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"Annie Walker," Jai Wilcox sat on the edge of her desk, his perfectly pressed suit shining in the light of the fluorescents.

"Hey, Jai," she greeted flexing her fingers as she removed them from her keyboard.

"How much would like to do me a favor?" he murmured, leaning in closer and turning on the proverbial charm.

"Jai," she said in a warning tone, "I have my own cases and my own things to do,"

He raised an eyebrow, "Not even for me?"

"Today, Jai? Not even for you," she uncrossed her legs and stood, patting him on the shoulder and heading for a cup of coffee.

As she left him behind her Auggie Anderson swung around the corner and caught her arm, "I'm guessing you look gorgeous today,"

She laughed briefly, "How would you know?"

"Jai is paying far too much attention to you," he noted as they headed for the Starbucks, "He was watching you like a hawk when you came in this morning."

"Good to know," she groaned.

"What? Not interested in the dashing young Daddy's boy?" Auggie prodded her in the side and her shoulders dropped.

"Not in the slightest," she sighed deeply, "y'know what, Auggie?"


"I need a mission," she bit her lip, "something to take my mind off everything,"

"Annie," he took her hand and she led him back to his office where they could talk with the door shut, "one of the most dangerous things an op can do is look for a mission to ignore their life."

"I know," she confessed, "I just need time away from Danielle and the kids,"

"Something happen?" Auggie reclined in his chair and listened as she crossed the room in her kitten heels and sat on the edge of his desk.

"You can't possibly enjoy listening to my problems," she laughed.

"Never stopped you before," his hand rested on her bare knee, "and I like to help you,"

"Okay," she licked her lips and continued, "We had a fight the other night, not much talking since then. And I hate to say I need time from the kids but they always want to know about my job and about my coworkers, and Danielle wants to know why I'm not married yet, pregnant yet…. I can't even tell her what I do,"

"yeah," he leaned back in his chair, his fingers still resting on the hem of her skirt, "when I first started, my family always wanted to know why I hadn't found a nice girl to settle down with. A nice job to support someone with,"

Annie smiled down at his nostalgia, "I'm not creative enough to come up with any more arguments for her."

"Annie, let me ask you something," he sat up and touched her hand.


"All these things your sister wants for you," his eyes were set just over her left shoulder, "does it bother you that she won't leave it alone or does it bother you that she keeps bringing up things you want?"

"What?" Annie stiffened.

"Just think about it," he murmured.

"Well, of course I want those things," she stood and Auggie's hand fell from hers, "but not now. Definitely not now,"

"Okay," he put up his hands in mock defeat, "As long as you actually know what you want."

The sliding door opened up wide and Joan stepped in, "We have a mission for you Annie,"

Annie smiled and Auggie rolled his eyes, "Here we go,"

A few moments later Joan was briefing them, "So Annie, you'll be staying close to home on this one,"


"You'll be in D.C., a known Russian mafia agent will be in the area and our Intel tells us that there will be some arms trading going down," Joan handed off his photo.

"Great, what exactly do you need me to do?"

"Auggie will be your handler; you will go in and get close to Petrov, similar to your first assignment, we'll be looking at a call girl."

"Great," Annie feigned excitement.

"Petrov's partner is one of our informants on the Russian mafia, he will be the one to get you safe passage into the hotel building, from there you need to intercept his cell phone and find out where the exchange is taking place. Then your job is done, simple as." Joan passed over a packet of papers for Annie to read.

After Joan had left Annie sat back down on the desk, "Fantastic."

"You ask for a job, you get one. No promises that it'll be the one you want though," he laughed.

"I hate playing a call girl," she huffed.

"The curse of being a beautiful woman in the CIA," Auggie stood, "I'll get everything on the tech end sorted for you, they're sending some new devices over so I should be able to be in your head the whole time."


"You know you want me in your head," he gave her a quick one armed hug and left the room.

"Don't you wish!" she called back, but he was gone too quick.

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