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Summarization: Allen Walker, Lavi and Yu Kanda are members of the famous boy band. Komui Lee, their manager, took his sister Lenalee and her friend with for the boys to take care. What happens if Allen unconsciously fell for her?

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The Black Order Band ended their concert. Their fans yelled and cheered. All of them in the stadium enjoyed, even the performers as well except for Kanda.

"Goodbye everyone ! Have a nice night!" Lavi shouted happily as they went to the backstage.

"That was great you guys!" Komui said and congratulated them.

"It's our job Komui," Kanda smugly replied.

"Don't mind him Komui-san, and thanks, glad everyone liked our performance," Allen said and smiled brightly.

"You three have been doing well these days, the band is getting more popular by the second," he then beamed a smile at them, " As the band is getting more popular, I'm getting busier. Me and Reever will go to the meetings around the world… soo I'm counting on you to take care of her okay?"

"Wait! Who is this girl you're talking about?" Lavi asked suspiciously

"Oh yeah, can you take care of her friend too?" The man in the beret added

"Komui-san, we'll agree but who is this girl you're talking about?" Allen said. He only repeated what Lavi said.

"Of course, It'll be my sister and her friend who you'll be taking care of."

The boys froze in shock, their manager had a sister? Kanda took a step in front and then began talking.

"What the hell are you talking about? We are not babysitters Komui." He said to him. Anger and irritation was obvious in his voice.

From the three, Kanda was the only one who can lose his temper easily.

"Then you're hired Kanda." Komui replied in a joking way

"Come on Yu! It'll be fun!" The redhead added

"Fine, we'll do it. At least by doing this, I can irritate Kanda." Allen muttered slightly smirking.

~~~~~~ XXXXXX~~~~~~

"I'm not much of a fan of the Black Order Band Lena," The straight haired girl told the other one.

"Me either, but Nii-san needs to leave. He is their manager." Lenalee replied then gave her a small smile, "You do know that, right Maricar?"

"Let's sleep, we still have school tomorrow." Maricar reminded her and went back to her bed. Lenalee stifled a yawn and went back to her bed too.


"Darn I wish his sister is really cute!" Lavi said and sighed happily.

"Che, if I were you I'd sleep, we still have some girls to get tomorrow and an interview too." Kanda clarified and went to sleep.

"I hate to admit it but Bakanda is right, let's sleep, I'm exhausted!" allen complained and he slumped on his bed then went to sleep.

"Fine by me and goodnight guys." The red head said before going to sleep.

Tomorrow morning, the 3 pop stars swiftly went to bath, changed clothes and drove their way to were their interview was going to be held. The host cheerfully greeted them and offered them to seat. Then the show began to start.

"Good Morning everybody, we're now back to interview the now popular and famous Black Order Band!" the host said and applauses were heard.

"Let's start with Kanda, so, how did you three first met?"

"We were classmates back then; we started a group then we were discovered by our manager. A show found out our group and we became famous." Kanda answered

"What a very interesting story! Now on with the second question, Lavi, what age did you started playing drums?"

"When I was 7, I was inspired by the older friends of mine then I found Allen and Kanda." Lavi replied happily

"Okay then, now to our third question. Allen, you are wanted by every fangirl of yours, now do you have any girlfriend at the moment?

"Umm, no Steve, I'm still busy with the career and all but I can still wait for the right one to come," Allen said. He smiled and his fans watching him on the television squealed.


"Lenalee! It's time to go." Maricar yelled

"Coming! I'm coming okay?"

They must be the one Nii-san is talking about" she thought and left.

Not knowingly to him, Allen's soul mate is soon to come

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