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'How are you feeling?' I knew the drugs were working but I wanted to be sure. I kept my eyes glued to your face as I waited for you to respond. You did. In jibberish.

I could move you now. You were mine. I swept my eyes over the coffee shop, checking that no one was looking directly at us. They weren't. I grabbed your hand, holding it tight for fear that you'd slip into the ocean of people. As I pulled you past the table your leg knocked my still unempty coffee and it ran over your thigh. I knew it would've hurt you usually but you were too high to feel anything. You could've fallen into fire and smiled.

I couldn't have stopped though. I had to save you. Get you to the plane, the right plane. You flailed behind me as I dragged you through the mess of people on the travelators. You felt so light on my hand I thought you had slipped away at times and kept looking back and tightening my grip.

A few officials looked at us funny before the stairs to the exit. I suppose it would have to them. I couldn't risk them stopping us though. Time was of the essence. I had to get you out, changed. So I pulled you to me. You felt like a rag doll in my arms. I flashed a smile at the security guard and said, "we're late for our hotel shuttle and someone's a bit tipsy from the plane."

I don't know if they believed it at first. It sounded legit enough. But then you smiled at them. I knew it meant nothing, that it was just the drugs but to security it really did look like we were just a young couple who had spent too much on aeroplane alcohol. I never thanked you for that smile. Thank you.

I pulled you away from them and out the airport exit before you had a chance to add anything. I knew where to go. I'd been here before. Found the perfect spot. Somewhere no one would know to look for you.

I dragged you to the right and into the overgrown garden that lined the edges of Bangkok airport. I wanted to just carry you but figured that if we did get caught in here it would look worse for me to be carrying an out-of-it girl into the bushes. At least on your feet you looked semi-lucid.

I found the crevice in the wall next to the trash I'd chosen months ago. I pulled you close again, so that your eyes were in line with my mouth.

"I know you don't understand what's going on or what's happening, or hell, even what I'm saying to you. Just know that you're safe now but won't be if you don't get-," you stopped me mid whisper but reaching out to my lips. You tried to catch them but I just closed my hand around yours and kept going, "get changed. Co-operate…please."

You hesitated for a second and I thought I would have to undress you. But then you moved your hand to the button on your jeans and started undoing it. You unzipped them, the drugs causing you to miss the zipper a few times. You started to pull down your jeans. I thought you were going to fall back into the wall and smash your head you swayed so much, so I moved closer to you, letting you lean on me.

You managed to free your legs a minute later and the jeans hit the ground. You stepped out of them, your side still pressed against me. Your underwear was black. Those things that look like mini shorts. I felt bad looking at you half dressed while you were basically unconscious. But it wasn't like I hadn't seen you in your underwear before.

Still, I turned around after handing you your new clothes. I wanted to give you as much privacy as I could, even if it was just an illusion because I kept an eye on you in my peripheral vision. Just in case you fell or got stuck. Your bra was blue, like the top you'd been wearing.

When your new top was on you and I knew I wouldn't have to turn to catch you quickly I pulled off my own shirt. We both needed to be disguised for this to work. I went to put on the new shirt but you reached out and touch my back. Not hard. Only your fingertips touched the skin. But still it felt so good. I wanted to turn around and hold that hand. Feel your lips. Do other things too.

But we needed to get to the flight and for all I knew you thought you had seen a butterfly on my back and reached out to catch it. So I pulled the shirt over my back and did up the buttons as fast as I could. Then I finished of my masterpiece, adding a light brown wig to your head, a ruby red to your lips and a set of shades over your eyes.

I picked your little bag up from the ground and threw it into suite 5A's trash bin. You swayed a bit when a small gust of wind rolled past us, carrying away the old you with it. I thought it was the right time to use the chocolates so I grabbed one from my pocket and fed it to you. I don't think you liked it because you're face went all scrunched. But it had to be done. I'm sorry.

It would keep you down, mellow. That much I knew. I didn't know what was it in though. I'd bought it from the same guy as I'd bought the powder from, no to mention all the other stuff back in Australia. I knew it was some sort of roofie thing. I'd tried it, same as all the other stuff I'd given to you. It worked. On me and on you because your eyes were starting to glaze over. To slip away from consciousness. It was time to go.

I wrapped my arm around your side to hold you steady. You closed your eyes. I secretly hoped it wasn't because you were repulsed by my touch.

Ignoring that thought I pulled you back through the shrubs to the path. Twigs ripped at your wig; as if they wanted to keep you there, or take your disguise and expose what I was doing to the world. We reached the path though and I stopped to pull two from your hair.

I heaved you towards back towards the entrance closer to our gate. You weren't heavy-even though my arm around you was basically carrying you-but I was stressed now. I could feel a trickle a sweat running down my back.

The air conditioner felt particularly good as we came through the doors. As if the air pouring down was telling me to calm down. That you were mine. And everything was going to be okay.

Our gate wasn't far. You probably don't remember this. I had to keep feeding you chocolates as we walked. Just in case you were to speak and ruin everything. By the time I went to give you the fourth one you were out. So I put it in my pocket for the plane.

We got through all right. There was no luggage to check. Nothing unnecessary to deal with. Just us. You and me.

The ladies at the gate thought it was cute when I told them how you still had a hang over from our previous flight. They smiled and giggled at your closed eyes, telling me to make sure you had plenty of water and Panadol when you woke up. I grinned back at them.

You were pretty good on the plane. Some of the other passengers looked at me weirdly when I had to basically pour you into your seat. I think the person beside you thought it was weird that you didn't say anything in the fourteen hours it took to get to Darwin. A kept feeding you chocolates. You were barely able to chew them. I thought you might choke on one so I made sure you chewed each one at least six times.

A little boy asked me for one about five hours into the flight. I had to tell him that you had low blood sugar and needed them. Apart from that the flight was pretty uneventful. Flight attendants asked if you were ok. I spawned the same excuses as I'd used in the airport. People were so trusting.

When we got to Darwin I took you to the bathroom. The one in the old part of the airport that no one really used. I didn't want to draw attention for taking a girl into the guy's toilets. I could've used the 'honeymoon' excuse, people hadn't dared to question it so far. But I didn't know whether or not Bangkok airport had alerted all airports of your disappearance.

You were just waking as we went in. Not anywhere lucid but enough to know that when we got into the stall you could go to the toilet.

By the time we got outside into the carpark though you were coming into full conscious. Your eyes started to focus and I was out of chocolates to feed you. You started to squirm. Your arms reached out into the air. Your legs lifted of the ground in an effort to gat away. The night sky at least us cover from anyone seeing you. But you were going to scream. I could tell. And there was nothing the night could do about that. But there was something I could do. I pulled out the cloth.

I used my weight to pull you into the side of a truck. I tried to shush you while holding a hand over your mouth. The hand holding the cloth not wanting to move unless it had to.

It had been sitting in my back pocket from the flight over. I'd read somewhere that the chloroform was meant to stay potent for a couple of days after pouring it onto the cloth. I didn't know if it would work because I hadn't tried it myself. I'd smelt it though. It seemed pretty powerful.

You wouldn't stay quiet though. You just kept trying to scream through my hand. So I held it up to your mouth, praying it would work. You slumped down so fast I almost let you slip through my arms. But you didn't. I caught you.

Your eyes rolled back as I picked you up off the ground. It was so much faster just carrying you to the car. I put you in the boot. Just in case someone stopped us. Sometimes the coppas liked to get people on the back roads. Having them see you unconscious next to me in the front seat wouldn't do us any favours.

I closed the boot gently. Not wanting to slam it down on you. You looked so peaceful in there. So tiny, so fragile.

My only regret as I got into the drivers seat was not being able to share this with you. The drive to forever. Our forever.

But there would be sharing when you woke up. A lot of sharing.