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-Matthew's POV-

It was another loud World Conference, and my brother, the Hero as he called himself, was making a scene, with his sloppy, grease filled burgers. I shuddered, and tightly gripped Kumajiro, and I spook, my voice shaky.

"Um, I have something to say." I spoke up, and the arguments stopped, and everyone looked my way, all with confused expressions plastered on their faces.

"Who's this guy?" Francis spoke, in his obviously heavily French accented voice. And everyone shrugged, suddenly Arthur jumped up, and banged his fist on the table.

"It's Alfred you BOLTS!" He spat, in his British voice. My twin laughed heartily, more childish though.

"Iggy, that's not me! I'm over here." Alfred said, through a mouthful of lettuce and meat. "Frankly, I have no recollection of this dude anyways." My brother finished, as he loudly took a sip of the cup by his right elbow.

"Shut up, you damn wanker!" Arthur yelled again, and the fights began all over again. I shrank back into my seat, forgotten as usual. I sighed, and I felt tears spring to my eyes. I quickly brushed them away, I should be used to such treatment by now, but it still stung some. I glanced quickly to my left, and then to my right. Heracules was snoring peacefully with one of his many cats, which are really adorable, and Ivan was smiling his creepy, but cheerful smile at the fighting going on among the other nations. Darting my eyes down, I lifted up my right sleeve, which was laden with many scars, and freshly scabbed and scarring cuts. My fingers itched for the blade I have stored at my hotel room, to help me get rid of the pain of being ignored. I heard a loud noise and quickly jumped, yanking my sleeve down over my arm. Germany had dismissed the Conference, and everyone left in good spirits, except myself, and the stingy Arthur, who never seemed to smile. I stood quietly, tightly gripping Kumajiro under my arm, and started to walk slowly out of the room, when someone bumped into me. I stumbled a step, and someone caught me under my arms, Kumajiro fell to the ground with a thump.

"Are you alright…uh.." I jumped when I heard the heavy Russian voice behind me, it was Ivan, and he was talking to me. I turned and smiled a tentative smile.

"I'm Canada, but call me Matthew. I..I'm Alfred's twi..twin bro…brother." My stuttered started when I opened my eyes and looked up, and up some more. Ivan was tall. I was amazed at just HOW tall too. I swallowed reflexively.

"My name is Ivan, and I am Russia. Nice to make your acquaintance Matthew." Russia gave me a closed eye smile, the creepy one that made you wonder what he was thinking. I returned the smile with a polite, if not shy one of my own.

"Nice to meet you too Ivan. I'm sorry you ran into me." I told him, my nervous smile still on my lips. He smiled at me again.

"No, no. It's all my fault, please. Forgive me." Ivan said in his smooth Russian voice.

"Ok. I have to get going though. I'll see you tomorrow, at tomorrow's next World Conference?" I asked, as I quickly gathered Kumajiro into my arms. He nodded, still smiling. I bid him farewell, and quickly fled from the room, wondering why that particular nation had decided to speak with me.

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