~Revised 22nd January 2012~

Name of Story: The Newbie & The Hottie

Written By: Phanton Flame (formally known as M00nlite Maiden)

Pairing(s) & Character(s): DxS. More characters included in the later chapters.

Genre & Rating: Romance/Friendship. Rated T just in case.

Summary: The school Heartthrob, Danny, meets the new girl in school. He falls for her, but a secret of his could tear them apart. Or will it? DxS, Alternate Universe.

Official Disclaimer: Danny Phantom © Butch Hartman; Charice Moreau © M00nlite Maiden.

Author's Notes: ...looking back on this story, I wonder what the Hell went through my mind to write this. It was SO crappy ;A; And so, I've revised it again... Enjoy, I guess?

NOTE! Sam and my own character are OOC, since I swapped their personalities. They will slowly revert back to their usual personalities later on. Danny is OOC to be the bad boy in this story, and no one knows his secret.

Chapter 1 – Sam, The New Girl

"Ah, another day of good ole school... Fun, ain't it? Especially since it's a Monday, right after an absolutely boring weekend..." Charice Moreau grumbled under her breath, her voice dripping with sarcasm as she strode along the one of the many hallways in Casper High.

"Don't be like that, Charice!" Her best friend, Tucker Foley exclaimed, brisk-walking to keep up with her fast pace. "It's a new day of learning! You'll never know what will happen! Besides– Oof!" He collided into an open locker door and fell over comically before he could finish his sentence.

"Oww..." The Techno-Geek whined, nursing a sore nose as he lay sprawled on the floor, totally oblivious to the stares from other students around them.

Charice barely quelled the urge to burst out laughing as she smiled down at him, her navy-blue eyes twinkling. "You'll never know what will happen indeed..." Ignoring the dirty look he shot her, she continued, "We'd better get going. The bell will ring any minute now." After she helped him up, they hurried off to class, expertly dodging scattered students along the way.

As the duo settled down at their seats at the back of the classroom, the bell rang. As if on cue, the English teacher, Mr Lancer, entered the classroom and began a one-sided discussion about a play written by Bertolt Brecht. He droned on like a lifeless robot, leaving his poor students bored to tears. A few of them were even sleeping, drooling all over their desks.

Just then, a loud, arrogant voice was heard. "Hmm... I see that no one missed me today, huh?"

Everybody whipped their heads around to see who it was. Almost immediately, the guys grinned at the speaker, while nearly all the girls swooned and began battling their eyelashes at him, in high hopes of getting his attention. A particularly snooty girl glared daggers at them for looking at "her man". Charice merely suppressed an inward groan. Here we go again... Am I really the only sane girl here? She thought, rolling her eyes.

At the front door, with an award-winning smirk on his face, stood Casper High's resident Heartthrob, Danny Fenton.

The boy made his way through the classroom in slow-motion, as if basking in the attention lavished upon him. He sauntered over to his seat, where Charice and Tucker were seated behind him.

"How's it going, Tuck? Did you get yourself a girl over the weekend?" Danny asked casually, as he gave one of the girls watching him a discreet wink.

Tucker grinned. "Nothing much happened. With my smooth moves, I'll achieve the other one soon, Dude!" He bumped fists with Danny while Charice rolled her eyes again.

Mr Lancer cleared his throat loudly, catching their attention. "Ahem... Mr Fenton, are you quite done disrupting my lesson?"

Danny didn't even spare a glimpse at the bald teacher. "Yeah. Sure. Whatever."

The older man frowned in disapproval. This boy... "Right. Now, as I was saying before we were so rudely disrupted... Bertolt Brecht was..." The lecture went on, and in no less than ten minutes, there came a timid knock on the front door.

Mr Lancer raised an eyebrow at the girl standing at the doorframe, shifting her weight from one foot to the other nervously. "Yes?"

"Um, hello sir, I'm Samantha Manson, a recently-transferred student. The office assistant gave me my schedule and this pass addressed to you." She answered politely before handing over a slip of green paper to him.

He examined the paper with critical eyes. "Hmm... They forgot to inform me about a new transfer... In any case, welcome to Casper High, Ms Manson. Allow me to introduce you to the other students." He clapped his hands loudly, startling everyone. "Class, I'd like all of you to welcome a new student. Her name is Samantha Manson." Sam stepped forward and smiled uncertainly, not used to being in front of so many people.

"If you have any further queries, please feel free to ask any student or teacher. For now, you can join Mr Foley at the back of the classroom. There's an unoccupied seat next to him." Mr Lancer instructed the black-haired girl.

"Okay..." She gave him a barely noticeable nod, before sitting next to the previously-dubbed Mr Foley and slumping over tiredly.

Tucker and Charice ceased their hushed conversation with Tucker when the latter noticed Sam behind her. The brunette reached over and waved a hand in front of the new girl's face, causing her to look up with wide eyes. "H-huh?"

Charice chuckled lowly at her reaction. "Easily scared, eh?" When Sam blinked at her in confusion, she shook her head. "Where are my manners? I'm Charice Moreau. Welcome to Casper High." She smiled warmly.

Sam returned the smile with her own, albeit more timid. "Hi Charice, I'm Sam Manson."

"Hey, you don't have to be so hesitant around Charice. She won't bite your head off… Unless she's angry, of course." Tucker mumbled offhandedly from beside her.

She stared blankly at him. "Um, okay... Mr Foley, right?"

The dark-skinned boy guffawed. "Jeez, you sounded like Mr Lancer! Just call me Tucker. Nice to meet you, Ms Manson!"

Her timid smile grew wider, maybe even a little cheeky. "Well, it's nice to meet you too, Mr Tucker."

"...say what now?" He gaped, making both girls laugh.

As Charice and Tucker talked and joked around with Sam, they helped to put her at ease. She had been really anxious about coming to a new school with no friends, but at least now she had some company.

"Have you talked to the A-listers of Casper High yet?" Tucker grilled her.

"A-listers? I haven't heard of them yet. Who are they, some sort of celebrities?" Sam asked, slightly confused.

Tucker was about to respond when Charice butted in. "They're the most popular guys and girls in school." When she saw Sam's lost look, she elaborated. "You see, our school has a ranking system in popularity: The A-listers; the B-listers; the C-listers and the Losers. A-listers consist mostly of cheerleaders, jocks and their dating partners."

"B-listers consist mostly of Drama kids, Choir kids, Dancers, Uniform-grouped kids and average people, like me. C-listers consists mostly Punks, Goths, Rockers and low-key kids. The Losers are like outcasts. They're also the primary targets of torture from the A-listers. That includes people like Tucker, the resident Techno-Geek." She finished.

"Hey!" Tucker protested, while Charice stuck her tongue out at him.

Sam grinned. "Alright, so I know the definition, but could you at least point them out for me?"

Charice nodded and began to scan the class, immediately catching sight of a certain snooty girl flirting with the guy beside her. She pointed at her discreetly and muttered venomously, "That girl over there is Paulina Sanchez. She's the most popular girl in our grade and has practically all the guys grovelling at her feet because of her looks. She's just a shallow little witch, so stay out of her way."

"My turn!" Tucker adjusted his thick spectacles and gestured towards a blue-eyed blonde guy laughing with his friends. "That guy's Dash Baxter. He's the most popular guy in our grade, as well as the star of our school's football team. He may be good at sports, but I can bet you that if you ask him to spell a simple word like 'impossible', he'll just stare at you stupidly and ask if there's such a word." The two girls snickered at that.

"Is that all of the A-listers? So few of them?" Sam enquired.

Charice looked around once more. "Yeah... At least for this class, I mean. There are a lot more A-listers in the other classes."

The other girl shrugged carelessly. "Alright, so–"

"Wait a second!" Tucker cut in rudely. "You missed out one, Charice!"

Sam blinked in slight confusion. "Um, okay... Who is it?"

"Argh, how could I forget?" Charice slapped her forehead. "The one sitting next to me is an A-lister."

Sam glanced over. She hadn't noticed him before, probably because he was ignoring their conversation. It was a guy clad in a white t-shirt with a red oval in the centre, faded blue jeans and red sneakers. His dark bangs fell right into his face, yet she could still see his aqua-blue eyes peeking out. A bored expression adored his features as he sat hunched over his desk.

Author's Notes: Why do I feel like this became worse after revision? D: *cries* Anyway, the rest of the chapters will probably be revised too, but at a slow pace. Reviews are appreciated, thank you~

~Phanton Flame (: