Not Mine. Thanks Miss Suicide.

Every time that there was even a hint of a romantic relationship brewing for their partner both Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth found themselves in an argument. Sometimes it wasn't serious, almost playful even, but the more time the passed, the more they seemed to go farther off the deep end every time that sort of news came out into their world.

Everyone around them seemed to be paying close attention to it, especially the Squint Squad. They saw it, analyzed it, gossiped about it with one another. Sometimes they even dropped hints to the dazzling duo. They understood it.

As for the good doctor and the FBI agent, well, they both did realize it in their own ways too, hidden somewhere in the back of their minds. Neither really paid much attention to it. It was sort of comforting though in a way. What the'd never in a million years admit was they liked the jealousy from the other, but what they could acknowledge was it was quite a ritual these days. And it was kind of nice to have a pattern between partners, friends. Even if it was something in this vein of craziness.

But as Booth got news of the attempted shooting of his partner, one of his first thoughts was how he didn't want that stupid fight to be the last conversation with his Bones. Something very close to what Brennan had flying through her mind as she tried controlling her breathing as she hid behind the closest shield she'd been able to get to, some stranger's car that she was now resting her head against, seeing her partners face in her closed eyelids.