"Oi, Yui! Earth to Yui, please respond" a voice called out to me.

I snapped out of it. Huh? What just happened to me? Was that really what she said? No, this can't be right. I must've been imagining things.

Sawa-chan gazed at my shaking body, she looks worried.

"Yui, have you been skipping lunch at school again?" she asked while arranging her glasses.

I couldn't respond, not yet. I have to figure this out first.

"Ano... Sawa-chan... c-can you explain it once more...?" it took a long time before I could actually finish that line. The emotional shock took away the pain I had from the fall.

"Mou, Yui... Are you trying to make a fool out of me?" she responded half-heartedly.

Who's trying to make a fool out who here? Why can't I go back to my bowl of half-moon mandarine pieces? Once again, I remained silent trying to get Sawa-chan to explain me what was going on, hoping this was all just a joke Ui set up.

The woman sighed and moved over to me "Yui, I am your mother, at least address me with okaachan"

She leaned over to pick up the fallen chair and shove it back underneath the table.

"Now don't forget to visit your sister before heading to school okay? I know you aren't on good terms with eachother, but that shouldn't stop you from at least paying her a visit."

There it was again... The atmosphere felt heavy, a pressure fell upon my shoulder and tried to push me down. Sawa-chan... is my mother? Ui is in hospital and we aren't on good terms? Is this some kind of dream? If that was true, it would definitely be classed down into the worst-nightmare-ever-category, a term Mio-chan used a lot.

I was spacing out again and when I snapped back into this messed up reality, I noticed Sawa-chan pushing a bag into my arms.

"Here, now I didn't have much time to prepare a bento for you, but deal with it for today okay? At least this is better than you skipping lunch" She gave me a slight push in the back to get me moving. I was caught off-guard and stumbled forward towards the door. Did she just say bento? Wasn't it evening just a while ago?

Sawa-chan made her way into the kitchen and pretty much ignored me. Though I could've sworn I heard a faint "Have a safe trip".

I exited the house with a painful feeling inside my stomach. What the hell happened to this world? This all started when I touched that mir-

I stopped once I realized what just slipped through my mind, the door behind me slammed into its lock as a gust of wind pulled it away from me.

Could it really be? Could this really be the punishment of the mirror spirit? I'm scared... What should I do?

The questions just kept popping up and my head couldn't take them all at once. I needed someone to talk with. Someone might know what is going on! I just have to remain calm and self-assured!

My body thightened up and I think I might've saluted, though that might just been because of the cold wind. Geez... if the world really changed, why did it still have to be winter?


While walking onto the slippery sidewalk, I had to order my thoughts and watch out not to trip again. My knee would totally hate me if I fell again.

"Who can help me out of this?" I asked myself out loud. Thinking deeply, very deeply, I almost ran through the red cross-lights when I finally figured out that my only help was at the hospital. Ui would surely know what was going on here. Not only the fact that was always there to help me out of trouble convinced me, but also that she witnessed me touching the mirror. If this really was a curse of the mirror, I should make sure by asking her!

My legs felt lighter, as if the bit of hope warmed me up and encouraged me to move again.

Unfortunately hope alone doesn't make you win a marathon. I ended up at the nearest and biggest hospital of the city, out of breath.

I walked inside still panting a bit, but the warmth of the hospital's heating embraced me gently. It almost felt like Ui's warm cheeks, a feeling I really started to miss at this moment. I ordered my body to hurry toward the infodesk a difficult task I accomplished just in time. I dropped my arms and chest onto the desk making a dim sound.

"Where's Ui?" I shouted as some sweatdrops fell onto the wooden edge of the desk.

The officelady behind the desk backed away a little in surprise. She quickly restored her cool though, she must've been used to seeing people in this state I guess.

"Ui who? Do you have a surname I can use? And who might you be miss...?" she asked while moving her seat closer to a computer on the side, which had a cute sticker on it. I could've sworn I've seen it before. Was it... Gekota?

"A-Ah! I'm Hirasawa Yui and Hirasawa Ui is my sister! I-I came to visit her!" My words were rushed that I almost bit my tongue, but the speed of my words could not match the frequency of my heartbeat. I just wanted to see her, the sooner, the better! Ui!

The woman dressed in a white uniform made her fingers dance onto the keyboard and then faced me with a smile. "Your sister is in room 404, there's no need worry she is doing fine there."

I sighed, I sighed deeply. The words of the pretty lady just gushed away all my worries, at least for a bit. I still had no idea what was going on, but Ui was doing fine. My Ui.

I made a polite bowing to the friendly lady and started a quest to find the nearest escalator, afterall I had been running for 15 minutes without a single stop. I keep on breaking world records today.


I arranged my hairpins one last time before exiting the elevator. Looking all messed up in front of Ui would make me seem like a total noodle. Though I admit, I might've looked stupid a few times during summer when I just dropped myself in front of the fan, but that was only during summer!

Before realizing it I had already made my way past the room I was looking for. Luckily room 407 made me aware of that and so I started a spurt backwards.

One last gulp and deep inhale, I knocked onto the blue-ish colored door.

"Come in" a familiar voice I wanted to hear so badly answered.

I never opened a door that fast, but I couldn't care less about records now, I hurried myself inside the bright room.

"Ui?" "Ui?" My eyes searched for a bed and a glimp of my sister. But once I made contact with the white blankets and the person on top of them, my voice wavered.

There she was, my cute little sister. Her left arm and both legs were wrapped in plaster.

Although that was already enough to suck all the blood away from my face, that wasn't what made me paralyze. It were her cold eyes and her furious expression that pinned me against the wall.

"U-Ui?" My voice trembled. I had never seen her with such sharp gaze. My words soon disappeared into a vast silence.

"What are you doing here?" Ui broke the silence with a monotone statement.

"Eh?" was the only sound that I could bring out of my troat. I stared at Ui who didn't seem to react at all. She's angry with me... isn't she? But I couldn't do anything. Anything at all.

"You have quite the guts to show yourself here in front of me after what you did" Ui spoke again, but now it made even less sense to me than what she said before.

"I don't want to see you" Ui turned her eyes away from me. "Get lost."

I blinked and shook my head once. I just couldn't believe what she just said.

"Ui, but... it's me... Yui da yo..." I tried smiling, though I already felt tears in the corners of my eyes.

My begging didn't work. Ui clicked her tongue "Tch... I told you already. Get. Lost!"

"B-But Ui-" I couldn't finish my line.

"Get out! You filthy slut!" "Bitch!" "WHORE!" Ui shouted with her eyes forcefully closed.

Those words stabbed me. Never had I heard such insults and they were directed at me. Adrenaline took over and made me run out of the room, closing the door behind me. I cried, tears fell down unto my already soaked shoes. My back slowly slidding down the still sky-blue-ed coloured door. I was heartbroken.


I stared at the plastic cup filled with steaming coffee in front of me. "Take your time to recover dear" I heard a person say, but I wasn't listening. I wasn't interested in anyone right now. Only Ui... only Ui was on my mind. What did I do to make her hate me?

An hour passed since that event, I knew because there was a big clock on the wall in front of me, but it still seemed like a second ago. Her reaction kept on flashing back in front of me.

I burried my head into my hands and shook it over and over again. The last bit of hope left my body as it was shaken away together with my tears.

Suddenly I felt a warm sensation on top of my head. "I will be alright, she's still in shock of the events" comforting words made their way into my ears, but didn't warm me up as much as the smile of the nurse who sat down in front of me.

"You must really care a lot about your sister to come a visit her before school starts" she said while pouring coffee in another plastic cup.

I tried nodding, but I'm not sure if it was really visable on the outside. Nonetheless, the nurse seemed to have gained some confidence in comforting me. "Maybe you let her rest a few more days before you come back. I'm sure she won't react like that anymore."

I tried to fetch the plastic cup while whipping away the salty tears from my cheek. "Un..." I responded when I got a hold of the warm cup.

The lady smiled again, her hair was tied up in a knot, she must have gorgeous long hair I thought while sipping on the edge of plastic.

"How does it taste?" she pointed her index finger at my cup. "I made it myself, I have quite some confidence in my skills, but I didn't realize it was a good remedy against tears."

She made me giggle a bit. It was the kind of smile I wanted from my sister, but Ui's smiling face seems ages away from this moment.

"How about you go to school once you finish your medicine, patient-san" she spoke like a real nurse does in front of a sick person. "I'm sure that will take your mind of this for a bit"

"School?" I responded with scent of confusion in my voice.

"Hai, you must have friends waiting for you there, right?" she tilted her head a bit and gave me another heartwarming smile.

I rose up from the chair. That's right! I have friends waiting for me! Was that faint feeling of hope I had earlier back into my heart? No, it wasn't. I couldn't just forget what happened, but what else could I do? If I kept on sobbing, I would never figure out what was going on, nor would I be able to help Ui and make up. I clenched my fists and shouted "Yosha!"

"Finish your cup first miss patient, you can't work on an empty stomach!" It sounded a little strict, but she probably didn't mean any harm by it.

"H-Hai..." I slowly slid back onto my chair, looking down and finished my coffee, which was half-warm by now. Why is the world torturing me like this...


It was half-past eight when I left the hospital. I blew a cloud of waterdamp into my hands to warm them up, to no avail, but it was enough to make me realize that it was really half-past eight! It freaked me out, not that it was shocking to find myself here in a cold winter morning because the past events were a lot worse than realizing this. Still, it proved that there was something seriously wrong with this world. This must be the most realistic nightmare ever, but no matter how much pain I felt, I just didn't wake up from it.

I walked down the path which led to the mainroad. I still remember those summer days where we strolled around town making jokes about almost everything. It's a lot harder to have fun outside when thermometer feels so cold that I would bring it inside out of pity. But no matter what, I would go to school and find out what's wrong with everything. Marching through the snow and ice filled route, I couldn't help but worrying about everyone. What if not just Ui and Sawa-chan changed... but everyone I knew...

That fear would soon turn for the worse as I arrived at Sakurakou High...

To be continued~

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