Title: Helpless

Author: Maddie-Wan

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It's been nearly three days now since we arrived at Rivendell. Three days, Mr. Frodo, and in all that time you've not opened your eyes.You will wake up, won't you?

Master Elrond says you will get better, but I just don't see how that's true. If you were getting better there'd be color to your cheeks, the chill would be gone from your arm. But I hold your hand in mine and it's still as icy-cold as ever, even as the rest of your body burns with fever.

I wipe beads of sweat from your forehead, hoping to cool your hot skin, hoping to comfort you in any small way I can. I'm sorry, Mr. Frodo, I'm just a gardener. I'm no wizard or magical elf. I can't cure you with any special potions or ancient rhymes. All I can offer is my presence, and if that helps to comfort you in some small way, then I would not feel so helpless and alone.

Truthfully, though, I am not alone. Merry and Pippin come often to sit with you and offer words of encouragement to me. They stopped trying to get me to leave to rest or eat, and they come now with food and drink, though I have no heart for either. Gandalf is here also, Mr. Frodo. Gandalf! He arrived here just before we did. We were quite surprised to see him. He won't tell us where he's been or why he didn't meet us, but I can't imagine it was anything good. He's rather cryptic lately, but you know how he can be. His face is dark and troubled, and he has spent many long hours whispering with Strider and Master Elrond.

None of this would have happened if Gandalf had met us! I don't understand why he won't talk to us, tell us what's going on. He's the one who wanted you to bring that wretched Ring here, and now that we're here, he barely acknowledges Merry, Pip or I. Oh sure, he's sat with you for hours, but in all that time not a single 'I'm sorry for not meeting you', or 'I'll take care of the Ring now.' It's his fault we're here and his fault you're sick. If the Ring was so dangerous then why did he let you take it? Wouldn't such a Ring be better off in the hands of a wizard?

But it's my fault, too... I promised Gandalf I'd never leave your side, but I failed on Weathertop. I failed to protect you, and now you may die and it's my fault. Mr. Frodo, you can't die! If you live I swear I'll never fail you again. I'll be the best servant anyone's ever seen. I - I'd even follow you right to Sauron's front door, if it ever came to that.

* * * * *

Aragorn watched as Sam dropped his head in his hands. He sighed, feeling a stab of guilt as he watched the young hobbit's anguish. Pushing the door open silently, he entered the room. He laid a gentle hand on Sam's shoulder and the halfling looked up with tear-stained face. The grizzled ranger smiled comfortingly. "He'll pull through this, Samwise," he said softly. A strangled sob escaped his mouth and Aragorn bent and wrapped his arms around him. "Don't give up hope."

* * * * *

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