Chapter I : Drums and mandarins.


A loud noise echoed through the warm clubroom. Everyone inside was looking around surprised.

"Yui! What did you do?" Ritsu had an angry expression written on her face, her forehead shone brighter than usual because of the lights inside the room.

"S-Sorry Ri-chan!" I clapped my hands together trying to excuse myself, but Ritsu didn't seem to fall for my puppy eyes... I messed up good this time...

"I-I didn't do it on purpose" trying to get myself out of this mess, but that only made it worse.

"Yui, how can you be this irresponsible? Those drums costed a lot of money you know!" Ritsu pointed at the big drum which now had a hole right in the center.

"G-Gomen!" I bowed and bowed over and over again. "I was bored and tried playing Mikado with your drumsticks..."

"What kind of Mikado was that?" Ritsu waved her arms around as she shouted.

No matter how hard I tried to excuse myself, Ritsu kept on complaining and eventually started mourning over her donut drums. I felt really uneasy, but what else could I do than offer her the strawberry on my cake... Come to think of it... Should I really share it? It's the best part of the cake aftera-

I couldn't finish my thought since Mio suddenly rushed in. She heard the noise from downstairs... Just how loud was that?

"What happened in here?" she asked with a high pitched voice. Did the noise scare her that much?

"A-ah...w-well you see..." I was prodding my fingers together, trying to explain, but somehow words didn't pop up to tell her what really happened.

"Yui ruined my drums!" Ritsu shouted while crying. "Just look at this GIANT hole right here!"

Seriously... can you think about my feeling here Ri-chan? It's not like I did it to hurt you...

"Ah mou... We'll try to find a solution for that, stop crying now Ritsu..." Mio seemed uncomfortable in this situation as well. Did she feel sorry for both of us?

Ritsu kept on sobbing no matter how long Mio patted Ritsu's head.

"A-ano... I-I will work to buy you a new one Ri-chan" I said without thinking. What else could I have said anyway?

"Yui no baka! I don't want a new one! I loved this one!" Ritsu snatched right back at me.

I backed away from hearing her loud voice.

Mio tried to calm Ritsu, she probably knew that the drums really meant a lot to Ri-chan.

"Y-Yui" she faced me with a slightly begging expression "M-Maybe you should go home for today... I'll try to handle this" a fake smile ended that line, I was clearly unwanted here...

"Y-Yeah... Maybe I should" I went back to the table at which everything started and took up my bag. Slowly I made my way out of the room bowing to Mio and the heartbroken girl.


"Buu... Ri-chan is overreacting, I even wanted to buy her a new set..." I pouted while heading out of the main building, a sudden breeze made me shiver.

"Wah... it's coooold..."

Rubbing my hands together only gave me a slight kick, but it was enough to get me moving. The city was covered by a thick white carpet of snow. If only the smell of gasoline didn't ruin the atmosphere I would've thought I ended up in a fairy tale.

After buying myself some warm taiyaki, I headed straight home... Well, after patting Momo-chan's cute puppy... B-But I still moved straight home!

I arrived home and opened the door while sniffing, the hot fish-shaped cake made my nose wet afterall... "I'm home Ui~!"

"Ah, welcome back oneechan" Ui's usual smile warmed my whole body up instantly. I spurted towards my cute sister and hugged her.

"Waaah...y-you're cold oneechan~" she had to force herself to keep her eyes opened while I pushed my cheek onto hers.


Time passed and I placed myself, well... my legs... under the big kotatsu. Seriously... I will pray every day for the person who invented this. Ui soon joined me, but she first placed some mandarines onto the table. My god... I will also pray for my sister every day.

"How was your day oneechan?" she asked while peeling the skin of a smooth looking mandarine.

"Ugh...sayaku da yo..." I sighed. "I accidentely broke Ri-chan's drums while playing Mikado"

"Eeeeh?" Ui looked up in surprise. "That's terrible!"

"Un... I know, but I apologized and said I'd work to save money in order to buy her a new one, but she said it won't cover up for her old one"

"Mou oneechan..." Ui split the mandarine into pieces. "You should understand Ritsu-san's feelings"

I dropped my head onto the table and let my chin rest on the surface while pouting. "But I do understand"

Ui sweatdropped, can you believe it? I mean, she sweatdropped!

"Oneechan, how would you feel if Ri-chan broke Geetah?"

I quickly rose up from my sloppy position, so fast that my knees almost hit against the kotetsu.

"T-T-That would be a living hell!" I shouted out loud.

Ui smiled while handing me a bowl with crescent shaped mandarine pieces and got up. "I'm going clean up the attic now"

I blinked while munching on a sweet piece of mandarine. "The attic?"

My sister faced me "Yup, there's a lot of stuff that needs to go so that we can put other things there"

"Eeeeh? Nom nom...That's booooring" I continued munching on the tasty piece.

Ui made her way to the staircase anyhow, no matter how I complained.

"Feel free to come and help me if you want" she said with a soft voice.

Is she trying to lure me over...? Nonetheless, it did interest me what was stuffed there... maybe there were some treasures hidden in there, covered by dust after those long, long years at the attic... I couldn't help but seeing myself and Azu-nyan in a pirate custome.

"Har har! Let's hide our precious goooold here! ya lad!" I gave my best shot in performing a low voice.

"Are you trying to put up a comedy act?" the cat-eared sailor answered.

Did Azusa just give me a comedy jab in my imagination...?


Small snowflakes were floating down as I stared outside the window. I finished 2 mandarines, or... was it 3? Anyhow I was getting bored. Should I go help Ui afterall? I tried getting up, which wasn't really easy, just think of it : the warmth of the comfy kotatsu or the cold attic filled with treasure? It is a tough dilemma.

I took me 4 tries only to get up, a record I think. The cold air quickly chased my body upstairs and I called out to Ui.

At the dark and dusty attic, my sister was busy moving cardboard boxes. She made build up a wall of cardboard that could compete with the Great Wall!

"Ui~ Ui~ Ui~" I reached out to my sister so I could get her attention.

"Oneechan? You're gonna help me?" Ui appeared from behind the Great Wall number 2.

"Un~ I will~ Where do I start?" I raised up my arms, revealing all the power I built up during PE lessons. W-Well, at least I attended PE lessons!

I started moving boxes, most of them were pretty light so I managed to move at least 5 of them without taking a break, another record I'm on a roll today!

Ui went downstairs to bring us some hot chocolate. Just thinking about it makes me drool... I can't wait till sh-

"Oneechan, I brought your drink" Ui popped up from underneath the dooropening. Uwa~ I could really glomp her right now, but then I might make her spill so I should refrain myself... but it's so hard...

"O-Oneechan, why are you hugging yourself?" Ui looked at me with a slightly worried expression.

"Ah... I'm just happy to see you Ui~" I placed my hand behind my head and gave her an obvious smile in return for the cup I received.

Heaven... this must be heaven... I just love Ui's hot choco...

"Oneechan, we're almost done now" Ui faced me while wipping away some whipped cream from my cheek. "We only have to move that mirror downstairs".

"Mirror?" I blinked, but Ui quickly answered my question by pointing at a big blanket in the corner.

"It was already here when we moved to this house, but mum thought it was a good idea to have it as a keepsake"

"Heeeeh..." I got interested in the old object since it reminded me of a story that Ri-chan once told to scare Mio-chan.

"Say Ui~ wanna hear a funny story~?" I almost sang that sentence, and it seemed to work.

"What story, oneechan?" Ui replied while moving her cup away from her lips.

"You see, when you put your hand on a mirror, close your eyes and make a wish, it might get granted~" I swirled my index finger around while explaining and Ui listened attentive.

"But!" I stopped my finger and opened my eyes widely. "If your wish is too silly or pointless, you'll punished by the Spirit of the Mirror!"

Ui blinked "...H-Hai?" She didn't seem to be frightened or panicking.

"H-Huh? Didn't it scare you?" I asked her surprised. That's weird, it seemed to work on Mio-chan perfectly.

"Did Ritsu-san tell you another weird story oneechan?" Ui asked while sweatdropping.

She saw right through me! And she sweatdropped on top of that?

"Are you making fun of me?" I asked with tears rolling down my cheek.

"N-N-No ofcourse not oneechan!" She tried to cheer me up, but I was certain she tried to make a fool out of me! That's why I got up from my warm cardboard box and put my cup down on it.

"I will prove it to you!" I posed like a real heroine should and moved to the corner with the blinded mirror. I slowly took off the blanket and threw it aside.

"W-Wow... it's beautiful..." I was paralyzed by the beauty of the old mirror, and by that I don't mean my own reflection! ...Though I couldn't help but fixing my hair a bit after noticing myself.

"Of course oneechan, it was stored dry and cool." Ui spoke to me from afar, but it didn't quite reach me as I was going to prove my point here!

A slow breeze coming from downstairs waved through my hair when I approached the antique piece. I put my hand onto my reflection, it felt cold but somehow soothing. That feeling intensified as I closed my eyes.

"Be careful oneechan" I heard Ui say and I'm sure I heard a giggle after that. But that only motivated me more to make a wish of great importance!

"I-I wish... I wish that... Ri-chan's drums get fixed by tomorrow!" I shouted out loud.


I'm not sure how to describe what happened in that instant... It was like the glass which was touching my fingers disappeared. I felt like I was falling down, down into nothingness... It was scary, my body started trembling and I quickly opened my eyes again.

"U-Ui?" I called out to my sister in a weak voice.



What was that? I-Is she still trying to make a fool out of me?

"Ui, that's not funny! Where are you?" I looked around searching for that familiar face, but I couldn't notice her anywhere.

I was scared. Everything still looked the same, but Ui wasn't here.

"Wait, maybe she just went downstairs" I tried to talk some confidence into myself.

Moving downstairs really fast, I almost slipped. Tripping in such a situation, how stupid would that be?

I arrived downstairs and called out for Ui loudly. I checked the kitchen and the living room, but no trace to be found of her.

Incertitude was slowly taken over inside me, I stumbled over a chair and fell down.

"Ite te te..." my knee hit the floor pretty hard and I was about to cry when I suddenly heard a voice calling out to me.


The voice sounded really familiar, but it wasn't my sister's. I grabbed onto another chair and heaved myself up while rubbing my painful knee. "Y-Yes?" I answered trying to bite away the pain.

A figure stepped into the room. She was beautiful, tall and was indeed very familiar to me.

"Sawa-chan?" I shouted out loud.

"Sawa...chan?" She looked at me with a confused expression. "I know you don't respect me all that much, but addressing your mother like that is very rude Yui!" She moved her hands onto her side and leaned a bit into my direction.

"Eh...?" I was dumbstruck. What in the world did she just say? "W-What are you saying Sawa-chan? What are you doing here? W-Where's Ui?" I kept on shooting questions, since this didn't make any sense to me.

"Hoho, what's with all the questions? Did you hit your head or something?" Sawa-chan didn't seem to find this situation strange, except for the fact that I was holding onto a chair maybe...

I remained silent waiting for an answer, I just wanted to know what was going on.

Sawa-chan seemed to have understood when staring at my face for a moment, she sighed and answered.

"I am obviously living here, dear, and Ui, Ui's at the hospital remember?"

My world froze... Everything suddenly felt colder than the weather outside, my surroundings turned gray and all sound vanished. Did she just say that Ui was in hospital?

To be continued~

Notes :

Some translations maybe?

G-Gomen! = S-Sorry!

Taiyaki = A fishshaped cake thing... usually filled with red bean paste

Yui no baka = Yui idiot

Kotatsu = some table and blanket thing... it's warm underneath it... mysterious isn't it?

sayaku da yo... = it was the worst

Look forward to chapter 2 : The Image in the Mirror

Thank you for reading~ This was my first fanfic so every review is appreciated.