Title: Finding Home

Author: Ebony-Jayne

Notes: The story of how Kalia came to be.

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A/N: I am from New Zealand and therefore I use British spelling and a British spell checker so if it doesn't look right that's most likely why…or it's a typo I missed in editing…a prominent British spelling that people might notice is ochre eyes as opposed to ocher eyes…


Chapter Three: Kalia's Story

"It was February of 1998…"

"I was hunting in the hills near my home at that time. I had finished hunting and was heading down the hill toward my home. I heard light footsteps running down the road, a car coming far too fast and then a thump. And I smelled blood…so much blood. I rushed to the edge of the trees and saw a man stagger from his car, saw the tiny body on the road. I saw him get in his car and leave her there. Even from that far away I could hear that she was still alive. I heard her little heart beating in her chest. I wanted to chase that bastard down and tear him to pieces," Wyatt lost his gentle tone and fair growled the last sentence. He sucked in an unnecessary but calming breath. "I went to her, intending to get help for her…But as soon as I saw her I knew there was no way she would survive long enough for me to get help and for it to get to her. Instinct took over. Instinct and the idea of having someone to keep me company…"what was the harm?" I thought. She was going to die anyway," Wyatt noticed the looks exchanged between several Cullen's at that. "I bit her, on her neck, her wrists, her elbows… hoping against hope that it'd be enough. Then I carried her to the cabin I lived in. It didn't take long for the venom to begin to heal and change her. She stayed completely still and silent throughout the change. I was sure I had done something wrong. I remembered writhing and crying out in agony during my own change all too well…" Wyatt heard a quiet murmur of agreement around him. He looked down at Kalia who was absently playing with her fingernails and sneaking peeks at the Cullens.

"I left briefly a couple of times to get newspapers in the hope that I could find out something about her. On the second day there was an article about a missing girl; Kalia Elizabeth Anders, 15 years old, autistic, loves to run, escapes like a mini Houdini," Wyatt smiled fondly. "I led the police to the man who hit her, saying I saw a car on the side of the road that night as I drove to my home. After a few days she began to stir, then awoke. I waited for the bloodlust to begin…It never did. I took her out hunting and she picked it all up fast. Within weeks she was accompanying me into town at night, breaking into libraries to read books. She never even flinched being among humans. I was stunned. The other thing was that she never spoke. I researched autism and learned that some severely autistic children never speak or rarely speak," Wyatt told them. He smiled when he noticed that all of the Cullen's were listening intently, intrigued. Carlisle seemed the most intrigued, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees, his chin on his tented fingers.

"I guessed that it would either come with time, or it wouldn't. She understood me fine. It was apparent from the start that she was…different to others of our kind. She never makes eye contact, she has innately human quirks-" Wyatt cut off when he felt Kalia tuck her face between his shoulder and the couch. He realised that she was hiding from Edward's penetrating gaze. He was clearly trying to read her mind. "It was a few weeks after the change that she had her first vision. We were waiting for darkness to go hunting when she suddenly lay down and closed her eyes. She stopped her habitual breathing and the only movement she made was her eyes moving under their lids. It scared me. Then she sat up, held out her palm and 'spoke' to me. She told me we shouldn't hunt in our usual spot, that there was a group of hunters in that area and that it would end badly if we went there. I was stunned by what I had just seen. We hunted elsewhere and the next day heard that the hunting party had shot one of it's own members and that the area we would have been in had been crawling with police and rescue workers all night. It would have been messy had we have been there at the time. It took time but I soon became used to her abilities. I moved her to Vegas to get away from her family in case they recognised her. And we have been there since. Living at night, in pleasant obscurity," Wyatt smiled. Kalia was still hiding but sneaking glances at the Cullen's every so often.

"Does she ever speak?" Carlisle asked.

"Very rarely but she is very capable when she does," Wyatt patted the small vampire's knee.

"And you didn't know of the ability that Edward spoke of?" he asked.

"No. I can't read minds so I never encountered it," Wyatt replied.

"But you knew that she had some kind of protection of her thoughts?" Carlisle's face had lit up, his curiosity and intrigue written all over it.

"I did. We visited Italy a few years back. We visited with the Volturi. Aro called her a curiosity because he struggled to read her thoughts…he never elaborated further…I don't think that she ever let him see in," Wyatt told him. He noticed Esme smiling at Kalia and looked down to see the girl smiling back, still studiously avoiding all eye contact.

"He'd like that…did he express his interest? Ask you to stay?" Carlisle asked knowingly.

"He certainly did," Wyatt said, a look of great distaste on his face.

"All the humans you can eat," Carlisle had a similar look of distaste.

"He contacted us just after their…altercation with your family. Really put pressure on us to join them. We just politely declined over and over until he gave up…for the time being," Wyatt told him.

"For the time being," Carlisle echoed, with a grim smile.

A few hours later Carlisle and Wyatt were still intently discussing vampiric abilities and potential causes of them, Esme was listening to them quietly. Jasper and Rosalie were playing a quiet game of chess while Emmett watched, Alice was reading, and Edward had gone into his music room to play his piano. Kalia was wandering the living room silently, never straying far from her 'brother'. She kept looking out of the window of the house in the directions of Bella and Edward's little cottage, a perplexed look on her face. Esme noticed her doing it and knew what was capturing her attention. The older vampire stood and moved to stand next to the tinier girl, who skittered away a few feet. Esme just smiled and stared in the direction that Kalia had been focussed on. Kalia watched her out of the corner of her eye for a bit.

What is it?

Esme jumped in fright, sending the little vampire skittering away a further three or four feet.

"I didn't mean to frighten you, I wasn't expecting that," Esme said softly.

I didn't mean to frighten you either. What is it?

The little vampire repeated her earlier question. Esme looked over at her. She had turned to slightly face Esme, her head turned to look out of the window, her eyes roving the shadows for the source of the strange heartbeat Esme knew she was hearing.

"Edward and Bella conceived a child while Bella was still human. She is half human, half vampire. It is her heartbeat you hear. Much faster and shallower than a human child," Esme explained.

Kalia glanced very briefly at Esme in surprise before turning back to the window, her amber eyes searching the shadows once again.

Wherever it was…she wanted to see it.


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