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Chapter Ten

After leaving the hospital House drove them both to Cuddy's place, where he left the car-seat in the garage and Wilson helped him (really, Wilson did most of the work while House pranced around) gather his various belongings and put them in his trunk and back seat. Fortunately, Cuddy was still at work and the nanny had taken Rachel on an outing, so they had the house to themselves and could flirt shamelessly and make lewd jokes without anyone overhearing.

They spent the afternoon relaxing at the condo, House playing his organ (another thing he'd really missed when he'd been with Cuddy), and Wilson falling asleep on the sofa to the calming music House would not admit he played to soothe him.

At night they ordered takeout and watched 'The L Word,' chatting and laughing. It was just like old times except that they were sitting on the couch with their arms and legs touching, and when they smiled at each other their eyes held unguarded tenderness that they had not shown one another before.

After they ate, Wilson decided to take a shower. House continued to watch TV, listening for the sounds of the water running and for when it stopped. A few minutes later he heard the younger man's feet padding down the hallway to the living room. House turned around to look at him over the back of the sofa and his breath hitched in his throat.

Wilson's hair was still a little wet; it was mostly pushed to the side out of his face, but a few damp strands stuck to his forehead. He was wearing a white cotton undershirt and thin blue-striped sleeping pants with...nope, nothing underneath. His feet were bare and he had a hand stuck to the back of his neck, looking at House almost shyly.

House blatantly stared back. He was starting to get hard just from looking at him.

"I was, uh," Wilson started to say. He paused and glanced back behind him. "I think I'm gonna go to bed soon," he said.

House nodded, still staring at him. He looked up Wilson's body until he reached his face and met his eyes. They were such a soft brown, gentle, just like Wilson.

"Come with me," Wilson requested softly.

Nodding again with a hint of a smile on his face, House got up, grabbing his cane. Once he was sure the older man was following him, Wilson turned and walked back to the bedroom. He was already sitting on the bed when House got there, eyes shining while he waited.

House leaned his cane against the wall and sat down on the edge of the bed to take his shoes off. He'd gotten to the right one and was working on the left when a gentle hand grasped his waist from behind. It was joined by another hand that traced its way lightly up House's back, giving him goosebumps. His left shoe dangled from his toes as he sat unmoving, feeling the contact.

Then two soft lips pressed against the back of his neck, lingering a moment. Wilson pulled back a bit, but remained close enough that the older man could feel his breath against his skin.

House slowly started to turn his body around, his shoe falling unnoticed to the floor as he did so. The movement of his head caused the younger man's lips to find his ear.

"I love you," Wilson whispered, resting his smooth cheek against House's stubbly one as he spoke the words.

House nodded, not quite trusting himself to speak. Wilson pulled back a tiny bit, keeping the sides of their faces only centimetres apart.

House was breathing heavier than normal, and through his mouth. His eyes latched onto Wilson's just inches away, the brown irises sparkling with desire and love. The younger man's lips were slightly parted as he watched House, but the older man was staring at his eyes.

For a second they simply looked at each other, just breathing and being so close they could feel and hear each other's breaths.

Wilson was the one that moved to close the distance, his and House's eyes closing in unison as their lips came together.

Though both their mouths were open, they kept their tongues in their own mouths for the time being. For the first few seconds it was just lips, lips pressing against lips, creating some pressure and then releasing it. It started slow at first, but their movements soon became a bit faster and House had to suppress the urge to moan. At last Wilson's tongue met his between their mouths, tickling it. House pushed back with his own tongue, trying to make it into Wilson's mouth, and he heard a small happy sound from the younger man when he got there.

Needing to breathe, House pulled back, staring at Wilson while they both caught their breaths. Wilson was smiling and he licked his lips, reminding House that in moments that tongue could be licking his lips, and he pulled his legs the rest of the way onto the bed to climb over to Wilson and make that a reality.

This time he slid a hand to the side of the younger man's face to hold his cheek and neck while they kissed, and in return Wilson wrapped his arms around House's waist. Every contact made House shiver, made him want to moan, and he just couldn't get enough. Even though they hadn't been kissing that long he was already completely hard, almost painfully so, but he did not want to rush through this just to get sexual release.

Wilson's need must have been similar to his though, because as they kissed the younger man started undoing the buttons of the older's shirt, slipping a hand beneath the fabric and sliding it over the flesh of House's chest as soon as there was enough room to reach. House made a content "hmm" sound without meaning to before returning to kissing Wilson. After another moment he detached his lips from Wilson's mouth to concentrate instead on his throat and collarbone, kissing and sucking gently, flicking his tongue along the oncologist's salty skin. He smelled nice, like soap.

Wilson had gotten House's shirt completely undone by now, but House's hands were busy holding Wilson's neck and his side and he was not willing to relinquish the holds to take his shirt off. The younger man ran his fingernails, featherlight, down House's chest and stomach, causing him to shiver, before sneaking his hand beneath the shirt and doing the same thing to his back.

Now House was getting envious that Wilson was getting to touch him but he wasn't getting to touch Wilson, so he pulled away again and hooked his thumbs under the hem of Wilson's undershirt, lifting it. Wilson cooperated by letting go of House to lift his hands over his head, and the diagnostician thought he might be nice and let Wilson take his shirt off too, but once the younger man was bare-chested he forgot about that.

A thick purplish-black bruise extended all the way across Wilson's waist and up his chest to his left shoulder. Just looking at it made House want to wince. He spent a second staring before looking at his newfound lover with apologetic eyes.

"It's okay," Wilson whispered, running a hand through House's short hair. "It'll be gone in a couple of weeks. Just...be gentle."

In answer to that, House laid a very soft, very gentle kiss on Wilson's shoulder where the bruise ended. Wilson shivered and massaged House's scalp, leaning back onto the bed. House leaned over him, supporting his weight on his left side so he wouldn't hurt his leg, and kissed his way down Wilson's bruise, barely touching the skin. Wilson was shivering beneath him and House could feel the younger man's erection pressing through his pants into House's stomach. That just made House's own need grow; he was straining against his pants as it was. He continued kissing down Wilson's chest, however, and when he finished laid a chaste kiss to his lips.

Wilson sat up again, pulling House onto his lap so their groins rubbed together.

House couldn't help it—he moaned at that.

Wilson gave a soft chuckle and kissed House's neck, open-mouthed, sucking on the flesh. House took his shirt the rest of the way off and wrapped his arms around his lover, pressing them together as close as he could. Wilson gave his skin a little nip, causing an involuntary groan, and let up, pulling back to look at House. They stared at each other, both sweaty and panting, for a second before kissing again. House threaded his fingers through Wilson's hair and rolled his hips into Wilson.

It was Wilson's turn to moan, and this time when he pulled back from the kiss his eyes were filled with such a lustful look it alone almost made House moan in response. The younger man wrapped his arms around the older so he could roll them both onto the bed without jostling either House's leg or Wilson's neck too much. Wilson lay over House, his eyes looking down on him with such a fiery desire, such yearning that House throbbed in his pants and if he were thirty years younger would have come right there.

They needed to get on with it, holding out like this was almost too much to bear. House had never wanted anything so much in his life, never wanted anyone so much in his entire life as he wanted his Wilson in that moment.

The younger man must have been thinking along the same lines, because his hands reached to undo House's belt. The diagnostician's entire body positively trembled with anticipation as the leather slid through the loops. Wilson deposited the belt somewhere on the floor before unbuttoning and unzipping House's pants. House lifted his hips to help Wilson shimmy the jeans and boxers down his legs; he extracted his left leg and used it to kick them the rest of the way off.

Wilson spent a second staring at his erection before smiling at House and reaching a hand out to enfold it. The older man grunted at the contact, staring up at Wilson, his breathing getting ragged. Wilson was giving him a few gentle strokes and playing with his balls with the other hand, and even though House didn't want to look away he leaned his head back into the pillow because it just felt so fucking good, especially after he'd been so hard for so long. The oncologist moved on to teasing House's tip, first with his thumb and then his tongue, which caused House to cry out in surprise and pleasure. Wilson chuckled contentedly at his reaction, then moved his head back even with House's to give him another kiss. House kissed back urgently, tasting his own pre-come in Wilson's mouth but not caring. He reached a hand around to cup the younger man's ass and squeezed, hard. Wilson gasped in response, digging his forehead into House's neck and pressing his still semi-clothed groin against his lover's throbbing hard-on.

"Mmm," Wilson said, kissing House's neck quickly. "Give me one second," he panted, and then rolled off of House to fumble through his nightstand. He produced a bottle of lubricant and then rejoined House, looking at him with a trace of hesitation.

House nodded. He grabbed Wilson's waist and pulled him back onto him, pressing their lips together again. Then he shimmied his hands under the waistband of Wilson's sleep pants and pulled them down his hips. Wilson withdrew one leg at a time before using his feet to shove the pants away, causing them to join the rest of their clothes on the floor. House took the lube from Wilson, squirted some into his hand, and grasped the younger man's leaking cock. Wilson moaned into House's shoulder at the contact, thrusting his hips a bit to rub himself against his lover's hand.

Then House used his free hand to hand the lube back to Wilson, lying back down on the bed and rubbing the excess on his own erection.

Wilson slicked up his fingers and then bent down toward House's crotch. First he rolled House's balls between his fingers, and then he traced down his perineum toward his opening.

House tried to relax, though he was nervous, never having done this before. The fact that it was Wilson made it easier though, and he took a deep breath and spread his legs, giving his lover more room. A finger went in slowly, carefully, coaxing him open, nudging his prostate just to hear the whimper it produced, and before too long it was joined by a second and then a third.

After a few minutes of getting him used to the sensation of being filled, Wilson pulled his hand away. He leaned his body up and gave House a quick kiss for reassurance.

"You ready to do this?" Wilson whispered with a smile, slipping the hand not coated in lube through his hair.

"Fuck, Jimmy," House muttered, staring at him. "I've never been readier for anything, ever."

Wilson smiled, kissed him again, and then reached a hand down to guide himself inside.

"House, you've gotta tell me if I'm hurting you," Wilson warned, catching his eye before making his way in.

House nodded in agreement. He winced a bit as Wilson entered—god, the man felt huge to him—but it was so amazing to feel this. Wilson was inside him. The man he loved was inside him. House stared at his Wilson. He could not look away.

"Okay," Wilson said, anchoring a hand on either side of House's waist. He caught his lover's eye and slowly slipped partway out before going the rest of the way in.

Yes, it hurt a little bit, but the pain was nothing to him. House lived with pain every day, and not only did it barely hurt, it was completely outweighed by the fact that the love of his life was fucking him. House shook his head in disbelief. It was like a dream, only so much more vivid than any dream he'd ever had and so much more than he could possibly imagine.

"God, you feel so good, House," Wilson murmured, and hearing that coming from Wilson made House's dick throb.

Wilson leaned over him, closer to him, and began a slow rhythm with his thrusts. He hit his prostate and House moaned, closing his eyes without meaning to and pushing himself against him. "There, Wilson," he muttered. "Oh, god, do that again!" The younger man obliged, smiling down at him, and House cried out involuntarily. He was going faster now, harder, and House wrapped his arms around him because they were as close as two people could possibly be but he wanted them to be closer.

As he started to increase his tempo, Wilson reached a hand between them to hold House's neglected cock, squeezing and rubbing it in time to his thrusts.

"Jimmy, yes," House murmured as the man rubbed him and hit his prostate at the same time.

Wilson was grunting, moaning every now and then, and staring down at House, who stared back whenever he could keep his eyes open. He thrusted harder, angling himself so he would hit House's prostate repeatedly, still using his fingers to stimulate House's penis.

The feelings were almost overwhelming. Wilson's sweaty fingers against him, his desire-filled eyes staring down at him, his erection filling him, and god, every time he hit that spot right there...it sent explosions through his system and it was beyond anything he'd ever experienced and he'd had thousands of orgasms but he hadn't known his body could feel like this. And he was more grateful than ever that on the rare occasion he'd hired a male hooker House had always been the one to do the fucking, or just got sucked off, because this was Wilson. This was his love, his Wilson fucking him and filling him and making him feel all these things and god it was just beyond comprehension. And he really didn't mean to but House felt a wetness in his eyes, and he just couldn't help it because it was the most incredible thing in the world and he was so in love with Wilson and he'd never imagined he could actually have this, actually be with his Wilson, but now he was and Wilson loved him and Wilson was making love to him and he couldn't help the fact that he was crying.

"House, are you okay?" Wilson asked sounding panicked. "Am I hurting you? Do you need me to slow down?" He started to before the older man even got a chance to answer the question.

"No," House grunted, embarrassed at not being able to control his emotions and crying like a little girl even though a few tears barely constituted crying. "No, Wilson, god, keep going. Please keep going Wilson, please," he begged.

"I...I'm not hurting you?" Wilson clarified, speeding up again but not quite to the pace he'd been before he noticed House's tears.

Yes, it hurt a tiny bit but that had nothing to do with why he was crying and all the pleasure coursing through his body did more than enough to outweigh it.

"Whatever you're making me feel, Wilson, it's not pain," the older man murmured. "Please. Faster. Harder. More. God, Wilson, I want more."

Wilson began thrusting harder and faster again, hitting House's prostate and causing his fingernails to dig into his back. The younger man's hand was still wrapped around House's dick, and he resumed pumping it as well. His eyes still watched House for signs of pain, but he made no further comment about the tears even as fresh ones began to flow from House's ducts.

They soon lost the rhythm, and House guessed Wilson was getting close—he knew he was. The pressure against his dick and against his prostate nearly every time kept driving him right to the edge and he knew it wouldn't be long before he was thrown right over it. He forced his eyes to stay open so he could watch his lover's face, his eyes wide and shining, his lips apart as he panted, muscles forming almost pained expressions as he slowly started to lose it.

Just staring at Wilson almost did it for House. He'd never seen the man he loved come undone like this before, and the fact that he was the one making that happen, that of all the people in the world Wilson chose him to make love with...

House was thrusting without meaning to—into Wilson's hand and then back onto his dick, back and forth, pleasurable pressure coming from both sides, and before he knew it he was there, everything exploding inside him, immersing him in waves of pleasure with an orgasm so intense he didn't think he'd ever felt its equal. And as he felt himself spurting his release he felt Wilson come inside him, filling him utterly. He forced his eyes open so he could catch a glimpse of Wilson's face and he swore seeing it lengthened his orgasm, even by just a second. His mouth was open and his eyes were closed, looking so high and so completely happy.

House stared at him as the younger man came down from the high, adding a few extra thrusts at the end before resting himself down on House's body. House did not want Wilson to move, did not want them to come apart, but once his orgasm tapered off and he regained touch with reality, he tipped him off his body and rolled over, turning away from Wilson.

Wilson, still attempting to catch his breath, put a hand on House's shoulder. "What's the matter?" he asked, sounding concerned. "Did I do something wrong?"

House shook his head, trying to shrug Wilson off, but the hand remained in place. "I ruined it," he muttered. "We were right in the middle and I fucking started crying. I fucked it up."

"House," Wilson said with a sigh, sounding almost exasperated. He kissed House's shoulder. "House, please look at me," he requested.

He almost didn't want to, he felt ashamed to, but Wilson asked in that voice and he couldn't deny him that. So he rolled back over onto his back and stared up at Wilson, who was looking at him with soft eyes and wearing a fond smile. Wilson pressed his lips gently to House's for a second, and then reached for his face.

"Baby, you didn't ruin anything," Wilson whispered. "So...so you were overcome with emotion in a powerfully emotional moment. There's nothing to be ashamed of, House. I am in love with you and the fact that us making love with that intensity made you cry a little...that just makes me love you that much more, to know that that's how much it meant to you." He kissed House again. "Listen to me," he whispered, stroking the side of House's face. "This has been the most intimate evening of my life. Nothing could possibly ruin it."

Somehow, House believed him, and he took Wilson's body in his arms, pulling the younger man back on top of him. Wilson kissed his neck gently, still caressing the side of his face. House rested his hands on Wilson's back near his waist. He closed his eyes and leaned his head against the pillow. It was okay and Wilson loved him. Wilson loved him. Maybe he could light candles for Wilson.

The lips against his throat stopped moving, though the fingers tracing his cheek continued. It was nearly silent, except for the rustle of skin on skin and both their still-heavy breathing. He felt Wilson's body over his, chest against chest, now soft cocks dangling between thighs, legs against legs. They rested together for a few minutes before Wilson started to move, but House tightened his arms around him and whined. "Don't go."

"I'm not going anywhere," Wilson murmured in return. "I was going to get off; I'm not leaving."

"I don't want you to move," House muttered, holding the younger man's body against him.

"I've got to be getting heavy by now," Wilson whispered against his skin.

"Don't care," House murmured sleepily. Wilson's weight pressed against him, sandwiching him between his warm soft body and the warm soft bed, and he would never admit it out loud but he felt loved and safe right here just like this and he would be more than content with staying in just this one spot for the rest of his life. After another few minutes he realised, though, that Wilson was naked on top of him with no blanket and was probably a little bit cold, not to mention they were both covered in semen and lubricant. So he reluctantly granted Wilson permission to get up, and they rinsed off and put pyjama pants and undershirts on and got back into bed, under the covers this time.

Wilson slept on the left, just like Lisa had, and House realised that this was the first time he'd thought of her all day. And it was just an observation, a comparison between them. He wasn't fantasising about being in bed with her, guiltily wishing it were she instead of Wilson beside him. He was in love with Wilson and he knew, with certainty, that he'd finally made the right choice.

His right choice leaned over to kiss him. "Goodnight," Wilson whispered, his eyes in the dim light glowing with joy and love. He turned over on the bed, lying on his right side, and House rolled onto his right side and slipped an arm around him. He kissed the back of his neck.

"Goodnight, Jimmy."


They walked into the hospital, and he noticed her out of the corner of his eye. She was approaching them.

"Go on," he said with a nod. "I'll see you upstairs later."

Wilson gave him a smile and squeezed his free hand before departing to the elevators.

He continued walking, catching her eye from across the way.

"Hey," she said when she reached him. She nodded toward Wilson. "How is he?"

"Doing better," he responded. "The pain from the whiplash is starting to go away. He's fine, really."

"That's good." Her smile was strained, but it was there.

"Lisa..." he started to say, but then he just looked down.

She followed suit. "It's okay," she murmured, her voice very small. "You've gotta be with who you've gotta be with, Greg. I'm not gonna pretend I'm not...upset...but I understand why you did it." She sighed. "I don't hold it against you."

He surprised her by kissing the side of her forehead. "I'm not..." he muttered. "I'm not sorry, but...I'm sorry I made a promise I couldn't keep."

"I know," she whispered.

He stepped back to look at her. "Are you going to be okay?" he asked.

She smiled at his concern. "I'll get through it," she said. "Listen, I...I know you really tried, and I want to thank you for that. I spent the last few weeks wondering if I was doing the right thing by staying, and part of me was just selfish and wanted to be with you, but also...I could see that you really wanted us to work, and I appreciated that. That I meant enough to you that you would pick me over Wilson...while you did. But I also knew...in the end...that it would be him." She looked at him and shrugged. "I think I've always known." She gave him a weak smile and he returned it.

"So we're okay?" he clarified, looking her over.

"Yeah," she said with a resigned sigh. "We're okay."

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