Author Notes:

Hehehe...first a recent anime, then a not-so-recent one, okay?

Chapter 6:

I, My, Me, Fuzutsu!

"T-Two...Kanons? W-What do you mean...Konata?" Mio asked.

"What? Are you saying there are two Kanon Nakagawas in the city?" Shima asked in surprise.

"Apparently, so." Konata replied. She was looking over the details of the dimension anomaly through a large monitor (incidentally the same monitor from when the HTT met with Jimmy Newtron). "Apparently, this...Kanon Nakagawa is from a mirror world."

"What's a mirror world?" Mio further asked.

"It's an alternate dimension where everything is in reverse." Shima replied for Konata. "Apparently, or at least I presume, every dimension has one. Even ours."

"Y-You mean...there's a world where..." Ritsu tried imagining...

"Yui is a genius, Mio is not a coward, Asuza is Yui's student, and oh, Ritsu and Mio are rivals, so to speak." Shima mentioned as an example. "But I wonder why has THIS Kanon come here? It's quite a mystery."

"Apparently, not so." Konata explained. "I did an analysis of the mirror world and it turns out that Keima in that world is dumber than Yui, and Elsie is...uhh...smarter than Keima. The problem is that spirits in the mirror world can control their powers and the girls under their influence. It's only brutal to think more of it...that world."

" now we have 2 Kanons." Shima concluded. "But which is the real one, and which is the mirror one? Can't we ask for your help in tracking at the very least?"

"Nope, you're on your own." Konata said. "I also have things to do you know."

"Thanks, Konata." Shima replied, and Mio closed the call.

"Apparently, this mission is more exciting than I thought!" Shima said enthustically. "And to think...dimension travelling, mirror worlds, and reliving manga events. This is too much win!"

"Eh, Chizuru-chan?" Asuza said, sweat-dropping. "You were more enthusiastic than any of us were."

"Anyway, so...there are 2 Kanons. If I know right, the fake one went to the Ordet Animation Studio. Why?"

"Umm...maybe she was applying for a job?" Tsumugi suggested.

"Oohh, nice one, Mugi-chan!" Yui said.

"It can be. Wait...Kanon...idol...mirror counterpart...Keima...I got it!"

"What'd you mean you got it?" Ritsu asked.

"Oh, I know why that fake Kanon went there." Shima said. "Now, Yui! Hand me the googles!"

"Here!" Yui replied like a child.

"Alright, if I'm right, Mirror Kanon should still be" Shima then wore the googles, and smiled as she saw Kanon Nakagawa's heat signature on the front of the Animation Studio. "Perfect."

"But...what about the mission?" Mio asked.

"Don't you get it, Mio-chan?" Shima exclaimed. "this Kanon knows what she's doing, seeing Keima. That's why she planned on giving this Kanon a role in the VA industry, so that she'll be too busy for Keima. That's the clue I've been looking for!"

"And you got that deduction from..."

"It's always a rule! Their mirror counterparts are ALWAYS smarter than their actual selves!" Shima proclaimed.

"GASP! Chizuru-chan's right!" Yui exclaimed, recalling the rules that have been forcefully inserted in her memory. "Rule number #345:: Anime characters are always dumber than their mirror world counterparts."

"Alright, let's get him!" Ritsu said.

"No, wait. We can't just do it like that." Shima grabbed ahold of Ritsu. "They'll see us and there'll be no hope. Besides, based on the assumptions we looked upon so far, fake Kanon probably entered on a VA contract. We need to let her cancel it, so that this mission would be over."

"And how do we do that?" Mio said.

"Simple." Shima smiled as she looked upon Yui.

"Why do we have to do this?" Asuza sighed, looking afar from a nearby bush. "Poor Yui."

"Shuush! We'll blow up our cover if we do that!" Ritsu snapped.

While Asuza, Mio, and Ritsu were nearby post, waiting for the opportunity, as the 2nd fake Kanon ( I mean) Yui, came in full cosplay glory. Everyone stood in awe as the famous idol, Kanon Nagakawa (I mean) Yui Hirasawa, came in out of nowhere, her pink hair flickering upon her worn red school uniform (which by the way belonged to the school Keima has.)

"Eh? I wonder where he got THAT from?" Mugi asked. "It's so cute!"

"Who knows? Maybe she went to a cosplay shop?" Ritsu suggested. "We may be seeing Sawako-sensei's successor!"

Without a doubt in her actions, Mio instantly "smacked" Ritsu with her powerful knuckles.

"Ow..." Ritsu said.

Yui Kanon made her way to the entrance, where one of her managers was waiting.

"Oh you're back, Kanon Nakagawa. I thought you were running off again. Come here." the female manager then dragged Yui Kanon over to the inside of the company, where nothing short of surprise awaited Yui. Pictures of various anime filled the blue-white corridors. Black Rock Shooter, Fractale, all those anime posters, stuck in some of the corridors.

"Well, you see...we're trying to find a VA for the new upcoming anime called Fractale. You might just be suitable for the job." one of the managers of the anime production said. He had a kind-looking face, although the beard kind of gave it away. "We're supposed to test how would you do as a voice actress in an anime."

The manager gave a script to Yui Kanon, and clueless Yui signaled her faithful help symbol, the peace sign, to Shima Chizuru, who got to the inside through the perfect facade: she proclaimed herself as Kanon's messenger to a man named Keima Katsuragi.

Voice Acting. She can handle it. - Shima

"Good luck." Shima muttered without making a sound, and gave a thumbs up.

Eh? B-B-But... - Yui

"She's here already. Ehehe...this will make my job much much easier." Kanon (mirror) muttered to herself as Yui Kanon made her way to the entrance of the Ordet Animation Studio. "Konata's sooo dumb."

"Okay, let's see what we have here..." Konata set her eyes on The World God Only Knows Dimension.

"Wait. WhaT?" Konata couldn't believe what she saw.

The World God Only Knows [032035Y] ownership of …

"This is bad. Jimmy...set the dimensional freeze program." Konata shouted over at the emergency telecom. "Why the hell didn't I saw through this?"

"And how did you know I'm here?" Jimmy replied in Japanese.

Meanwhile, Mio, Ritsu, Asuza, and Mugi were at a nearby bench, waiting for the results of Shima's operation.


"Hello...?" Mio responded to the call.

"Get Yui out of here! It's a trap!" Konata shouted.

"Eh...? A trap...for...– " Mio tried asking but...

"No time to waste. Just do it!" Konata shouted back, ending the call.

"Quick! Let's go!" Mio said.

Mio and the gang attempted access to the company grounds, but...

" we'll have to stop you." a voice reverberated in the air, wherein only Mio, Ritsu, and Mugi heard it. The crowd turned into statues, and time stopped.

"W-Who are you...?" Asuza asked.

"I'm Kanon Nakagawa. Special Intelligence Agent of The Loose Soul Resistance. The pleasure's all mine." Suddenly, Asuza felt a punch in her stomach.

"GASP! Asuza...!" Tsumugi shouted.

"Eheehee...too bad no one will hear you...I love how we do these things." Kanon smiled maniacly, apparently seen by Shima Chizuru, who ran back to Yui as fast as she can.

Wha...? Is this...a...fuzitsu? B-But...This ability is from Shana's world. was a trap after mission was a trap...of whoever it was! - Shima Chizuru.

Meanwhile, Yui has problems of her own. It was the script the manager gave to him.

"Alright...Kanon-chan. Just say the words as it appears on the screen, okay? You'll be Nessa."

Yui looked at the text.

Clain: have to drag me to all that trouble huh.

Nessa: Eehhhh...why are you looking at me like that?

Clain: I'm still skeptic on how you appear out of nowhere.

Nessa: W-What do you mean?

Clain: I appear...even from behind me, and then drag me to every kind of exploration
you can get. I like it. I REALLY do, but it always seems you're holding back something from me.

Nessa: What are you talking about Clain? I can never hide anything from you...especially not in front of the
beautiful –


Shima Chizuru's words struck Yui.

"Eh? What's wrong, Chizuru-chan?" Yui asked.

"Mio and the others are in trouble!" Shima shouted.

"Eh?" Yui, obviously worried, went to the scene of the event.

"Sorry, but I have a short matter to attend to. I'll be back in a while." Yui Kanon winked, stunning most of the staff in site.

"Do we have to fight her."
"Well...I don't know how to fight."



Mio's cellphone then fell to the floor due to Konata's shouting, akin to the demon-possesed Kanon. Asuza was injured, luckily though it was just a punch in the gut, but then again, anytime soon, Kanon may attack from anywhere. Where...where...where...!


Mio instinctively slid to the left, and felt the breeze of Kanon just a few millimeters just before epically falling to the ground, making her visible for a few seconds just before turning invisible again. Mio, shocked by her instinctive response, looked to her front, and again, instinctively dodged Kanon's punches.

"Why you...? Just stay still!" Kanon (mirror) shouted over to Mio, and just as Shima Chizuru and Yui Kanon went to the fighting scene, Shima Chizuru, wearing the infrared goggles, ran and did a jumping drop kick on the mirror Kanon, disabling her invisibility ability and fuzutsu and finally bearing the mirror world Kanon unconscious.

"Close call...Thanks Shima-chan. When did you learn it?"

"Who knows? Honestly, I'm surprised you dodged Kanon's attacks. Now what to do with you...?"Shima Chizuru wondered.


"Le gasp! That's the demon detector, right?" Shima said. "Hide!"

A helicopter was coming towards the studio.

"Is that...?" Mio asked.

"No way...that's..." Yui looked at the mirror version of Kanon.

"It's here. The original Kanon!" Shima proclaimed, pointing towards the figure on the helicopter next to the pilot.

"My ticket...out..." The mirror world Kanon muttered, and forcing herself, she got up and headed for an open space.

"She's getting away!" Asuza exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Kanon Nakagawa was a bit short of tired.
All her singing in front of that non-grateful Keima Katsuragi was futile, and her plan to make him a fan failed with a bang.

"I guess All4You wasn't good enough." Kanon sighed, looking at the birds' eye view of the city. "Huh? Is"

And that...she disappeared like a burnt out flame.

"Huh...must be my imagination."


Mio, Ritsu, Tsumugi, Asuza, and Shima froze in amazement as the mirror world Kanon dissappeared like a burnt out flame.

"W-What just happened?" Asuza asked.

"H-Hey, there a rule for mirror world dissappearances?" Shima suddenly asked.

"Well, Rule #346:: [Only Applies to Canon Worlds] Mirror characters can only be seen in a mirror if there is no dimension-specific general rule regarding Mirror Characters in Anime/Manga. If they ARE seen, they'll automatically be sent back to the Mirror World." Yui stated.

"She got away..." Shima concluded. "For her to know even specific rules for Mirror World characters, aren't we overlooking something here?"

"She's one hell of a pushover!" Yui concluded.


"Yui-sempai, for my and everyone's sake, please don't change, or just please focus on the matter at hand." Asuza could only say those words to hide any more further embarrassment.

"Please focus on the issue here! She may as well be a slider too!" Shima presented her idea. "First off, she used a power previously unknown to this world. Second, she knew what would happen to her if Kanon saw her. Third, she tried stopping Yui, as she she knew she was coming."

"You have a point, Shima-chan." Mio said as a compliment. "But we can't prove that if she's not here, will we?"

"No...let's just go back to Kona-chan now." Shima sighed. "I know we can't do anything right now. And if only I had more power to do so..."

"Nah, power's just noise." Ritsu commented. "Right, Yui-chan?"

"Un!" Yui nodded in agreement. "We're just fine the way we are, right, Shima-chan?"

"Y-Yeah...although I don't really see the idea of power being noise." Shima Chizuru said. "Let's go back to HQ, okay?"

"Alright!" Ritsu said, holding the DS in her hands. "Iku yo!"


"What is it Konata?"

"Kanon Nakagawa, Mirror World. Special Agents of The Loose Soul Resistance." Konata read the text displayed on the screen in front of her. "Apparently, she's one of them."

"One of them?" Hatsune Miku said in curiosity.

"I'm not sure, honestly." Konata confessed. "It's just been some time since that incident. I just...sighed."

"You're sad Haruhi isn't around, aren't you?"

"Why wouldn't I be? But, one thing's for sure. It was for everyone's safety. Honestly, I'd want to see Kyon and Haruhi together forever after. I'd want to see 15,000 time loops turn to just 4 loops. I'd want to see Kyon telling Haruhi as we went out to the top of the Dark Tower, but no. It was for some ungrateful 7 billion times 7 billion people. I just had to do it."

A swirling breeze tapped Konata out of her own recollection of memories.

"Hey, Kona-chan! I missed you soo much." Yui ran to the unsuspecting Konata, or so she thought.

"HIYA!" Konata did a back-flip and hit Yui on the neck, paralyzing her.

"GASP!" Mio, Asuza, Ritsu, Tsumugi, and Shima stared at the paralyzed Yui.

"Don't worry, she'll be fine." Konata assured the gang.

"Sheesh...Konata no baka!" a voice from behind startled the already amazed Houkago Tea Time.

"No...way..." Shima was stunned. "A-A-A..."

"Asuna-chan...status report?" Konata skipped the introduction.

"Shhh..." Asuza wispered to Shima. "Who is she?"

"She's Asuna from Negima...I don't know what version though."


"Well, if I'm right..."

"So...Asuna-chan, any updates on the inconsistency building up in the Negima world?"

"Apparently, it's getting worse." Asuna said in a low tone, then changing the mood, "And why do I have to work here?"

"Oh, did I mention? We have hundreds of chubacabras over that door." Konata pointed to the door 50 meters south, surrounded by the Equipment Area.

"So...what's happening in Negima?" Shima directly asked.

"Oh so you want to go there huh?" Konata smiled. "Good! I was sending you there anyway."

"Ehh?" Houkago Tea Time exclaimed.

"One mission after the other, huh?" Mio sighed.

"One mission after the other? COOL!" Shima Chizuru displayed one heck of enthusiasm.

"Oh, it's not that easy..." Konata explained.

Negima, Negima ! ? (Exclamation Point , Question Mark) Canon [Anime]
Main Mission:

Stop the spread of Darkness. As two days after departure, the amount of darkness will engulf the whole Mahora Academy,
much much earlier than the pre-determined date which is supposed to be 10 days from now.

Important "Side" Missions:
Training Session with Negi Springfield [Negima!], a member of the InterD Brigade
Maintenance Session

"N-N-N-N-No...way..." Shima exclaimed.

"So, we're going training?" Tsumugi said. "Sounds fun."

"Why do I have a bad feeling about this?" Mio asked.

"So...what do we need?" Asuza asked.

"Nah, you don't need anything, as it'll be provided anyway. Bona fortuna!" Konata waved her hands.

"Already?" Asuna exclaimed. "HEY! WHY AM I INCLUDED?"

"You're a new member. Lead them in your homeland." Konata said.

And that was the last word heard by Konata to Asuna-chan.