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Lucy sighed once again as she headed down to the guild. She was beginning to dread going to the lively place, and for one reason: Lisanna. Now, she didn't hate the girl or anything, no it was far from that, rather Lucy was absolutely taken by her bubbly personality and upbeat attitude, but it was just that, well, amidst all of the celebration and nostalgia, she was lost in translation.

For two weeks, the entire guild turned all of their attention and energy to Lisanna and what she had seen, done, heard, learned, experience, and what ever else they could think of while she was gone. And for two weeks Lucy sat at the bar, slumped over, wondering when it would all end. She had no one to confide in, not even the ever-caring Mirajane, who was also caught up in the excitement of her sister's return. The only one who felt out of place too was Wendy, but she had quickly adapted to the environment of the guild and also asked Lisanna questions about her other self.

Now, this would have been all fine and dandy, Lucy after all, had come from a place where she had been put second all the time, and she could bare with this for a few more weeks. But, the breaking point for her had been a couple of days, when she saw her team heading out to the train station, without her.

"Lucy!" Happy had called when he spotted her.

"Happy, what's up?" she had asked, not wanting to seem upset about what she saw.

"We're going on a mission!"

"Oh and with who?" she felt tense all over, wondering why no one had asked her to join them.

"With Lisanna!" Natsu had answered from behind.

She turned and saw the two of them happily smiling at her. Her gaze wondered to the shorthaired girl beside Natsu, whose arm was wrapped happily around his, and he didn't seem to mind it one bit.

"Ah, I see," she said smiling. She winced inside, wondering how long it had been since she actually had forced a smile like this.

It was only a couple of years ago, but it had seemed like ages, a completely different lifetime. She had only ever used this smile at the lavish galas and balls that were often thrown in her father's old estate. It was a smile that hid her from the world, her mask.

"Yeah! Since she just got back we'll only be gone for a couple of days," Natsu continued, not noticing how fake her smile seemed.

"You're welcome to come too," the silver haired girl said "We can wait for you if you like."

Lucy shook her head and smiled again, "No it's alright, I promised Wendy I would do a job with her actually."

Of course, that was a lie. In reality she wanted to go, she wanted to get between them and stop their rekindling relationship, she wanted to pull that pink-haired idiot aside and yell out her feelings for him, but none of that happened, none of that she was capable of, not when she saw how happy Lisanna made him.

The other three nodded their heads in acknowledgement, and upon hearing the warning whistle of the train hurriedly said goodbye and rushed off, laughing playfully as they disappeared from her sight.

She had felt a sharp, piercing pain deep in her chest, she felt lost and lonely, but more importantly heart broken. She had heard before, of the relationship that the two of them once had, how well they had gotten along and their childhood promises, but she never thought she would have to worry about them, she had thought that it was all in the past. Lucy felt like a fool, like she had been played, like her heart was ripped out in front of her.

Why had she fallen in love with him? Of all the people in the world it had to be Natsu, the crazy, strong, determined, compassionate man who she spent most of her days with, the man who quickly became one of her best friends.

And now here she was, witnessing the rebirth of a lost first love, and all she could do was stand on the sidelines. She felt so broken, so shattered. Lucy knew that she had no chance.

So now, as she stood hesitantly in front of the guild doors, the young spirit mage dragged herself into the guild. It was lively as usual, and as was the case of late, Lisanna and this time Natu were the cetain of attention, regaling the crowd with the stories of their recent mission, which had turned out to be a lot more than simple monster extermination.

Lucy steered away from the story telling, quietly making her way down into the library, not seeing that one guild member had noticed her slip away from the crowd. She carefully made her way down the stone stairwell, before emerging into the well-lit archive/library of Fairy Tail. The master's collection of books and histories was magnificent, and she liked to spend as much time reading them as she could. The blonde-haired vixen wondered up all the bookshelves, searching for something that might peak her interest when she sensed another presence in the room.

"I think that this volume in particular might interest you," a voice said "it's about stellar magic."

Lucy turned to face the source, and looked down sheepishly as soon as she did. Her master was standing a few feet away, holding out the book he had been talking about. She walked over and gingerly took the tome from his hand and thanked him.

"I didn't think anyone saw me come down here," she whispered, not finding the courage to speak any louder.

"I saw you slip past everyone else when you first came in," he replied taking a seat at the nearest table "I thought that I might check on you, you haven't been yourself lately."

Lucy stood there for a moment before joining the old man at the table, taking the seat that was directly across from him. She contemplated what to say, how to explain herself and her awful behavior lately, but nothing came to mind, nothing that wouldn't seem as selfish and bratty as it really was.

"You don't have to explain yourself," the master said after a few moments of silence. "But I would like you to know that if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask."

He smiled before hopping down from the chair and walking back up the stairway. Lucy's gaze followed him, watching as he too disappeared from her sight before dropping her gaze back toward the empty seat. That's when she noticed a silver key on top of a book that had been previously left there. She smiled as she reached over to examine the symbol and blinked in surprise. It was rare indeed, and old, it was a symbol from the Lost Magic, one she didn't clearly recognize. Then she remembered her book, and for the time being, allowed herself to be swept away by the magic of her book.

Hours had passed before Lucy had finally closed the lengthy tome and turned her attention back to the key itself. All of the new information she had just learned was intense, and mysterious. She had to know. Not just as a scholar, or a mage, but as a person. She knew automatically what she wanted, no what she had to do. Taking the book and key with her, she quickly exited the library, and returned to the upper level of the guild, seeing that it was still in fact, taken captive by Lisanna her stories. She stood for a moment listening to one about how the other Natsu was in love with transportations and how he was when he was dragged away from his vehicles.

Most of the stories she told Lucy had experienced and felt no need to have to listen in on what were sometimes over exaggerations. She instead made her way to the bar where Mirajane was wiping and putting away glasses.

"Lucy!" she called warmly as the blonde approached one of the bar stools. "Where have you been all morning?'

"Just downstairs, there was some research that I had wanted to do," she replied, not daring to mention anything about her loneliness or jealousy to Mira.

Mira nodded in understanding and went back to humming happily as she wiped the glasses and put them in their proper places beneath the counter. Lucy had once again opened the book, reexamining the chapter that had intrigued her the most.

It was once said that the use of stellar spirits and the forging of contracts with the spirits came from an ancient art once practiced by a group of clans called 'The Council of the Dragon'. Today, no such council exists, at least not to the surface world. There has been much speculation as to which clans were linked to the council and if any of their ancestors live today. The little evidence that we have today indicates that there were twelve clans, one clan for each of the cardinal directions and for each of the holy animals of the zodiac. This points that cities in the east, particularly, Edo (1), as the stronghold of the council.

"YHAHAHAHAHAHA!" and obnoxious laugh interrupted her concentration. She turned to look for the source, and came face to face with the one and only fire dragon slayer, Natsu.

"OH MY- Natsu what the hell are you doing?" she yelled back at him, hitting him on the head with her book (AN: Maka Chop!).

"Ouch! Geez Luce, I just wanted to bring you over to the table," he said rubbing the spot where the book had made contact. "We're gonna tell everyone about what happened in Edoras."

Lucy hesitated, feeling torn between which she would choose, stay with Natsu or pursue the book. She bit her lip in frustration, and looked up at him, opening her mouth to answer when she saw Lisanna pounce on Natsu's back, hugging him from behind.

"Come on silly!" she laughed. Natsu turned to face her to retort, but was surprise attacked by a kiss.

Lucy sat there stunned, wondering what the hell she had just witnessed. She could already feel the tears start to well up in her eyes as she watched them break apart, Natsu slightly pink but grinning sheepishly.

"Not in front of Lucy and your sister!" Natsu whined. "Sorry about that Lucy, anyway-"

"You're together?" she asked quietly, looking down at the key she hadn't noticed she was clenching in her hand.

"Yup! As of the day we left for the mission!" Lisanna answered happily, kissing the boy's check.

Lucy stood abruptly, moving away from the pair, grabbing her things quickly. "I'm sorry there's something I have to do right now, but have fun. And congratulations."

Three pairs of curious eyes followed her, wondering what on earth had just happened, but no one went after her, no felt the need, nor saw any reason to go after her. Everything simply went on the way it was.

When Lucy awoke the next morning, she could feel how heavy and puffy her eyes had become from all of the crying she had done the night before. Glancing at her clock she saw that it was just past 6, and rolled out of bed, knowing now she couldn't go back to sleep, not after remembering what happened yesterday.

After the completion of her daily rituals, Lucy made her way to the kitchen to fix some breakfast, and as she walked passed her desk she caught sight of the book and the key. Lucy stopped for a moment and walked toward the two items. She picked up the key and stared for a moment before clenching it tightly in her fist. She had made up her mind. Quickly, Lucy gathered her things and pulled on her boots, food could wait, what she had to do had to be done now, before she changed her mind.

Lucy ran all the way to the guild, and by the time she was there she was out of breath. She drew herself to full height, staring intently at the sign before entering confidently; knowing that the only one who would be there was the master. As she had expected, the master was perched on top of the bar cross-legged, with a bustling Mira behind him (someone she hadn't expected).

"Master," she called and he looked at her. Knowingly he nodded and motioned for her to follow. The pair went upstairs and took a seat at the table on the landing.

"Are you sure?" he asked with piercing eyes. She wasn't surprised that he had figured out what was going on and why she was there. In fact she had counted on this, hoping it would help make it easier for her.

"Yes, I truly I feel I have to do this." She hesitated with her next words. "I don't plan on quitting the guild though."

He nodded, "I never expected you too."

It was a few days later, and everything was as it always was, except now the excitement of Lisanna's arrival was finally dying down, and everything was almost the way it was before, except for one thing. Natsu continued to gaze at the doors of Fairy Tail in a state of impatience.

"What's wrong loser?" Gray asked as he leaned back in his chair, carefully watching from the corner of his eye.

"Nothing," Natsu mumbled, not comprehending the insult. "It's just I haven't seen Lucy in two days, I was wondering where is."

"Mission maybe?"

Natsu snorted in irritation. It's not like she would do that to him, after all weren't they partners? She woudn't leave without him right?

"Lucy won't be here for awhile," Mira and Erza appeared at the table, both looking equally worried.

"What are you talking about?" Natsu asked with worry.

Mira hesitated and looked at Erza who took over from there. "Apparently a few days ago she approached the master and asked him for leave. She left soon after."

Natsu stared in disbelief. She really had left, no warning, no note, note even a simple goodbye.

"She did leave this for you," Mira said handing him a small envelop. "She left one for the entire guild but this one is for you personally."

"What does it say?" Lisanna asked who had appeared next to him. She had already heard the whole story.

Natsu didn't answer; he simply stood and walked outside, tearing open the letter as he went. Once he was out he began to read it.

I'm sorry I didn't say anything before, I'm sorry that all I left was this letter, I'm sorry that I didn't go say goodbye, but I'm not sorry for leaving. I'm not sure how long I'll be gone, or when exactly I'm coming back, but you're in good hands, I know.

I see how you look at each other, your laughs and smiles. That's something I wished we had since the first day I met you. I wish I would have told you all of this in person, but I was too afraid to, I didn't have the courage to face you and tell you all of this. But, I love you. I have since day one.

But you have her now, and I'm sure you'll be happy. I didn't decide to leave just because of you, I want you to know that. I really am happy that you two are together again. And don't worry, I plan on giving up on you, so that by the time I get back then we can go back to being friends without the awkwardness. I wish you the best of luck and happiness in the world.


P.S. The master gave me a proper send off so don't worry. (2)

The letter dropped from his hands as Happy zoomed out of the guild, he too had a small note in his paws, his face contorted in fear.


But he couldn't hear it, he heard nothing, he saw nothing, he felt nothing, for that moment he felt what Lucy had felt a few days before. His world came crashing down. And he didn't even know it.

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1. Yes, I am using the old name for tokyo as a town in the Fairy Tail world

2. Fairy Tail send off thing. I forget what it's called. Check the chapters where Erza sends off Kou&Co. and when Natsu fights Mistogun.

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