Power Rangers belongs to Haim Saban and Nickelodeon. Flashpoint belongs to CBS and anybody else affiliated with it. I just own the plot. Takes place after "The Other Lane". And I have no clue what city or country this is supposed to be taking place in, though I think it might be Canada, so I apologize for lack of descriptions. For right now, Kim is "Julie" in the narration. When that changes, I'll tell you to avoid confusion.

Juliana "Jules" Callaghan silently went through every mental breathing exercise Tommy and Jason had ever taught her. The gun pointed at them didn't scare her, but knew that this guy's mental state was extremely volatile. Man, I wish I had my Blade Blaster, she thought to herself. She'd feel a lot safer. Beside her, Sam Braddock stared at her out of the corner of his eye, all the while keeping his own weapon trained on the suspect.

"Jules, we have the solution. We can take this guy," he whispered.

"If you move, you'll make it worse," she spat out through gritted teeth. I don't believe this. She's not actually buying this guy's story, is she? he wondered. It was just the confused ramblings of a psycho.

"Listen, we know this wasn't your fault. Dustin had you mind-warped. It was the hypnosis. You didn't know what you were doing," she said to the guy.

"I wouldn't have done it if I had had a choice!" the man exclaimed.

"We know that," Jules told him. She watched as he winced and discreetly rubbed his head. Wow. It looks like the hypnosis has effects similar to when we'd come out of a spell, she thought to herself as she remained still. Why had this guy done this to him? Why had a civilian been targeted? Rangers were normally the only ones placed under spells, but there was no active team. There hadn't been for a long time, not since Tommy's…as far as she knew anyways.

"Sam, do you or Julie have the solution?" Ed Lane asked.

"Negative, Sir," Jules answered for them. Sam stared at her in surprise. What the-why did she lie? he wondered. "Listen, just the put the gun down and we can get you out of here and then get you a cold compress and some Tylenol for the headache," she continued. Hearing this over the headsets, Kevin "Wordy" Wordsworth, Sgt. Greg Parker, Spike, Mike Scarlatti, and Ed reacted in surprise. Why would Jules offer to get this guy Aspirin and a cold washcloth? And why was she acting like something like this was a common occurrence?

"Don't do that! Don't talk to me like you know what I'm going through 'cause you don't!" the man shouted, swinging his gun around to point it at her. Oh, I know more about it than you think buddy, Jules thought to herself. Though not exactly the same, the hypnosis the guy had gone through was reminiscent of being placed under one of Rita or Zedd's spells. Sam's grip on his weapon tightened. The man immediately directed his gun towards him.

"You think I wanted to do it? He took me! He got inside my head!" he screamed.

"Sarge, I've got the solution," Sam reported.

"You've got Scorpio," Greg told him. Sam's finger inched towards the trigger.

"SAM, NO!" Jules screamed just as he fired. There was another shot and then-blinding pain.

"OFFICER DOWN! OFFICER DOWN!" A Pterodactyl, Firebird, and Crane all screeched in agony and then reached out for three different bond-mates. Jules gasped as a wave of emotions came from her. No. Guys, I need you, she thought to herself.

"JULES! JULES!" Sam shouted, kneeling beside her as the others rushed in. Oh, man. Not again, he thought to himself, as he reached for her. However, she pulled away. Hurt flitted across his face as she let Ed cradle her.

"Hold on, Jules. Help is on the way," the older man soothed.

"Rexy…Dragon…Sis…need you," she whimpered. Confused, the rest of the team looked to Ed who shrugged. However, in three different parts of the United States, three people-two guys and a girl-halted what they were doing and doubled up in pain.

"KIM!" they cried.