Star, Nostalgia, and Sky

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This takes place some time when they are in their teens. And friends.

I am posting the first part.

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You are the first star in the morning

You are my deepest nostalgia

You are the clear sky after the fear to be alone

A few words were written in neat handwriting on a small piece of parchment.

She read them as if she could not grasp their meaning, as if they were written in an unknown tongue.

Only three lines were on the parchment, nothing else.

She gave another look behind the table of her bedchamber where she had found it, but there was nothing else. It was weird, finding that parchment behind the table, as if it had been hidden there.

It had happened by chance, while she was trying to move all alone the heavy oak table which stood near the wall. She had wanted to move it somewhere else in her bedchamber. She had managed to move it only by few inches though, it was too heavy, she would ask her father for help… But even with that small movement, the tiny piece of parchment had fallen to the ground.

It was almost two months she had been living in Knighton Hall, in the county of Nottingham. And yet she had just found something she did not know it was there. A piece of parchment with some words on it. Nothing exciting, to tell the truth. They were no clues to find a great treasure nor something amusing or funny. It was… She looked at the words again. Was it some kind of… poetry?

I wonder who wrote them… the girl found herself thinking.

I wonder who they are dedicated to…

Her father had briefly mentioned that some trader with his daughter had lived in the house. They had lived there before her father received a letter with the king's seal, a letter ordering him to move to the county of Nottinghamshire because there was an important job waiting for him there. The trader, too, had to move to another town. So, they had found their home.

Perhaps she, the trader's daughter, wrote this… thing. The girl shook her head and snorted. "What a silly thing!" she said out loud, addressing to nobody. She was alone in her bedchamber. "To say that someone is a star, or nostalgia, or a sky…" Marian shook her head again, folded the parchment and put it absently in one of her trunks, forgetting about it.

"No, Marian. I cannot possibly agree to that".

The man shook his head and she thought if perhaps she had disobeyed him in some way. She asked if that was the reason but the man shook his head again.

"Marian". Her father breathed heavily. "I have been trying to explain this for a long time".

"I do not understand. Tell me why I cannot go with my friend".

She had received an invitation from her friend, two days before. To spend a day with him and other young nobles of the shire. She had been very surprised, at first. She thought he could not stand them because they were all so careless of their villagers, while this was one of his top priorities. He was born in these lands and he cared for them. Deeply.

It was her priority, too, though she had been living in the shire for only six months now. She cared for the villagers.

Indeed, he did not like the other young nobles of the shire but had said he wanted to meet them to check if among them someone shared his ideas. He had told her he had heard some rumours according to which some nobles were starting to question King Richard's right to the throne. Giving the fact that he was never on English soil. He was worried about those rumours. He was most loyal to King Richard. 'If I meet the young nobles of my age, the future lords of Nottinghamshire, I will see if those rumours are right', he had stated. He was faithful that he could speak to them and remind them who they had to be loyal to.

There was a short silence before Marian's father continued. "Had the situation been different I would not have given you the permission even before but I did because we had just got here. I did not want you to feel all alone. I thought about giving you the chance to spend some time with some people of your age, so that you would feel more at ease in a new county. Only for this reason I made that decision, though… it was not proper for a fifteen-year old girl and certainly it is not for a sixteen-year old girl to wander around with a boy…"

"I do not 'wander around with a boy'! I spend some time with a friend! We talk, we visit places, we visit the villagers, we help them!", the girl said, her voice louder, interrupting her father.

"Marian. I require more respect from you".

"I do respect you. Is it a crime that I want to understand your decisions?"

The tall man looked at her, intently. Then closed his eyes.

As he said nothing, Marian pressed. "I could go out with my friend till not so long ago. Now I have just turned sixteen and all of a sudden I can not. It seems everything has suddenly changed. What has happened, father?" She added, speaking slowly, "I happen to have miraculously found a friend. Someone I like spending my time with, someone I can talk to, who lets me speak and does not ignore my opinions. Someone, in fact, who accepts that I may have my own opinions. And even encourages me to believe they are good ones. Someone who looks at me and sees me as I am. A person with her own brain, who thinks before allowing her mouth to speak." Not like those other stupid noble girls… He had never actually told her that but from the way he spoke to her, this was how she was recently starting to feel.

Marian swallowed after her speech. But it was not over. "And you are telling me I can not spend more time with him? Why? Because I am sixteen now? What is different? What has changed?" Marian shook her head. She did not understand her father.

The man looked at her with deep love and concern. His daughter seemed not to understand. He had to be clearer. "Look at you, Marian. You are no girl. You may not have noticed how different you are from the little girl you once were but you are a young woman now. And there are rules. You cannot wander around…" He changed the word, knowing that his daughter did not like that expression. "…spend time with him like you did before. You are no child. He is no child".

"I can not spend my time with him… because I am no child?" she was incredulous. "Why?" she asked, sincerely desperate to know.

"I have said many times, Marian. People will talk".

She had never liked that. People will talk. What is this supposed to mean?

She asked that very question out loud.

"Marian. You can not be seen spending time with him alone. You are a noble girl. Any father in my situation could grant a daughter of your age some time together with a young man only if… if he was your betrothed. And even so, someone should be with you".

Marian was in shock. She felt anger inside. Because she could not possibly understand that. Her voice was a whisper when she spoke. "You are only interested in rules. In rules that have to be respected in front of the people. So that you could be proud of yourself. You do not care that I feel good when I am with my friend. I… You said you gave me time to meet people of my age so that I could feel at ease in this place and now… oh Marian, it is over, you have had enough time. I suppose I should lock myself in my room from now on shouldn't I".

Sadness was now filling her. "Marian…" he was saying. She looked the man in front of her in the eyes, speaking slowly again, trying to make him understand. "I have a friend. I just ask to spend some time, some of my time, with him. People will have nothing to gossip about because there is nothing to gossip about. He and I… we are two friends who talk, laugh, argue".

Indeed, they were arguing all the time. He was just so infuriating, there had been no day they had spent together without the two of them discussing or arguing about some thing or the other. But even arguing with him was… part of what make them good friends, Marian realized. "If the other girls prefer to stay quietly in their rooms, go out when they are allowed to and giggle all the time and say stupid things, I do not care." She wanted him to understand. "I am starting to like this place because he does not dismiss me, because it is pleasant to share my opinions with him and listen to him and he shows me the places where he grew up, the forest, the villages… What is wrong in this?"


The girl did not like begging when she knew what was asking was right. But she did. "He is my friend. I have a friend. Do not take this away. Please".

After a long minute, her father gave her his final reply. "I am not taking your friend away from you. You are my daughter, Marian. You are sixteen years old. I am the new sheriff of Nottingham. My decisions have to be an example for everyone. I am allowing you to go this time. But, I am afraid, it is the last."

She held her gaze while listening. It was the most unfair thing ever. This could not be the end. He can not win this. She needed to find a way. But for now… Speak no more, Marian. You are angry now. And he said you can go.

"I will leave very early tomorrow" she just said. And she headed towards her bedchamber.

The last time she would spend time with Robin. Her friend Robin.