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The rain had given way to mist and freezing temperatures as Brennan stared up at the austere building in front of her. Last time she had been there she had felt sick. Now she was more resigned to the fact that once again she would be speaking to the one person she physically hated. Until Heather Taffet had fallen into her life she had never really hated anyone. It was not an emotion she found easy to deal with. Sighing heavily she glanced at the man next to her.


"I'm fine Booth"

"You don't have to do this"

Brennan nodded at his words. She knew he was right. She had no legal obligation to be there. There was no way anyone would have forced her to go to the prison. It was something in her, she just knew she had to be there. Even Angela had tried to persuade her that she should go anywhere but the prison. Something in what Booth would have called her guts made her go to the prison. Booth stared at her as she left the SUV and walked towards the entrance. Booth was at her side in seconds.

"Booth" She sighed "Go back to the car. I wont be long. You don't have to come with me" She looked away before walking towards the main gates of the prison.

"Yeah I do" He smiled slightly. "I want to see her face when I walk in to that visiting room. I want Heather Taffet to see us both. You and me together and know she didn't win. I want that"

Brennan smiled slightly as she nodded. It was one reason she wanted to go to the prison to. It was what Gordon and Sweets would call closure. She wasn't sure if there was anything in that concept but it felt necessary. She pulled her jacket closer to her thin frame as she could as Booth nursed his arm which was still in the sling the ER nurse had insisted he wore. They turned towards the gates as the newly appointed governer appeared with Caroline next to him.

"Well hello there Cherie" Caroline half glared at the couple as she saw them both stare at her in shock.

"What are you doing here?" Booth was genuinely surprised to see her.

"I could ask you the same question Cherie. Why is it important for you to see Heather Taffet? Both her little lackeys are dead. She ain't gonna be bothering any of us anytime soon" The attorney folded her arms as she looked at the scientist and the FBI agent. Booth shrugged his shoulders as he glanced at Brennan.

"I need to finish this" Brennan glared. "She needs to know this finishes today"


Angela walked towards Cam's office. She was exhausted. It was one thing feeling exhausted due to morning sickness. It was one thing feeling tired due to hormones raging ragged through her body but being worried sick as well as feeling sick and tired was a different thing all together. She rested a hand on her abdomen as she saw Daisy and Cam walk towards her.

"Hi" Daisy smiled cheerily. Not for the first time Angela realised Daisy reminded her of Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.

"Hi" Angela smiled at both women. Cam looked calmer than she had since the case had begun. It was clear she had been worried about Booth as much as Angela had been.

"You ok Ange?" Cam watched as the artist nodded. "Only you look a little pale"

"I'm fine. Well I'm ok. It's just I was wondering are you both going to the Diner later?"

"Sure" Daisy bounced "But right now I have to go to see my Lancelot" She sighed dreamily as both Angela and Cam raised their eyebrows. Cam mouthed the word "Lancelot" and shook her head as Daisy almost ran from them towards the main lab.

"I'll be there. I might bring Michelle if that's ok. I know its normally just Jeffersonian staff but " She shrugged her shoulders.

"The more the merrier" Angela smiled "I might just slip home early. I have my scan this afternoon" Cam smiled as she saw Angela grin broadly.

"You and Hodgins want to take the afternoon off?"

"Well a couple of hours"

"Go. Go get your scan and get some rest. I'll see you both at the Diner" Cam shook her head and smiled as Angela nodded before walking away.


Booth followed Brennan along the dark grey corridor towards the Interview Room. He felt sick at the thought of all the trouble the Gravedigger had caused him and his friends. The only good that seemed to come out of it was he and Brennan were closer than ever. From the moment Cullen had found him he had hardly been away from Brennan for a moment. The twenty four hours following his rescue had been emotional. He remembered hearing Rebecca gasp in relief as she heard his voice. The phone call with Parker had been one of the most emotional of his life. The little boy had been upset that his Dad hadn't called for so long. The tears were soon replaced by laughter as Booth told the seven year old stories of the things that had happened at the Jeffersonian. By the time the call had ended he had promised to have the little boy stay all weekend and had promised that they would have lunch at the famous Diner with Brennan and some of the Squints. It seemed Parker had taken a shine to Angela and Hodgins aswell as the rest of the Squints.

Booth was startled from his thoughts as Brennan looked through the window of the Interview Room. She seemed to still for his liking. Brennan was constantly active in one way or another. Even when she was standing immobile it seemed there was always something going on in her mind. He could usually feel her synapses firing as he stood next to her. For that moment she was like a statue in the museum he had visited when they had gone to London.

"Hey Bones" He waited as she seemed to steel herself before action.

"I'm fine"

"So you say. You don't have to do this" He rested a hand on her arm. "You rescued me. You worked it out. That's the victory. You don't have to go back in there" Brennan nodded.

"You know something Booth?" Brennan turned to face him. Her eyes harder than he had ever seen them "When I was in the system there were plenty of people who made me feel nervous or uncertain. Some just plainly terrified me. I never stood up to them. I never faced them. I just stuck my head in a book and studied. My grades became a way of hiding from everyone. I was an A Grade student but I was terrified"

"Bones you were just a kid" Everytime she mentioned some minute detail from her past in the Foster system it made his heart brake a little.

"Exactly I was a minor" She sighed "But now I am an adult. I'm not going to run away from people who scare me. Not anymore. I didn't in El Salvador and I wont in Washington DC. That's why I have to face her. So I'm not scared anymore"

"Lead the way" Booth watched as Brennan smiled

"You don't have to come with me"

"Yes I do Bones. Partners. We do this together" He rested his hand on the small of her back as she walked in the Interview Room.


Angela sat next to Hodgins in the Diner as Michelle and Cam arrived. The rest of the Squints were settled in the booths as Michelle glanced at Cam.

"You didn't have to make me come here you know" Cam raised her eyebrows in the only way a mother can when she disagreed with her offspring.

"Sit down"

Michelle huffed as she sat opposite Angela. Hodgins smirked as he drank his coffee. The rain continued to lash the street outside as Michelle watched the commuters scurry along trying desperately out of the way.

"Hey I thought you said everyone was coming tonight" Michelle turned to Cam.

"I did. Where are Booth and Dr Brennan?" She turned to Angela who pulled a small scan photo out of her purse and handed it to Michelle as the teenager squeeled in exitement.

"Late. They'll be here. Dr B said there was something she had to take care of" Hodgins shrugged as he rested an arm around his wife's shoulders. Cam took the scan photo from her daughter. She wanted to see for herself and she didn't want Michelle getting any ideas about the romance of motherhood at her age. Michelle rolled her eyes as Angela smiled.


Booth leant against the wall of the Interview Room as Brennan walked towards the table. Heather Taffet sat in her orange prison issue jumpsuit and glared at the wall opposite. She was silent as Brennan took her seat in front of her.

"It didn't work" Brennan stated. Taffet snorted in disgust.

"Not this time"

"No not this time or any other time" Brennan stood and placed both hands on the table seperating her from Taffet. Booth stepped forwards, ready to intervene if needed.

"I told you. I will win" Taffet smiled sweetly "In the end I always do"

Brennan shook her head. "No, you see I realised something. You can only win, really win if I am scared of you. Terrified if possible" She watched the former lawyer smirk. "But not now. I am not scared of you anymore. You tried to split up Booth and I and you couldn't . You. " Brennan stood up straight.

"Bones" Booth stepped nearer to her as he glared at the woman that had caused them so much pain.

"I'm fine Booth. Let's go. We've wasted so much time on this woman. It's over" She turned on her heel and marched from the room. Booth shook his head and smiled proudly. Taffet narrowed her eyes as she stood up.

"Agent Booth we will meet again" She almost purred the words as Booth shook his head.

"I don't think so" He glanced at the doorway "You heard the lady. It is over" he followed Brennan without a look back.


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