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Firsts: First Date

Bumblebee was not just nervous, he was scared out of his protoform. Why? He was asking the leader of the Autobots; the best mech-wrecker in all the galaxy, Optimus Prime a very serious question. Bumblebee was going to ask Optimus for permission to court and date his oldest daughter and shining star of the Autobot ranks, Kaceystar.

He was standing outside his leader's office, shuffling his feetpads on the metal floor, optics nervously checking the hallway for any other bots who would be suspicious of his dawdling in front of his leaders office. Steeling himself, he pressed the keypad buzzer on the side of the door and waited for, what he felt was, impending doom.

"Come in!" Optimus's voice called from inside the office. Bumblebee opened the door and walked through, walking up to the desk and standing straight and tall as he could in front of his leader, waiting to be acknowledged.

Optimus was sitting in his colossal chair, resting his flamed body behind the massive desk, reading a datapad. Looking up, he saw Bumblebee and smiled, "At ease, Bumblebee."

"Sir," Bumblebee began, "I have a very serious request to make of you and I would like to talk to you freely." Bumblebee did not relax, he was anxious. Optimus sitting in front of him, trusting him, made him feel slightly guilty for even having feelings about his leaders daughter. But Kacey was so beautiful, Bumblebee couldn't resist any longer.

"Of course Bumblebee, though you should feel no need to request the need to speak freely. I always keep my door open for that reason. You of all my fellow Autobots should know," Optimus rumbled gently, inclining his noble head in agreement. As Bumblebee hesitated, Optimus took a better look at his best scout.

The normally chipper and friendly 'bot would not look him directly in the optics, and he looked anxious to the point of almost offlining. His doorwings were held high and tense. From this Optimus knew that the issue wanted to talk about was important to the smaller mech.

"Bumblebee, do not fear what it is you want to tell me," Optimus said. He saw Bumblebee take a large 'breath', cycling his vents.

"Sir, if you permit me, I would like to court your daughter Kaceystar."

Optimus froze. 'Well that, as the humans say, came out of the left field.' He shuttered his optics a few times before leaning forward. "Why?" he asked quietly.

Bumblebee plucked up his famous courage and spoke. "I have always felt this way for Kacey. From the first moment I saw her, I knew I would wait for her to be old enough, just to see if I even had a particles chance in a black hole. It is not just her beauty, but the way she is devoted to the Autobot cause and her compassion for others, the way she uses her intelligence...the way her optics light up when she smiles. Frankly sir, I have wanted to make her my sparkmate ever since her interface came online 7 Earth months ago." Bumblebee paused, seeing the astonishment in Optimus's eyes. "Have I been too forward Optimus?"

Optimus considered the smaller bot. "No. You have showed much maturity. I am surprised that you have waited this long. What stopped you from asking Kacey herself as soon as her systems came online?"

Relaxing, Bumblebee went on, "I felt it would not be right unless I asked for your permission. I felt guilty Optimus, I know you trust me. Also, there was the crap with Galaxo. The timing never felt right until now."

"Ah.." Optimus muttered, gently rubbing his noseplate as he recalled what had been another fiasco in the lives of the Autobots. Galaxo had been a young mech who had arrived on the Axalon. Kacey had been the one to take him to scan his alt mode and the two young bots had become friends when they discovered they had similar interests. From then on, the metallic purple Chrysler 300C had not been far from Kacey's side. Then, a month into their friendship, Galaxo had tried to get her to interface with him. Kacey had denied him, and he captured her to take her for himself. Luckily, before Galaxo had even gotten out of the base, Jazz, Prowl and Bumblebee had tracked him down and freed Kacey from the electro-net.

Kacey had been traumatised many times though her life, and working through this took as long as it was needed for the other ones. Now, Bee found it was time.

Optimus smiled widely at Bee, his optics shining with mirth as he answered Bee. "Bumblebee, if you can keep up with my daughter, then, yes, you are allowed to date her."

Bee perked up instantly. "Really Optimus? You don't want to get out your cannon and blast me for even thinking of dating Kacey?"

Optimus laughed, "No, although if you were Rox I would be tempted." Bumblebee laughed at the comment, slauted Optimus and bounced out the door.

Optimus sighed happily. It was about time that he approved of a mech that he felt would love Kacey as he loved Elita.

Bumblebee merrily walked into the sparring room, where Kacey was having her training session with Ultra Magnus. Bee loved watching Kacey in a fight. She was tough and graceful, landing her blows with speed and precision. Right now, she looked like she might beat Magnus for the first time.

"Come on Magnus! Having a sparkmate make you slower?" Kacey taunted cheekily, blocking a blow from Magnus's armoured leg. Her dark blue armour, the same colour as Optimus, shone in the low lights of the room, accenting her femme curves. To Bumblebee, Kacey was the most perfect femme he had ever seen. Long, armoured legs leading up to wide – but not too wide - curvy hips, up taut abdomen plates and a narrower waist. Then up to gently curved breastplates and slender neck. Her face was Bumblebee's favourite feature though. Pretty lip plates (so kissable) and luminous azure optics set on perfectly proportionate faceplates.

Kacey saw a flash of yellow in her peripheral vision and lost her concentration for a klik. That was all Magnus needed to throw her off balance and pin her to the sparring mat.

"Now what were you saying?" the red mech chuckled.

"I was distracted," retorted. Magnus chuckled again before unpinning her and letting her up. She thanked him for the session and headed toward Bee, a grin on her face.

"You looked good out there Kacey," said Bumblebee, grinning back. Kacey playfully punched his shoulder.

"Your bright armour distracted me. If I didn't know better, I'd say you moved into my vision on purpose."

'Perfect opening!' thought Bee. Making a face of mock anger he playfully growled, "Who, me? Why then, my friend, I must make it up to you!" Kacey laughed and Bee's spark sang.

"Really? And what would that entail?" she inquired, putting on a fake British accent, causing her and Bee to dissolve into laughter once more.

"How about a drink of warm energon on the ledge? Where the parties are? I think we should go there at sunset today," said Bee. Kacey nodded her head, but then paused and her optics narrowed slightly.

"Bee...are you asking me on a date?" she murmured. Bumblebee smiled softly and took her hand. Lightly caressing it, he asked "Would you mind if I said yes?" Kacey looked thoughtfully down at their hands before whispering "No."

"Kacey, I'll explain more if you like when we are there. In the sparring room is not the best place to discuss this," Bee spoke, and quickly left, smiling encouragingly back at Kacey as he exited the room.

'I can't believe it. What I've wanted to happen for the past three months has finally happened! Please Primus let this not be a joke or some dare by the twins,' Kacey thought excitedly. A smirk crept over her face. 'Wait till Nitro and Firestar hear about this!'

Leaving the sparring room with a new spring in her step, Kacey was glad that Bee had asked her out.

'Please Primus, let Kacey be here. Please,' was Bee's frenzied thought as he climbed over the ledge with two cubes of energon in his hands. And there, like a metal statue, stood Kaceystar, looking over the ledge towards the sunset, wings slowly folding themselves down.

"I want to talk first Bee, before we do anything else," was the first words out of Kacey's mouth. Bee nodded before replying "I wouldn't have it any other way Kacey."

Sitting down and handing Kacey a cube as she sat next to him, they sat in a comfortable silence sipping their energon for a few minutes before Kacey turned her optics on him.

"How long have you wanted to date me for Bee?" she asked softly, not taking her optics off his faceplates.

"Ever since I saw you," came the blunt reply. Kacey leaned back in astonishment. "That long?" she mumbled.

"Yeah. I wanted to wait till you got to courting age and until your interface systems came online. I thought guilty at the thought of asking you out any earlier. Also, I was a bit...erm...apprehensive about your dad. But that's ok now. I asked his permission to date you," said Bee. Kacey was still staring at him. He became a little confused when her hands began to clench and unclench.

"Why didn't you ask me sooner? I could've been spared Galaxo if I had you!" she yelled. Bumblebee was quick to grasp her hands and hold them with his own, slowly stroking them with his thumbs in attempt to calm her down.

"I thought you enjoyed Galaxo's friendship too much. I didn't feel the timing was right until now. I...Kacey...I love you too much to cause you harm," Bumblebee said firmly.

Kacey gasped when he said 'I love you'. "Bee...I..."

"You don't have to say 'I love you' back. I want you to know how I feel if you want to continue this. I felt the timing was right today. It seems I can't resist you any longer. Do you want to continue dating me Kacey?" Bee whispered. Kacey, overcome with giddiness, jumped into his lap and hugged him. It was then that she realised that, even when sitting down – whenever they hugged they had always fit perfectly, like Primus himself had designed them to be together.

"Yes. Lets. Please. I don't want to be hurt again Bee," she whispered into his audio.

"We can go whatever pace you like Kaceystar. I don't want to push you or hurt you."

"So, does that mean I'm wearing 'the pants' in this then?" she smirked, looking into his baby blue optics. They burst into laughter at the thought and snuggled closer, content to just embrace the other as the sun slowly journeyed beyond the horizon.

Little did Kacey and Bee know that the cameras had been seen by Jazz that day, and had seen their date. Smirking to himself, Jazz contacted his bonded, Prowl and sent him the data from the camera.

´Oh Prowler? I believe I have the bet and you are now my sex slave until this time tomorrow'. An exasperated groan came from the other end of the bond link.