to cover her bare chest as James approached the bed to carry Juliet away to their own room. She simply leaned on her elbow and draped her other arm over her waist, watching as James put his arms under Juliet's back and knees and scooped her up.

"Thanks for warmin' her up, Freckles." James said wryly, making eye contact for the briefest of moments. Kate bit her lip, to control her smile as Juliet wrapped her arms around James' neck and laughed. He still had her bikini bottom in his hand, and he wasn't going to bother covering her up. Kate watched them leave - James stuck his head outside first, to make sure no one was around, and Juliet couldn't stop laughing about it. Once they were gone, door closed behind them, Kate cast her eyes down, and then she turned them on Jack. She was smirking, and his smile looked downright evil. She lifted the hand that was draped over her waist, and beckoned him with one finger.

"Come here." she said. Jack laughed, his jaw askew as he shook his head. He'd witnessed the whole thing, and he still couldn't believe it. "You wanna kiss me, don't you?" Kate taunted him, so smug with that knowledge, as he stood up and walked toward the bed. She sat up and knelt at the foot of it, waiting for him to get close enough so she could start pulling his pants down. "You wanna taste her." said Kate, untying and unbuttoning him as he held her face in his hands. His eyes burned into hers, and they studied her lips like he was planning an attack. "She tastes so good, Jack." Kate went on, seeing how long he could wait. "She tastes like-"

He shut her up with a kiss, pulling her face toward his. Kate opened her mouth and let him taste every inch, shoving the flavor into his mouth with her tongue. Kate let herself fall back onto the bed, and Jack climbed over her, his mouth never leaving hers. He felt both of her hands on him, feeling exactly how hard he was, stroking and yanking on him, guiding him to where Juliet's hand had just been. She lifted her pelvis, and he pressed into her, and he didn't stop kissing her until he was done.

"My body feels like jelly..." Juliet moaned as James laid her down on their bed.

"I can work with that." James said with a smile. He stepped out of his trunks, and she smiled back at him. She giggled as he climbed on top of her. She was slowly becoming aware of what she'd just done, not only in front of him, but in front of Jack, too. James watched her blush, and he grinned.

"Don't be embarrassed now." he scolded her playfully. "You knew exactly what you were doin'..."

Juliet laughed again, making a softer sound when he reached down between her legs.

"You okay?" he asked, just in case. She nodded, and told him to go ahead. He'd been waiting so long, she assumed he'd be ravaging her the way he had after the Halloween party, but an intense orgasm always turned her into little ball of cuteness. He couldn't fuck her when she was like this.

She opened her legs to let him in, and he held them apart with gentle pressure, pushing into her where Kate's mouth had just been. He couldn't fuck her when she was like this, but they could still have a really nice screw. Juliet relaxed, put her arms behind her head and smiled as James began to rock his hips toward her.

"You could get used to this?" James guessed, before she could say it herself. She giggled softly, and nodded, gazing up at him with a lovingly amused expression. Even without that look, he could feel what Kate had done to her. Feeling the aftermath was even better than watching, and James did not regret any of it for a second.

"Yeah," he said, growling softly as he pushed deeper and deeper. "I could get used to this too..."

On the beach the next day, James and Jack sat in chairs on the beach, reading a book and doing a crossword puzzle, respectively. There was a blanket between them with two girl-shaped lumps underneath it. There were giggles coming from under the blanket, and once in a while it would get quiet - too quiet. Then there would be a sigh, or a stifled moan, and the boys knew something was up. Once, when a family of five was walking by their spot on the sand, Juliet couldn't keep it inside.

"Oh my god..." she moaned, presumably from whatever amazing thing Kate had discovered. Kate giggled, and even to the five strangers - two parents and three kids - it was a distinctively different enough female voice to make them question what was going on under that blanket. James looked up at the family, and smiled his friendliest smile.

"Lovely weather we're having." he said, as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening at all. Jack, doing his best to ignore the family and supress a grin, almost burst out laughing at James' arrogance. The laugh that did escape was short and cut off, implying even more that something out of the ordinary was indeed going on. Jack could feel the eyes of the parents on him then, and he pressed his lips together, staring harder at the empty spaces on his crossword puzzle.

Dad cleared his throat, Mom walked a little faster, and the three juniors, all under the age of ten, were left wondering why their parents looked so uncomfortable. Without looking at each other, Jack and James shared a chuckle. It wasn't quite the same, but Juliet and Kate had, in the end, brought them a little closer as well.

Moments later, there was a sudden flurry of movement under the blanket.

"No!" Juliet insisted as Kate poked her head out from under it. Juliet was trying to stop her, so Kate got on top of her, wrestling her arms. Juliet got one free and clamped a hand over Kate's mouth, but Kate stuck her tongue out and licked it, so Juliet took her violated hand back and scoffed, disappointed. Kate pinned that wrist too, and then she spoke.

"Juliet said-"

"I did not say that!" Juliet interrupted Kate, though she was fighting the same grin Kate was sporting. Meanwhile, James stuck a bookmark in his thick volume and placed it on his lap, and Jack put his finger in his crossword puzzle book, holding it against his chest, both of them waiting patiently for Kate and Juliet to decide who said what.

"Juliet and I agreed..." Kate began again, waiting for Juliet's approval. When no argument was made - and Juliet so could have flipped her - Kate continued, turning to Jack. "That you and James should do it."

Juliet shook her head, rolled her eyes and smiled to herself. Jack laughed once, smiling only because Kate seemed so pleased with herself.

"Do what, exactly?" Jack said, humoring her, grimacing because he already knew what she meant..

"What Juliet and I did." Kate said. "What we're going to do," she added, turning back to Juliet. "Again, and again, and again..." Kate lowered her head to kiss Juliet, but Juliet avoided her lips, slightly annoyed that she'd shared the idea. Kate didn't give up, eventually winning when Juliet relented and kissed her back.

James sighed with a smile on his face, more than amused as he went back to his book. "Not gonna happen." he said. He hoped that went without saying, without thinking about it at all. Jack chuckled knowingly at that sentiment, agreeing completely.

"But look what it did for us." said Juliet, smiling wryly at Kate. She couldn't even stay mad at her for more than five seconds anymore.

"I don't know if you noticed," said Jack, penciling another answer into his puzzle. "But James and I have been getting along very well lately."

Kate busied herself with kissing Juliet's neck, while Juliet looked to James to see what he thought about Jack's comment. James didn't turn his head, but he threw a sideways glance at Juliet and smiled. Juliet giggled, partly from the look she'd shared with James and partly from Kate's tongue on her neck.

"Aren't you curious, though?" Kate asked abruptly, flipping her hair as she looked up at Jack again. "About what it would be like?"

"No." both James and Jack said, immediately and in unison. Kate looked like she was about to try convincing them, when Juliet took Kate's face in her hands and gently pulled her back into a kiss. After a few seconds, Kate pulled her head back and looked at Juliet. She understood when she saw that look; she dropped the subject, and kissed Juliet again. Juliet pulled her wrists out from under Kate's hands, and pulled the blanket back over them. They spent a little more time there on the beach, until things really got out of hand and the boys were forced to hoist the girls over their shoulders and carry them back to their rooms.

Once there, once they were alone again, James asked Juliet if he was still her number one. With her arms around his neck, pinned underneath him in their bed, Juliet looked up at James.

"What do you mean?" she asked. James looked down, past her face, past her neck, his hand sneaking up her side.

"You and Kate." he said. "You been real affectionate the last few days. I just wanna make sure you're not thinkin of switchin' teams on a more permanent basis."

"Can't a girl play for both teams?" asked Juliet. James caught her smirk, and he smiled down at her.

"You've always been good at that, haven't you?" he teased.

Juliet smiled more genuinely, and hooked her arms tighter behind his neck. She looked into his eyes, making sure he was really looking back into hers. "It's just sex." she reassured him.

"Just sex." he repeated, as if he'd been told there was no such thing.

"Exciting, complicated, and yet...beautifully simple sex." said Juliet. "It's really done wonders for our relationship." she added, as a matter of fact.

"For ours?" James asked, referring to James and Juliet even though she meant Kate and Juliet.

"Ours didn't need any wonders..." Juliet said to him softly of their own relationship. She kissed James, and he kissed her back, more than satisfied.

At the same time, Kate was also seeking reassurance.

"It's not making you jealous?" she asked.

Jack, on his back with Kate straddling his waist, shook his head dismissively. "No." he said easily. Kate stared into Jack's eyes, her own eyes narrowed suspiciously at his claim. He'd allowed her to pin him like she'd pinned Juliet on the beach, and her suspicion was mostly playful. Mostly.

"Are you sure?" Kate asked, giving him an open.

"It's Juliet." Jack reminded her. "Not...him."

Kate smiled. "So, you'd be jealous if I was having sex with James."

"Wouldn't you be?" Jack asked, trying very hard to hide his smile.

"If you were having sex with James?" Kate laughed out loud. "So you are curious..."

"No." Jack said firmly. "Absolutely not." It was very convincing, and Kate had to admit she was a little disappointed.

"You've really never thought about it?" Juliet baited James, back on the same subject even though she knew full well his answer.

"What do you think?" he asked her wryly.

"I think you'd kill each other deciding who would be on top."

"Thank you." said James. "For seeing reason."

"...So you admit there could be a situation in which you are, in fact, deciding?"

James laughed and shook his head. "You know, sometimes you're a little too clever."

"Yeah?" Juliet said, giggling at the barely controlled grin on his face. "Kiss me."

Juliet pulled on his neck, but James resisted, making sure she was looking at him when he said,

"It's never gonna happen."

Juliet smiled the same smile Kate did, when Kate heard the same from Jack.

"Funny," said Kate. "I said the same thing about being friends with Juliet..."

The End.

But seriously folks, that's never gonna happen :D. Thanks so much for reading, that's it for this one. Let me know what you thought. :)