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Brie s P.O.V

I was cleaning around the house my name is Brie Anderson and I'm 19 living by myself for 3 years sense I ran away from home I dropped my cleaning brush when the door bell rang I rushed to the door and I yanked it open but then froze in place "Hello, I m Cam Gigandet my car broke down about a mile from here and I was wondering if I can use your phone?" he asked looking outside in the pouring rain I snapped out of my starring "Sure!, Come in Come in" I said moving out the way letting a dripping wet Cam in "Thanks Umm?" I turned around to have Cam starring at me I swear that I love him and all but I think my heart just stopped right then and there "What?" I asked putting a lock of my golden blonde hair behind my ear "What's your name?" Cam looked around my house before looking at me "Brie Anderson." I said holding out my hand for him to shake. He shook my hand "Brie" he said taking another look around my loft "Umm... my brother Dan left some of his stuff here he's right around your size" I said moving passed him as I did he smelled like rain, axe, lavender and lilac I had to walk faster before I fainted I got to my bedroom door with Cam following I opened my door "the things are in the closet to the left" I turned around to fix a couple things while he got dressed I turned back around he was wearing Dan's AC/DC tee and some skinnies and converses I gasped as I took in his body in my brother's stuff the planes of his toned back showed through the shirt Cam whizzed around I closed my opened mouth "What's wrong?" Cam asked looking concern "N-nothing" I stammered picking up his wet stuff I felt my shirt ride up Cam stopped talking I was about to turn around but stopped when his hand caressed my lower back "Cam?" I asked standing upright and looking back he was starring at my back I turned compeley around "Cam?" I asked again I couldn't talk anymore for Cam's lips where on mine at first I didn't kiss back then when his arms rapped around me I couldn't help myself I kissed him back with force and rapped my arms and legs around him. that night I had sex with Cam Gigandet.

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