James looked around him, he was sitting in Zara's office with Kerry, Lauren and, surprisingly, Kyle, who had come in just for this meeting.

Zara looked at each of them in turn. "Now, this mission has been rated extremely dangerous" She explained, handing out the information sheets to each of them. "But MI6 owes us a favour, so they've sent in their best agent to go undercover with you guys for protection" She said.

"Whose the agent?" James asked as he took the pamphlet.

"I haven't met him yet, but apparently he is at the very top. His name is Alex Rider but we haven't been given much else other than he speaks five languages, he is a fifth Dan black belt, he's had SAS training and has encountered one of the groups before" Zara explained. "Ewart is picking him up from MI6 headquarters now, he should be here soon. They got stuck in traffic"

James looked down at the briefing.

"Have you read through it yet?" James asked Zara, she shook her head. "No, I was going to read it when Mr Rider arrived, but Ewart will be late, so we'll read ahead of them"








This eco-terrorist group has been encountered before by CHERUB, once by Lauren Adams and twice by James Adams. All other agents have been updated previously to what Help Earth is and what it does. Help Earth are planning to destroy a series of important power plants that would cause widespread panic amongst Britain and America, where the attacks will take place. They are being aided by a few remaining members of the terrorist organisation SCORPIA. Neil Jonathan has been named as one of the major leaders of Help Earth which is where CHERUB come into the investigation to find evidence against him. Neil has five children George (Seventeen), Michael (Sixteen),, Melanie (Fifteen) Katie (Fourteen) and is married to Leah Jonathan.


This organisation is a terrorist agency that are paid to do their job. They use many different forms of this, torture, assassination, bombs, etc. They were destroyed by Alex Rider, *SEE FILE* shortly before they ordered his assassination. Rider survived the attempt and has now returned to continue his mission, and to provide protection for the CHERUB agents. SCORPIA have invested in Help Earth to try and rebuild their empire.


Mission controllers Zara and Ewart Asker will move into a house in the Jonathan housing estate with their baby son, four CHERUB and MI6 agent. For the purposes of this mission, Kyle Blueman and Kerry Chang will be adopted while Alex Rider, Joshua Asker, and James and Lauren Adams . The family surname will be Roberts and to avoid confusion, all agents will keep their first names.


From the work of James and Lauren Adams and Alex Rider, MI5 has been able to discover some of the leaders of Help Earth and SCORPIA. One of these leaders that came up in both investigations was Neil Jonathan. Neil has five children that he is very close to. Each agent has been selected to befriend children of Neil Jonathans as follows.

James Adams — Michael Jonathan

Kyle Blueman — George Jonathan

Lauren Adams — Katie Jonathan

Kerry Chang — Melanie Jonathan

Alex Rider — Aim to befriend any of the

children. Either of the girls or Michael.

If agents succeed in making friends, they must attempt to socialise out of school and try to get inside Neil's home, gathering information wherever possible. Each agent will be placed in the same tutor group as the child they are supposed to befriend. All agents have kept their date of birth except for Kerry Chang who will be placed back a year to be the same age as Melanie Jonathan.


This mission has been rated HIGH RISK. All agents are reminded of their right to refuse to undertake a mission and to withdraw at any time. Agents will be at risk of violence and chemicals.

The cherubs looked at Zara. "If the MI6 agent is supposed to become friends with Melanie, Katie or Michael, that means he would be around fifteen years old" Kerry said uncertainly. "Surely they wouldn't send in an adult to try and befriend kids" She added.

Zara nodded, she was looking through the mission briefing for a second time just to make sure.

There was a knock at the door and Ewart entered quickly moving over to Zara's desk.

"Zara, we need to talk about this MI6 agent" He said firmly.

Zara nodded and stood up, following Ewart outside and closing the door.

Lauren looked at Kerry, who looked at Kyle, who looked at James, who shrugged. "I've never heard of him before" James said. "I haven't even met someone called Alex"

"He's not from any of my missions. So he's got to be an adult. MI6 are special operations. They deal with a lot of the really dangerous stuff. More dangerous than our missions. An ethics committee would never allow a kid into that" Kerry added.
Kyle nodded in agreement. "It cant be a kid. He's a fifth Dan black belt in Karate. Not even Bruce is that high, Bruce is about a third Dan almost at fourth. But the age that this is implying is that he's around fifteen years old"
Lauren agreed. "Yeah, he cant be fluent in five languages at fifteen. James can barely catch onto English" She smiled playfully at her brother as he chuckled.

"And SAS training" James added. "Kids aren't allowed at SAS camps. Its not allowed. Sure basic training is hard, but SAS training is like that for adults. No kid could pass that. Most kids can barely pass CHERUB training"

They all nodded in agreement. "He's got to be an adult" Kerry concluded as the door opened and Zara entered, Ewart behind her, blocking the doorway so that they couldn't see behind him.

"Kids, this is MI6 agent Alex Rider" She said, frowning slightly at the thought. Zara turned and Ewart stepped aside to reveal a blond hair boy, he was holding Joshua on his hip, smiling at the young boy who seemed very content with Alex as a surrogate brother for now.

Kerry stared at the kid in shock, he would have been fifteen years old at the most, his long blond hair was flicked to the side revealing a handsome face. His body was quite thin, if slightly malnourished but Kerry could see the muscles rippling in his bare arms as he held Joshua. The boy was wearing some black jeans and a orange t-shirt, signalling that he was a visitor. Kerry watched the boy cautiously, he moved swiftly and efficiently, not to mention silently. Kerry thought for a moment, if he had been older and not holding a baby so fondly she would have thought he were some sort of assassin. His blue eyes were twinkling slightly as he smiled down at Joshua.

"Alex is nice!" Joshua cooed, hugging Alex's shirt as Zara moved forward, smiling slightly. "He's just like James!"

Alex smiled, allowing Zara to remove her son from his arms, much to Joshua's annoyance.

"Come on hun" Zara said. "James is here"
Joshua smiled over at James. "Hi James!" He called, waving frantically.

James chuckled, waving back at the young boy as he turned back to his mother. "Can I have Alex back?" He asked.

Zara laughed at this, handing the boy back over to Alex, who smiled, taking the remaining seat beside Lauren.

Joshua sat happily on Alex's lap as the teenager quickly read through the mission briefing.

He nodded slightly and looked back at Zara. "I've got my own orders to follow as well" He said to her.

"What are they?" She asked.

"Apparently, because I'm here for your protection, if anyone gets into trouble, your agents have to run" Alex said. "No matter what, you have to get out of the situation, even if you leave me behind. I'm supposed to handle it"

Zara looked appalled. "No one would leave you behind Alex! Your fourteen!"
Alex shrugged. "Didn't stop people from doing it before. But those are my orders. They altered my appearance slightly. The shape of my face, eye colour, they died my hair to match James and Lauren Adams. I look much different than what I did before. Neil would know about me, most people from SCORPIA do"

The cherubs were still staring at Alex who sat very relaxed in the office, he looked over at them. "Not meaning to be rude. But whose who?" He asked.



Alex nodded, memorising the names for a second before looking back at Zara. "We're meant to start this in a month" He said. "To get everything planned. But apparently I'm staying here"
Zara nodded, looking down at the file she had been given. "What do you parents say about you spying?" She asked. "I assume they were the ones that got you involved?"

Alex shook his head. "My parents died when I was a baby. My uncle was secretly training me to be a spy since I could walk. When he died MI6 sent me in to finish his mission. I've been on more since I completed that one" Alex explained.

Zara nodded understandingly. "The CHERUB agents here are all orphans too" She explained. "How many missions have you done for MI6?"

"About eight" He replied, he looked at the mission briefing.

Zara nodded looking over at James. "James, we'll get Meryl to get another bed set up in your room. Your can share with Alex for the month. Just take him to all of your classes. Show him around campus"
"Do people know he's MI6?" Lauren asked.
Zara shook his head. "But its not a problem if they do" She looked over at Alex. "But you cant talk about things that are classified" She ordered him.

Alex smiled at her. "Yes Ma'am" He nodded.

Zara chuckled and looked at her son. "Joshua, Alex and James have to go now" She said. "You'll see them soon"
Joshua nodded, giving Alex a hug before leaping onto the ground. Zara handed Alex a black shirt and smiled at the others shocked reaction. "He's an accomplished MI6 spy" She replied. "Your lucky we didn't make up a whole new colour just for him" She said to them.

They nodded and Alex quickly slipped into the new shirt.

James stood up. "Lets show you around a bit" He said, stretching his arms, he looked at Zara. "How long before I've got to go back to class?" He asked.
"You can have today off" She replied, turning to the others. "Lauren, Kerry. Class for both of you. Kyle, you need to go and sort out you and Alex's rooms with Meryl"
Alex stood up and followed to older boy from the room.