Chapter 2 Promar

I wake up to an empty bed "Cam?" I said sitting up and getting up out of the bed rapping the sheet around my body and I walked into the living room "Cam?" I said again I looked around my living room then I saw a letter on the coffee table I pick it up and start to read it, it read…

Dear Brie,

thanks for the night but I'm sorry about leaving I got a call from my manger so I had to leave but after my interview I was wondering if you wanted to leave with me, to live with me because I love you Brie and I thought I'll never love any girl like I love you so I was hoping you would love me like I love you so want do you say leave everything behind to start a new life with me I'll come for your answer soon



I dropped the note and ran into my bedroom throwing on my TAPOUT tank and my white skinnies with my black and white converses then I got my luggage out the closet and started to pack then my phone rang "crap" I mumbled grabbing my cell "hello?" I said "Hey Girl!" my best friend Ronnie screamed into the phone "Hey Ron" I said packing "So…. Anything new?" She asked "Ummm… Yea actually I'm moving to LA…. With Cam Giganget" I said grabbing my luggage and putting it into the living room "No way!" Ronnie said "its true Cam wants me to live with him and I'm going" I said sitting down on the sofa "but what about David ain't ya together" Ronnie said "No I broke up with him a month ago that's why I'm going to live with Cam" I said getting up to answer the door "well O.K. Bye" Ronnie said hanging up I opened the door "David?" I said looking at David "Brie I need you so bad Brie Please take me Back?" David pleaded "No David I'm leaving with my new boyfriend to live with him in LA and there's nothing you can do about it" I said grabbing my bags as I saw Cam's new car drive up "No don't leave me" David said grabbing my arm "Let me go " I said ripping my arm out of his hand and ran into Cam's Car "Drive" I said and he did "Who was that guy?" Cam said "My ex" I said kissing him " are you coming with me to LA?" Cam said "yes I'm leaving with you cameo, I love you" I said kissing him again

Me and My Cam drive into the sunset….. into forever..

the end!

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