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Words I Need Said

I sit by your side

As you dream a little dream

You smile so gently

You're happy, it seems

I wish I was too

But still I'm alone

I'm still half alive

And still have no home

I feel the sad tears

fall from my green eyes

Well, look at that

The Ghost boy can cry

I reach forward

And touch your black hair

I know you accept me

I know you dont' care

If I was a Ghost

I know you still love me

I know that you're sad

but this is how it must be

I cry a bit harder

As I fly through the wall

Feeling so hollow

Like I just lost it all

I wish i could stay

But I can't, you see

You're no longer safe

Just please, still love me

I look behind me

You still in bed

I say the words

I needed be said.

"I love you Sam. Don't forget me..."

The product of bordom, my readers. I hope you like this poem, and also, when you review, i would like it if you put in what you thought this was about. Put in your own idea for what this could mean!