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A/N: Hello! Welcome to my third JL story, in this story I won't be following the comic verson of Wally's dad, meaning I making my own version, and some of the timeline of Flash's life will be a little different.

This takes place after epsiode "Diveded We Fall" , which by the way is my all time Wally West fav!

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The Ever Spinning Compass

A Compass:

An instrument for showing direction, one with a swinging magnetic needle pointing north.

Sounds like a useful device doesn't it?

Yet with today's technology, such a simple device would be considered prehistoric, especially compared to the GPS, but to one person the compass was not only a precious gift, but his very livelihood. The precious yet simple device helped him become one of the most beloved and legendary Hero of all time.

Here is his and the compass's story.

The house was rather small in comparison to most and had a very forbidden feel about it, the walls were slightly faded and no pictures hung. There was a living room with a small sofa and a old TV. There were stairs that led to the bedrooms he suppose, a hall in front of him that he guessed lead to the kitchen of some sort.


Batman glanced over at Superman who looked confused as to how and why they was here, Diana, Shayhera, John, and J'onzz were no better.

"Where are we?"

"Weren't we striped to a table with Grodd smirking down at us?"

"Where Flash?"

The question made everyone pause and look around, expecting the red speedster to zoom in with a joke and a big smile plastered in his face, when he didn't they become worried.

"Perhaps it's best if we find out where we are first" J'onzz said moments later, his eyes thoughtful and a little bewildered, Superman noticed and was about to ask a question when a sudden noise coming down the stairs caught all their attention.

It was a little boy, no more than two. He was rather small and skinny, he had bright fiery red hair that was a bit shaggy it's bangs covering his eyes telling all who saw that he was in a need of a haircut.

"Um Hello" Diana said the first to get over her startlement at the boy's sudden arrival, the boy gave no indication that he heard nor saw her as he passed the group and headed down the hall, moments later the sound of running water was heard, followed by the opening of the refrigerator door.

"Well that was rude" Shayhera said crossing her arms over her chest. No one said anything though J'onzz's jaw did tighten and his thoughtful and bewildered eyes turned surprised and knowing.

The little boy came back this time with a cup of water and a napkin with something wrapped in it, once again he made no signs of noticing the confused and slightly annoyed six, who watched the young one go up stairs.

Silence fell

"Well that was weird"

"Didn't even glance at us"

"J'onzz are you okay?"

Five pairs of eyes looked at the Martian who was staring up where the boy has disappeared. He was quiet for a moment before looking back at his teammates.

"I believe I know where we are" he said before walking up the stairs, the five watched him go before following, down the hall they went until they came to a slightly cracked door, where a soft voice was flowing through. Not even hesitating, the Martian pushed the door fully open.

There standing next to the bed was a familiar woman that they've all seen a point, a gentle smile of her face, green eyes warm as she talked to the little boy sitting on the bed eating the sandwich made earlier. Neither of the two near the bed made an indication that they saw the six gathered around the door, even as Diana gasp when the boy looked up pulling back his bangs to reveal his eyes.

A familiar dark emerald green.


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