He's seen a number of car accidents in his time, seen the effect they have on people. How long exactly it takes to heal, what all that can intail. So, after waking up hearing about whiplash and a head injury, he's not surprised by the headaches that keep paying visits, or the stiff neck that keeps him from moving his head around very much. Instead he keeps quiet and works through them as best he can, struggles to eat the so-called hospital food and misses his sandwiches every minute of every day.

For the first week, he barely gets Luke to leave his room for ten minutes to take a walk or go to the cafeteria. Though he understands on some level, he hates seeing how worn down Luke gets and how uncomfortable the cot appears to be. It was a very close call, and that's the only reason he waits so long to insist the younger man goes to his mother's house to get some real sleep.

To his utter embarrassment though, he finds that the room is bleak and empty without Luke's soft breathing a few feet away. His headache is harder to ignore without Luke nearby also, each repetitive beep on his heart monitor aggravating it even further. He sighs and huffs, rolling over carefully, his whole body protesting the movement, still a little sore from the impact. He's never felt this miserable before and the quiet seems to mock him as he tries to ignore the discomfort and sleep.

Instead, all he manages is drifting in and out for a while. Every time he does doze off, a nurse comes in to check on him or an alarm down the hall goes off, which alerts the surgeon in him, causing him to almost jerk out of bed every time. As he settles back in with a groan for the third time, he hopes that Luke is sleeping easier at his mom's.

Somehow he does fall asleep a little after 2 AM, the soft buzz of nurses talking and janitors clanking around providing just enough noise that he can almost pretend Luke is nearby, however the clinginess disturbs him. After years of being mostly alone, it still startles him how badly he wants to let someone in his life. He falls asleep with a bemused smile on his lips, uncasted hand curled around the sheets.

When he wakes up, he's still on his side and someone is settling on the bed behind him. "Luke?" he mumbles tiredly, shifting slightly.

"How'd you know?" Luke sounds honestly amused and Reid can almost picture the smile on his lips.

"Not sure who else would be sitting on my bed at 8 AM," he responds tiredly, trying to roll over. He hisses as he body protests anew, letting him know that sleeping on his side wasn't the wisest move at the moment.

"What's wrong?" Luke asks, all lightness out of his tone at the small noise of discomfort. His hand rests on Reid's shoulder, grounding him a little.

"Just stiff," he mumbles. "Can you...?" He feels ridiculous asking but Luke catches on quickly and stands up, gently but firmly easing him over onto his back and settling the sheets around his legs. "Thanks," he sighs, feeling extremely weak and pathetic in this moment since he can't even move without feeling like his whole body's going to tear apart.

"It'll get better," Luke murmurs, his gaze steady and soft as Reid finally opens his eyes and looks up at him. "I promise."

He just nods and melts into his bedding, some of the tension easing along with a bit of the pain. He's yawning when Luke touches his cheek, rubbing gently along his jawline. "What are you doing?" he inquires, surprised as his yawn cuts off.

He flushes a bit and looks away. "I was doing some research last night," he admits.

Reid frowns. "Did you get any sleep?"

"Some." At Reid's glower, he throws his hands up. "Listen, I got used to the sound of these... these machines," he says helplessly, waving a hand at the heart monitor. "It was just too quiet at my house. I couldn't relax." Reid bites down a laugh as Luke continues, "Anyway I was doing some research. You- you said you've had some headaches?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Anything else?" Luke wonders. At Reid's furrowed glance, he specifies. "Pressure behind your eyes... earaches? Stiff neck?"

"Luke, I was in a car accident, everything aches a bit right now," he says with a frown. "Why?"

"Well, I- I ended up looking whiplash last night," Luke says quietly. "There's this... TMJ that can be induced by it. Is there a chance you could have that?"

He stares at Luke in surprise, honestly touched that the younger man cares so much. But yet... "Luke, I wanted you to go home to rest last night, not obsess over me and issues that I don't have." His voice softens as he continues, taking Luke's hand and stroking around his knuckles. "Trust me, I'm a doctor... if I thought I had something like that, I would tell someone. Headaches and neck stiffness are common, and I have none of the other symptoms." He smiles as Luke seems to relax a little. "Alright?"

"Ok. I just wanted to make sure," he says.

Reid sighs and tugs on his arm, still a little too stiff to move. "Come here." As Luke leans over, he kisses him. "I'm gonna be fine. There's even rumblings that I'll be released in a few days. So just relax, ok?"

"I'll try," he mumbles against his lips, supporting himself with one hand on the bed, the other pressed carefully against Reid's chest as the kiss deepens.