Once in her bedchamber, she instantly remembered. Near the wall, in a dark corner of the room.

She opened her trunk. It was there. She had put it here months before. She unfolded it. She whispered the words.

You are the first star in the morning

You are my deepest nostalgia

You are the clear sky after the fear to be alone

She stared at the words. A star, the first star… my deepest nostalgia, the clear sky. Incredibly, she was feeling calm. As though everything was right.

But everything is not right. I do not have the permission to spend time with him any more. Things will never be as they were. How can it be all right?

The girl remembered she had thought the words were silly, when she had first read them. Now, they could not be more true. He is all this.

She rushed to her window. Maybe I can still see him walking away. But he had not gone. He was standing there.

Robin knew he had to go. It was almost sunset and he still had quite a long walk home. He had no horse with him. But he just stared at the house. Marian, come back. There is… there is something I should tell you. He looked at her window. Many times he had waved her goodbye after accompanying her home.

And then, Marian was at the window. He found he could not say anything. Because he stared at her. And she was beautiful.

Things will be better. If you want. He grinned, before turning to leave.

Oh… He can not possibly think… he is Robin! I am his friend! We are friends!

Surely not. We two, we argue all the time.

Not today. Today we did not.

And then she blushed, touching her long curls where he had… And a small incredulous smile appeared on her face, before she turned to go downstairs.

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