First Barbara, now Cheryl. No matter what he did Mack couldn't seemed to avoid getting his head chewed off this week. When Detective Potts had called and warned him Cheryl was on the war path Mack had briefly considered fleeing the premises. He'd reconsidered when he'd realized he'd have a better shot of containing the situation if he was the one who took the abuse. Potts was his partner after all, an idiot of a partner who Mack may have to shoot later, but a partner none the less.

"I want him charged with stalking!"

To date this may be the most furious he'd ever seen Cheryl, including all the times he'd arrested her husband and son.

"Alright, can we just take a breath here for a second. What happened is totally out of line and I will deal with Officer Potts, but understand this, if you put a charge like that into his file, you pretty much put an end to the career of a good detective."

Mack was trying appeal to Cheryl's gentler, more merciful nature, assuming she had one when it came to policemen that stalk her daughter.

"Look who suddenly wants to be fair. What about the false arrest on my record?"

This would have been an ideal time to be able to tell Cheryl he had cleared her record for her, however he still hadn't heard back from O'Brien yet.

"I get that you're pissed, but let me deal with this."

Mack had every intention of ripping Potts a new one when he got ahold of him, he just didn't want one stupid move to ruin the rest of the younger detective's life. Cheryl of all people should be able to understand that.

"You know, you guys screw with me every chance you get, watch me fall on my face and do nothing to help. Now you think you can mess with my kids and get away with it? Not today!"

Obviously Cheryl wasn't open to listening to reason. It was a little unfair, given that Heather wasn't completely innocent in all this.

"Alright Cheryl, but this is not going to be an easy fight. Not with your daughter running around with no clothes on."

Potts had managed to relay that in his rushed and jumbled phone call that the inciting incidence was apparently watching Heather bare all at the Sparkle Club. Cheryl must have been really been serious about her financial situation if she was letting her daughter strip. Only a month ago she'd been furious Heather had been posing as an underwear model.

"Are you saying that my daughter somehow deserves this because of what she wears?"

Odd, Cheryl didn't seem to get the reference.

"No, I was thinking more along the lines of what she doesn't wear. At the Sparkle Club."

What, was she covering for Heather to somehow, what preserve her reputation or something?

"Heather is a cocktail waitress at the Sparkle Club."

Yeah and men buy Playboy to for the articles. Mack couldn't help laughing, until he realized that Cheryl was serious. She really had no idea. Crap. What had Mack done to deserve having to tell Cheryl her daughter was taking off her clothes for money?

"Oh geez. I'm sorry Cheryl. I thought you knew."

Cheryl stood there in silence for a minute, her entire face tensing and her whole frame practically vibrating with anger. Mack didn't say anything for fear it would bring on a massive explosion. Even if he could speak he wouldn't really know what to say. 'I'm sorry your daughter became a stripper and didn't tell you' probably wouldn't be all that comforting. Before Mack could think of something better, Cheryl had stormed out of his office yet again. Good news for Potts as Cheryl's rage seemed temporarily derailed. Bad news for Heather and possibly every male patron of the Sparkle Club.