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This is quite inspired from many fanfictions I read for the last month, so this idea may sometimes seemed cliched and all...but here it is. I'll be putting up theories, so be minded of that. But please enjoy the massive crossovers!

There will be anime, manga, movie, TV shows, and even fanfiction crossovers. That's right. Fanfiction...and maybe even doujinshi if it's good.

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Chapter 1:

A New Member and A New Horizon

"Mio-chan!" Yui's voice stirred throughout the school corridors as they discovered how they're together for their senior year, the last year they probably will have as senior students.

"Uhh..." Mio's voice was surprisingly full of worry.

"Is there anything wrong Mio-chan? Time to go to the club! I can't wait for Mugi-chan's yummy sweets!" Yui was hurrying along.

What was it...! Why can't I remember it...I know I know it...and now I'm contradicting myself. - Mio.

"Uhh...sure sure...Yui."

A famous scene in High School animes is romantic events occuring while the Cherry Blossoms put their pink influence throughout the picture, but it wouldn't be really possible in such as school as Sakura All-Girls High School. But still, the pink-colored cherry blossoms provided the much needed cheery tone from everyone.

Except Mio.

"I brought chocolate cake today!" Tsumugi's voice sounded like heaven to Ritsu and Yui.

"Yay! Now it's time to eat and be merry all the way!" Ritsu's voice echoed in the Music Room.

"Hey, Mio. Is something the matter?" Mugi asked Mio.

"'s just...we need to recruit new members!" Mio said with a trace of embarrassment.

"Oh yeah...we're all going to graduate this year, so Azunyan would be alone..." Yui said with concern. "So let's do it! We'll work out hearts out until we get new members for the Light Music Club!"

"AYE!" all of them agreed.

Over a month ago, nothing much happened over Yui and the others' history, but, unknown to anyone at the time, someone was sneaking up to them, patiently watching them. Waiting for a strike in to their hands.

"Umm...I guess this is the place. It really reminds me of my home."

"Remember, you must do your mission. We can't risk it."

"I know what I have to do..."

Those were just a few voices emanating from a narrow dark alley. It would be known how this person would change the After School Tea Time forever.

It was the fateful day of the recruitment week. As expected, making them wear animal costumes in the school grounds was an awfully bad idea, supposedly driving some freshmen away. Yui and Ritsu tried copying other clubs' tactics, but it too fails epicly.

"Ah! This ain't working! We need a new strategy!" Ritsu explained the situation.

"I know! Let's ask Sawa-chan to dress Mio in a maid outfit!" Yui offered a solution.

"No! No! No!" Mio said as she almost faints in embarrassment of the thought.

"Uhh...I'll join."

A voice to Yui's right catches her attention. She was a blue-haired girl with a short height. She has this beauty mark on her face, and her long blue hair stands out from most of the crowd.

"Oh you will?" Mugi said as a sense of "new member" happiness spreads up to the rest of the group. With a new member in sight, Azusa won't be sad anymore!


But then...Asuza can't help but notice a sense of loneliness in her words.

So we find our HTT and the unknown girl to the Music Room, where Ritsu gave out to the girl the Recruitment Form.

"So there's the Recruitment Form. What's your name anyway?" Ritsu asked the unknown girl.

"Uhh...I'm...uhh...Miku Akane!" she said.

"So what instruments do you play." Mio asked Miku.

"Uhh...I guess you can say Bass and sometimes guitar." Miku said. "It's just that I just didn't bring them."

"Cool then...can you show off your skills?" Mio asked Miku.

"Uhh...okay." Miku said as she gets Mio's bass and starts performing.

Miku's bass and electric guitar performance, unexpected by most of the members, was quite impressive.

"Wow...she can do better than me and Yui combined." Azusa commented.

"...Uhh..." Mio stood silently for a moment. "Teach me your ways!"

"Woah...slow down, girl! I'm not that much of an expert. I just did it." Miku said.

"Wait...wait...what?" Azusa asked.

"Oh...never mind."

I'm seriously starting to doubt that. Is it just my imagination, or did I just see the most fantastic excuse of all? - Azusa

"So I guess we've been so psyched that we really didn't introduced ourselves. I'm Nakano Asuza!" Asuza introduced herself to Miku.

"I'm Hirasawa Yui! You can call me Yui!"

"I'm Tainaka Ritsu! Call me Ritsu, the leader!"

"Nice to meet you, I'm Akiyama Mio, or Mio for short!"

"I'm Kotobuki Tsumugi. Just call me Mugi."

"Can I hug her now, Azu-nyan?" Yui's childish voice was echoing in the room, much to the others' dismay.

"Shh! We might drive her off as well!" Asuza said, "whispering" in a sense that everyone can hear it.

"So there goes their personalities..." Miku noted. "So...what do you do here? Besides practicing..."

"Oh...we eat tea and cakes everyday!" Yui said. "You can have some if you want!"

"Oh thank you!" Miku said. "You remind me of some people I know."

"Oh? Is it a boyfriend or something?" said Ritsu.

"No..." Miku said. "It's my friends...that I knew. Anyway...hey Yui I think I have a cupcake keychain here...want it?"

Miku threw the cupcake keychain in the air, just as Yui caught it, and cause her to trip backwards. Ouch.

"Oops...I think I overdid it." Miku smiled.

"Yui's just that." Mio commented.

" you live around here?" Asuza asked Miku.

"Oh not really...much..." Miku frowned for a bit. "don't worry..."

"Well...we're off now...see you." Yui, Mio, Ritsu, Asuza, and Mugi all said as they go on seperate ways...well not exactly. Asuza spied on the suspicious character named Miku as she goes through the town without much direction.

"Does she even have a home for herself?" Azusa wondered.

"Wow...they're a friendly batch." Miku commented to herself on her way home. "But I can't stay here for too long...or maybe just a little longer."

Suddenly her cellphone rang. Without a doubt, Miku answered the phone.

"According to Intel, the first of those closed spaces should appear right around now." he said. "Get your gear on, Konata."

"I it my doing?" Konata asked.

"I don't think so. In fact, it seems that it's emanating from someone in this dimension."

"Oh God...another one? We'll have to find out about this other me...anyhow, I must stop this dimension from collapsing just because that Mio dropped her love letter...I mean her lyrics somewhere around here..."

"Another her? What is Miku talking about? Wait...Mio's lyrics are missing? What the?" Asuza asked herself as she continues to eavesdrop on Konata's conversion. "No wonder she's spacing out more often these days...she must knew she lost her lyrics."

"That's why you came here right? I mean...that new recruit didn't even do anything...I told her many times to stop the man from bumping to Mio. What did she do? Get their"

"Don't blame her. She's just new to this and all...and besides, she was an otaku."

"Well...aren't you one?"

"Sure I am. But at least I know what I have to do."

"The closed space just appeared! It's just a few blocks from your location. Quick!"

"Alright, Kyon...say hi to Haruhi for me."

"We'll do."

Miku, I mean, Konata, closed the phone as she heads up for this thing called a Closed Space. Asuza kept following her.

"Who's Kyon?" Asuza said, who was spying on Miku – I mean Konata - from a dark alley near her. "This is getting odd. Wait that's it! I remember..."

Asuza remembered one of the recruitment forms in the Anime Club. They have pictures of various anime characters. Apparently Yui explored these clubs to find out what makes them attract members. It was there, a character named Konata Izumi with almost the same description, except more realistic!

So does it mean That's impossible. She's probably cosplaying or something similar. - Azusa.

But Asuza looks back on Konata, she suddenly realized that she dissappeared without a trace. It certainly is possible that Asuza just lost her, but it's almost impossible, as it's on a straight road surrounded by walls of buildings and stores, and at the time there was only a few people in sight.

"Umm...where could she have gone by?" Asuza asked herself. "Hey...isn't that...a ripple? In air!"

Asuza touched the ripple, only to be literally teleported to the same place, but on a different vibe. The surroundings seem to be lighter in color than the previous place. The pink light sky seemed to somehow distort the already empty streets.

"W-What is this place?" Asuza's eyes widened in shock. "I must be dreaming..."

"So..where's that Celestial?" Konata said to herself as she wanders around the place searching for a creature unique to closed spaces called Celestials. "I may not be an esper myself, but good thing I can manipulate reality around. Those years of hard work...and the fierce training I had to go with Nagato. Sheesh...Nagato really needs opening up sometime."

Asuza was exploring the closed space without much understanding of the nature of the environment. There was no breeze in the area. Not even a single person other than her are seen in the background, and no signs of life, other than Asuza herself, was found.

I just hope this is all a dream. - Asuza.

Suddenly, someone's shadow was shown. It was Konata, who apparently has a sword.

"M-M-Miku?" Asuza asked.

"" Konata said in utter surprise. "W-What are you doing in this place?"

"Well...I was going to a store in this neighbourhood when I saw a ripple in the air...when suddenly I'm here!" Asuza tried to lie her way out of this.

Obviously she's lying. She followed me...but how did she got here? That's the big question.. - Konata.

"Don't make it sound so obvious you're lying. You followed me!" Konata said. "Anyway, since you're already in this mess, come with me, unless you want to be stuck here forever."

"So...I guess you know that much already. I can't hide it forever anyway. You know, you're the only person who got information from me this well. I'm quite impressed."


It was almost nighttime, and Konata and Asuza were talking in a nearby Starbucks cafe.

"Usually I'd know for a 3 mile radius if someone's following me, but you were quite persistent...I couldn't even detect you. That's why I think you and the HTT are special. What's more weird is how you got in the closed space."

"Special? What do you mean? And was that...?"

"I'll explain tomorrow at school..." Konata said. "You better get home and get some rest."

"Wait...let me ask you..."


"Are you...really...Konata Izumi?"

"What made you ask that?"

"No, it's just..."

"Yes I am. I am Konata Izumi."


Everyone was surprised as they hear out Konata's claims after school in the Light Music Club. Apparently she's from a group of inter-dimensional people called The InterD Brigade, who's mission is to balance out inconsistencies with dimensions like K-ON.

" travel to different worlds? Sounds cool!" Yui said.

"So you're one of those people who can control reality in your own world (or dimension) and yourself? What does that mean?" Mugi asked Konata.

"Well...about yesterday. I didn't had any musical experience whatsoever." Konata admitted.

"WHAT? So you just played that guitar using your powers?" Asuza asked. "This is getting really confusing."

" powers allow me to change my own abilities, but not of others or this reality." Konata said.

"So if what you're saying is came here just to give me lyrics which I lost?" Mio asked Konata.

"Well that's just one part of the story...I know it's confusing sometimes, considering that just telling this to you is an inconsistency already. But...considering how Asuza managed to caught me off-guard is something." Konata said, giving Mio's lost lyrics to her.

" are other worlds look like, Kona-chan?" Yui asked Konata.

"Wha? Kona-chan?" Konata wondered for a bit, but after a while moved on. "Anyways...they're all various. The theory is that all dimensions are inter-connected by common media: animation, live action, prose, or poetry."

"So if I write a story about us being heavy metal rockstars, it'll exist?" Ritsu said.

"If you provide it with a setting, time, and some character profile, it will, but that's on a different dimension. Besides, it can be pretty complicated to tell. I don't want your heads to explode."

"But that'll mean so many stories..." Mio said.

"For most of the time...stories are consistent in every dimension. Take mine for example." Konata said as she shows them a Lucky Star manga. "This is about me."

"Sorry...we really don't watch anime or manga, but just the thought of many worlds from different stories seems so..." Mio wondered.

"Fantastic? Trust me...I've been to that." Konata said.

"Still...there's so many worlds out there just considering our worlds' literature." Asuza said.

"Wait wait! We still don't know if what she's saying is true. How do you travel to other worlds, eh?" Ritsu asked Konata. "And what about time? And don't you have headquarters? AH! MY HEAD HURTS!"

"Please, girl! I can't take that many questions!" Konata admitted. "But since Ritsu does have a's how."

Konata presents her a light novel of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

"Here...see this Light Novel?" Konata asked.

"Oh! Oh! I have those in my room!" Yui said, hoping to ease the tension.

"Won't you please focus on Konata, Yui-sempai!" Asuza said.

"C' a little less serious." Yui groaned.

"So...yeah...whatever happens to us. We'll still be here after school right?" Mugi asked.

"AYE!" everyone except Konata said.

"Here we go!" Konata held out her hand to the girls, and somehow by magic, a console appears in a bright light.

"If you're asking...this is a real DSi." Konata commented.

"That's weird for a teleportation device." Mio said. "I expected some magic wand or something similar."

"Isn't that too fantasy?" Ritsu commented.

"Well...yeah...but..." Mio said. "I guess I speculated too much from fantasy novels."

"Look." Konata said.

The top screen said:

Welcome to the Inter-Dimensional Program Version 2.0

Provided by Jimmy Newtron.

While the touch screen displays a number of options:

1. Dimension Warp
2. Dimension Info.
3. Search Dimension

"What a simple menu." Mugi commented.

As Konata selectes Option #1, the camera of the DS activated. (displayed in the top screen.)

"So this is where you put the novel in the table." Konata said. "Now hold each others' hands, and make sure you're not holding to anything else."

As they put the book to the table, Konata focused the camera to the book. The display of the DS in the top screen suddenly changed:

Dimension Recognized: [Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Canon]
Instance: _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Konata inserted a number in the Dimension through the touch screen, which displayed numbers 0-9


After pressing start, a final screen at the top is displayed:

Go To This Dimension: Yes (A) / No (B)

And as Konata pressed the A Button, and unusual thing (for Asuza, Mio, Mugi, Ritsu, and Yui) happened. The DSi turns into stardust, the gang started floating, and the picture of the Light Music Club starts disintegrating into a swirl of light green 1s and 0s with a dark bluish back background.

"Woah...what a sight!" Yui said.

"Trust me...You'll be used be to it." Konata smiled as their new recuits. "Just as you recruited me to the HTT, now I'll recruit you to the InterD Brigade. There's quite a few members there, but don't worry...I'm sure you'll do fine."

"Recruit?" Azusa asked. "It seems a bit dangerous..."

"It can be pretty fun...sometimes." Konata said. "By the way, never tell this to anyone. It'll be dangerous."

"Like I told you." Asuza said.

The Houkago Tea Time watched as they saw their surroundings start to materialize again into a different environment. They have now crossed dimensions.