Some traversed the wasteland dry

Weak from thirst and famished

No city lay before their eyes

Their souls seemed soon to perish

The cried they out to God, deprived

And mercifully, He guided

With His hand; when they arrived

Ahead, their homes provided


Give thanks to God; His goodness prov'd

By love forever faithful

Let all redeemed declare, the Lord

Delivers us from trouble

Some imprisoned in the dark

In shackles and affliction

Rebellion rooted in their hearts

These scorners of God's wisdom

Then called they out to God, brought low

And seemingly abandoned

They followed Him from death's shadow

For He their chains had broken


Some were foolish by sin made

And suffered thus infirmly

Meat they scorned, and bread did hate

So driven to death nearly

Then shouted they to God, in pain

Could any power save them?

By His words, restored again

He thwarted their destruction


Some in commerce were engaged

Set out upon the oceans

Tempestuous winds, the waters raged

A stern test of devotion

Then pleaded they to God, afraid

The storm would ne'er be over

He stilled the seas that He had made

And brought them safe to harbor


He makes barren the land once lush

A curse on sinful people

The desert sands with water flush

Should they turn from their evil

The starving ones are planted there

That they might found a dwelling

Whatso'er good t'which they apsire

Shall prosper by His blessing


Give thanks to God; He lifteth up

The needy, grieved by trials

Let all redeemed declare, Oh Lord

We are forever grateful