IM Dreaming explanation:

For those who were totally confused by the first chapter…don't worry you weren't alone ^_^

I decided to take and put our conversation into this chapter so that everyone else might have a small clue as to what happened…as you can see…I actually took most of what we discussed and put it into a story…sigh…yeah…it's happened…the tigyr's brain got fried…Hey still get credit for the funny parts...^)^

Me and Sue chatting

Me: Awww...don't worry Sue I have one in the works for you too..(two...Gibbs and Sue)

Sue: Will I have to keep my hubby from looking over my shoulder. Or make sure he's home so I have someone to fill in for Gibbs (lol).

Me: heheh... might wanna do

Sue: You are so evil but I like you just the way you are!

Me: you say that havent seen what I have planned for you yet...

Sue: Whatever you do, don't let me kill him (Now I have to hope I didn't give you an idea,

Me: nope...I just wish I could keep my hands off the preview button so that I could actally send the damn story to Pat

Sue: I really shouldn't read these and laugh at work.

Me: Just sent it and can make the others wonder just whatthehelluare up

Sue: It is a critical care unit you know. Though tonight nobody is doing too badly (I didn't say that, so it shouldn't jinx anyone). I'm a firm believer that laughter is the best medicine, but still there is a time and place for everything. Your little evil markers are killing me!

Me: And to think I havent even gotten to the story yet...MWHAHAHAHA (picture a pillow fighting smilie if these don't come thru) H A... snickers..that was a mistake but it's going to

Sue: I suppose if I could write a Linda/Tim story I could work one for you too. Hmmm... what evils could you bestow upon our resident Geek...

Me: none...I"m the kitty cat after all...oh now wouldnt that be a cute story...set around bewitched...with the cat and Tim and Tim wondering just why he's not allergic to

Sue: I actually found myself thinking of Anastasia's Broken Biscuit story, but a Cookie …lol

Me: Hehe...Cookie's been my nickname for the last 20

Sue: Tony: Hey McGee I got a Cookie for you.

Tim: Oh great! I have a taste for a Nutter Butter.

Tony: No Tim, there's no peanut butter in this Cookie.

Tim pouts...

Me: No but there might be a cherry chip or

Sue: Cookie appears wearing only a sash barely covering her goods. The sash invitingly states: Eat Me.

Me: Hmm

Sue: Tim's reaction: faints

Me: LMAO...okay, you've read my knights really thnk Gibbs gonna give up THAT particular

Sue: Guess that depends on what you have me do to him!

Me: ROFL... I just dont see them

Gibbs: Pistols at 20 paces...

Tim: No fair you're the sniper!

Sue: or maybe I should say what I let Gibbs do to me (oh did I just go there!)

Me: that's when I asked her how many kids she has …

Sue: Hey all I know is I fell asleep and the next thing I knew I was nauseated and getting fat, lol!

Me: honey we're parents...

Sue: My husband was quite proud of himself with the first one (HEY look what I can do, lol). All the others made him worry, before he smiled. Our first was a honeymoon baby (we went to Cedar Point Amusement Park- darn roller coasters got me pretty excited LOL).

Me: I'm getting a stitch in my side from the evilness f it i should clarify...your family is safe from my stories...the rest of the ncis references ARE NOT...MWAHAHAHAHa Hmmm are you old enough to remember the Good Humor bar? LOL

Sue: Unfortunately yes…I'm home! It could be a reason. But I get along with everybody (it's just my nature). Being a Gemini I have all these wonderful different personalities brimming inside!

Me: that could be another story...the good twin vs. the bad twin... which one gets the Gibbs/

Sue: I'm usually pretty good (though certain, ahem situations, may bring out the devil in me...)

Me: evil is as evil does...

Just have to watch out for the horns! and the pitchfork...yeowtch...that could

Sue: Now I wouldn't go for the sword fight (though it might make for an interesting slash story HAHAHAHA). The pillow fight could be fun with oodles of feathers in all the right places. Shot by Gibbs' 'rifle' hmmm... got to love a man with a big 'gun'. Walking backwards... into what!

Me: Actually I was thinking crack!fic taking most of what we discussed tonight...then turning it all into a pillow fight against Eve...where we all point at her and say it's your fault...before attacking her with pillows