Summary: He was cruel with me, too cruel. It wasn't until later that I discovered his true intentions. There was times when I wished I never met him but I couldn't help it: my heart surrendered to the devil.


Part one

"I heard he is getting married…you know, his father is really sick…I guess it's finally time for the rich boy to settle down…"

And that's what I heard from the conversation the secretaries were having at lunch. And here I was, sitting on my lonely table, eating my boring lunch and listening to those rumblings. For any person who may have passed at that exact same moment, it would have been obvious that while the others were so interested in the news of this engagement, I was more than bored by the conversation.

For instance, why would I be interested if he was engaged or not? I was just a secretary trying to gain enough money to survive with my little brother. This kind of news would surely leave me impassive. I mean, everybody has to settle down at the end, even the rich boy as they call him in our company. Why would this engagement be any different than any other engagement? Many celebrity couples are engaged each year so why this sudden interest?

I nodded to myself, satisfied with my own thoughts. Taking part of this conversation would prove to be a waste of time and energy. His engagement meant nothing to me. In fact, I was really glad that he was getting married. Who wouldn't? He's the son of my boss, and anything that would make him happy would make me happy. At the end, I was an employee and my first interest was to serve them.

…And to add another point, I should clearly say that his fiancée is very rich and her company rallied with ours would surely make us stand more proudly in the market. Our jobs would be safer and we could get a raise. I really desperately needed a raise. My brother had been nagging for a while that he didn't have enough money as his friends in school had…I couldn't let him down…and his birthday was coming soon, what could I buy him? He really wanted that bicycle we saw in the store…but it was too expensive.

I sighed to myself, my brows furrowing while I was deep in thought. I was only twenty years old; I shouldn't have all those responsibilities hanging over my shoulders at such a young age. All my friends during school were now dating and having fun while I was here, trying to provide enough money for us to live. Life was really unfair with me.

"Hey Kagome!" one of the chatting secretaries waved at me. Her name was Sango and she worked in the office right next to mine…well, to say the truth, I didn't really have an office for myself, let us just say, her desk was near mine. That's better.

I smiled back. I saw her stand up and move to sit next to me. Silence stretched for a few seconds before she started talking, and boy she talks really loud.

"So Kagome, did you hear the news? Our boss' son is getting married. Aren't you excited? I think that they will give us a two day vacation, you know, to celebrate, and, if we are lucky enough, we could get invited. This is so great right?"

She stared at me, her eyes twinkling with excitement. I nodded again, lazily playing with the remainder of my lunch.

"Yeah, that's great." I finally responded, but no enthusiasm was evident in my voice. I mean, why would I be enthusiastic about such an event? And I hope that those two days of vacation are going to be paid. I cannot afford to be cut out of the money. I need to buy my brother a gift for his birthday.

"If I were you, I would go and congratulate him for his engagement." She finally said her voice now lower than usual, and much more serious. I looked at her again while she continued.

"His father is really sick so he's now in charge and if you don't get into his better side, he could fire you."

My eyes widened. If he fired me, I would be helpless. I was still new, one year ago I was enrolled, and I would not find another vacant job just as good. I needed the job. Maybe you don't understand me. I really desperately hopelessly needed this job.

"You see, you are the only one who hasn't done that yet…"

I bit my lower lip, now really worried.

"But Sango, I didn't know that he was in his office. I didn't know that he was in the company at all!" I exclaimed, standing up and picking my tray. I dumped the remainder in the garbage and made my way towards the higher offices.

All the way, my mind kept running cruel ideas to me. What if the new boss didn't like me? I knew that he never liked me. Every time he saw me in the hallway, he used to stare at me really hard to the point I thought he could burn me alive with the intensity of his eyes.

It was probably because the first time we met was when I accidently bumped into him and dropped all my coffee on his really expensive shirt. And he was on his way to a meeting. I winced at the memory and held my hands together, trying to ease the tension that was escalating as I was approaching his office. It was not really my fault. I tripped. At the time, I was still working at night. I was really sleepy, really, really tired and he suddenly popped out of nowhere.

I bit my bottom lip harder. A bad habit I must confess but I couldn't stop. It was just addicting. I could now see the office at the end of the hallway. I hoped he didn't remember the second time we met. I must say that it was not a good memory of mine. You see, it was getting really late and I had to go back home. My brother was impatiently waiting for me to take him to the movies, a long time promise I had made and had yet to keep. It was then that he came into my office, and told me that I was the only person left to help him with his file.

We sat in his office for hours, me typing and him rectifying the report over and over again. But every time he looked away, I would sneak a pick at the watch hanging on the wall. It was eight thirty in the evening and Souta had to be heartbroken. When we were finally over, instead of saving the file, my preoccupied mind accidently deleted it.

That evening, he lectured me about being an irresponsible employee, that he didn't know why his father would bother hiring someone like me, without even a diploma. When he left, I cried really hard. My pride was hurt, and for the first time in my life I felt how poor I really was. When I went home, Souta was asleep on the couch. The next morning, when I tried to talk to him, he said that he hated me, that I was a liar for breaking a promise I had made for him.

…It broke my heart.

And here I was, knocking on his office door, waiting for him to tell me to come in. And he did. I entered the office and slowly closed the door behind me. As soon as I looked at him, he frowned. My heart clenched in my chest. He really disliked me and being the boss, now he could fire me for such an absurd reason.

"What do you want?" he immediately cut the silence. My throat felt suddenly dry and my voice so weak. There he was, sitting on his father's enormous chair, his long hair tied in a low ponytail, his golden eyes staring at me with what seemed as dislike and disapproval.

"I came to congratulate you sir." I finally managed out. He leaned back in his chair, still staring at me as if he was expecting more words from me. I swallowed hard and managed a little smile.

"For you engagement I mean."

He nodded once but didn't say anything. He just left me standing there in front of him, the moment becoming more awkward with each passing second. He was supposed to dismiss me. What should I do? Should I stay? Should I dismiss myself?

"Of course." He said after a pregnant pause, a small smile tugging his lips. I was awed. This was the first time he actually smiled in my presence. I had to confess that his face was much more handsome when he was smiling. As if reading my thoughts, his smile immediately vanished, replaced instantaneously by the ordinary scowl he gave me.

Feeling that I have stayed long enough I turned around to leave when his voice stopped me.

"I didn't tell you that you could leave yet." I froze, his voice was really cruel. I turned towards him, waiting his orders.

"Tell me, why did my father hire you?"

Fire burned my heart to ashes. He was going to fire me. I knew it; I felt it deep within myself. I remained silent, not knowing the answer myself. All the workers in the company had a diploma. When I applied to the job, his father was really friendly with me. And when I told him about my situation, how my parents died and I really needed a job to take care of my little brother, when I told him that I would leave college in order to make sure that my brother has a proper education, he told me that he admired my spirit and insisted that such courage should be rewarded.

Since I already had enough knowledge about computers, the job was really easy for me. The rest, I was sure I would gain it from experience.

Seeing that he was clearly waiting for my answer, I looked at him, summoning all my courage.

"Why would he not hire me sir? I proved to be competent enough didn't I?"

He didn't say a thing for awhile. Instead, he spun his chair around so that his back was now facing me.

"Go back to your work." He ordered dryly and I was more than happy to comply.

The rest of the day moved slowly and ordinary. Boring papers, boring phone calls, but I knew that my job was neither difficult nor important. I was a simple employee in a big company and I was glad.

It was approximately seven in the evening when everybody started to pack. I sighed heavily and stared at the amount of work I still had to do.

"Come on Kagome, we should go." Sango said, packing away her papers. I took a deep breath.

"I don't know Sango, I still have all those papers to take care of."

You see, I didn't have a car, so I usually went with Sango. My apartment was not so far and it was near hers. It was a great arrangement to both of us. She didn't like to be alone at nights, she had a constant fear that something would come out of the shadows and attack her, ridiculous I know, and I needed a ride back home.

When I first arrived at this job, I didn't know anybody. I had to walk back home in the dark. However, as soon as my boss knew, he was friendly enough to give me a ride each evening. He was my angel and now, his son was in charge.

"You can take care of those papers tomorrow. Come on, it's time to leave and it's so dark outside. I think it is going to rain. How are you going to get back home?"

I shook my head negatively. If I was to impress my new boss with my skills, I had to finish all those papers by tonight. Sango protested, but seeing how determined I was, she finally left. The papers didn't take as much time as I thought and half an hour later, I was done. I stared at the pile of finished work with satisfaction and got up from my seat.

It was then that I realized that Sango was right. The company was empty and I couldn't walk back home since it has already started raining. I cursed my stupid luck again. Why did all the bad things happen to me and only me? I sighed with frustration. Now I had to call a taxi: a waste of money when I really needed that money to buy Souta a gift.

"What are you still doing here?" a voice came from behind me. Alerted, I spun around and came face to face with my boss' tired face. The dim light made him look even paler to my eyes, like a ghost…dismissing the sudden thought, I placed a hand on my still racing heart, sighing in relief. I think that Sango's fears of the darkness were starting to rub on me.

"You scared me." I managed to say. His face remained as cold as it could get, making me regret my words instantaneously. Way to go, I told myself, telling your boss that he scared you. I bit my bottom lip again, feeling this tension settle around us. Why did we always finish in an awkward situation, him and me? Was it some sort of punishment God was inflicting on me?

"It was not my intention." He replied calmly, his eyes still locked with mine, making me really uncomfortable. We stood there in silence before he started talking again.

"Do you want a ride back home?"

His question caught me by surprise. It was definitely unexpected. What was I to do? The man hated me, it was clear in his eyes, and now he asked me if I wanted him to give me a ride back home. I hesitated, weighing all my options. Maybe he was being friendly just like his father was. The idea made me smile: if that was true, than I would be the happiest person alive. His father was so good with me. I only hoped that the son would have some of his characteristics. I finally nodded my head in approval.

His car was fantastic. I have never seen such a wonder in my whole life; being in it made my black jeans and white shirt seem inappropriate…it made me feel misplaced. So I shrunk in my seat, trying as much as I could to disappear.

All the way, he didn't say a word. The only sound we could hear was that of the rain hitting the top of the car, the windows' glass, the road... But I could feel something, something that at that moment I couldn't really place, a feeling that something was behind this silence, a feeling that it was the calm that precedes the storm. I glanced at his face, his hard eyes concentrated on the road as if I was not even in the car. Of course, why would he even look at me? I was his employee, a simple secretary and he was the boss' son, the new generation of the Taisho's.

I looked in front of me, trying as much as I could to remain hidden from him. And then I felt his stare, and I could see it from the corner of my eyes, and I could feel the tension return, growing stronger and deeper, making the car seem suddenly very small. So I cleared my throat and smiled.

"The weather channel didn't expect it to rain tonight." I said as cheerfully as I could manage. The silence settled again and I felt more unconformable than ever: he didn't reply he simply ignored me. Well, it was my fault, trying to make a civilized conversation with the rich boy.

We finally arrived in front of the old building I was living in. He silently pulled the car but didn't unlock the doors. I stared at him for a few seconds.

"Thank you for the ride sir. I apologize if I bothered you."

He still didn't reply and I began to feel weird. Would he just unlock the doors already? He suddenly looked at me, his golden eyes staring directly in my own coffee orbs.

"I know about you and father so don't try to hide it."

I stared at him in shock, my eyes wide with surprise, my heart racing and beating uncontrollably. I opened my mouth to reply but could not form any words under the intensity of his stare. His father and I? What did he mean?

"I…I don't understand…I…"

"But you should know that my father and I are really different." He continued heartlessly and rudely. "Maybe my father had developed….some kind of interest in you…but that's only because he was lonely and old. I, for instance, do not find those difficulties in dealing with women like you."

Shame and humiliation washed over me. He was carelessly insulting me in his car, accusing me of horrible things that I would have never imagined. What gave him the right to treat me that way? Tears formed in my eyes but I pushed them away, not wanting to appear weak.

"You don't have the right to insult me, sir." I replied, staring back, desperate to prove my innocence. "Your father was good to me, that's true, but he never indulged in such acts with me."

He snorted, smirking cruelly.

"Your words will not change the facts that I have known. I am aware of your inappropriate relationship with my father."

"There was no…" I yelled but his louder voice immediately cut my speech.

"Don't you dare raise your voice!" He yelled back, his face going darker with anger. The sound of his voice resonated in the silence, hurting me even more. His features remained angry but he lowered his voice considerably as if he was ashamed of his outburst. "I am not firing you Miss Higurashi." He continued, not looking at me this time. My voice died in my throat. Why did these things happen with me? I have never ever imagined myself indulged in such behaviors with a man that I considered as my own father! How could his son, my own boss, accuse me of this?

"In fact, Miss Higurashi, my ill father specifically told me to promote you. Congratulations, you are now my personal secretary." He continued sarcastically, venomously and I felt myself drown in the darkness that surrounded us, in the bitterness of those words I have heard for no reason.

He then unlocked my door.

"Now get out of my car." He finally whispered.

They usually say that times fly by when you are happy. This did not apply to me at all. Although my salary had increased and I had an office for myself only, I felt lower than scum. The reason for this feeling was my boss. Every time I entered his office to deliver him a paper, a document or to remind him of an appointment he had forgotten, he would give a look that I was now used to, a look of hatred and disgust. And it hurt me.

The conversation we had in his car two weeks ago was forgotten. He never mentioned the subject, at least not verbally. However, his eyes talked a lot and I have learned to understand their language. He would stare at him when he would think that I was not looking, his eyes training on me, like if he was studying me. T was almost intimidating sometimes, but I learned to avoid him as much as possible.

And today, well, today was no different. Some clients wanted to meet with him, and I had to accompany him to the hotel where they resided. Unfortunately for me, this hotel was out of the city, so I had to drive with him two hours in the same car. We did not say anything, but I could feel the same tension that would build up when we were alone, together, a tension that persisted until we separate.

Once we arrived, I had a good look at the hotel. It was classy but not too much. As soon as we entered the hall, the receptionist told us that said men were waiting for us in the restaurant. Sometimes, being with a rich man made you feel how poor you really are. For example, the way all the staff in the hotel would ask him if he wanted anything, if he needed anything, if they could do anything to please him…while ignoring you completely.

At the dinner, business was the main subject, and after very long discussions, the agreement was made. I was sincerely happy for the company. I mean, if the company was in good form, then our jobs were. Soon, the three men that we had dined with left the table, leaving me alone with my boss. And for the first time, I could see happiness in those dark intimidating cruel but gorgeous golden eyes. And this is where I usually stopped myself. Although my boss fatally despised me, I couldn't help my thoughts to drift to him. He could be gorgeous sometimes, like when he is distracted or when he is deep in thought. And when our eyes would meet, my heart would start beating so fast…oh God…what was happening to me?

His voice brought me back to reality, his voice that I had learned to hate but admire at the same time. Such determination, such confidence….For all the other employees, he was the perfect boss, almost as good as his father was, and as for me...Well, I was another case, a special case. Supposedly, I was his father mistress. What a jerk.

"This is my first deal." He exclaimed happily, looking at me. His smile was contagious and soon I found myself smiling back, despite all the protests that my mind issued. What is a girl to do?

"You were brilliant sir." I complimented him, wanting to gain some of his sympathy. It seemed to work since his smile widened.

"I had doubts about my success, but now, I am relieved." He confessed and I felt suddenly important. He was telling me about his fears, and for the first time, I felt that I was a part of something bigger than my own plans, a part of the company itself.

"We should celebrate." He said, motioning for the waiter to come. "A bottle of champagne and two glasses." He ordered. Once the bottle arrived, he opened it and poured for both of us.

Embarrassed beyond anything, I blushed, shaking my head negatively.

"I am sorry sir, I don't drink alcohol."

He pushed my glass towards me, his face serious now.

"You are my personal secretary and you need to celebrate our success. A single glass will do you no harm."

Hesitantly, I nodded and took my first glass.

As soon as I finished it, I felt slightly dizzy so I stopped. However, my boss almost finished the bottle. It would be an underestimation to say that he was completely wasted by the way he laughed and talked about nonsense. If he was another man, I wouldn't have even doubted about his drunken situation, but he laughing and joking around with me about nonsense was a miracle to be seen. So, it was obvious that he could not drive us back home and it was nearly midnight. It was not entirely his fault. I knew that I was somewhat drunk myself.

I had only one solution, spending the night in the hotel. What could possibly go wrong? The hotel was completely booked, except for one remaining room. I don't know if the alcohol or the lack of other choices made me agree, but I found myself in the same room with a drunken man that obviously hated me. And I was not so sober myself.

I arranged the couch for myself and helped him go into the large bed. He laughed when I helped him out of his shoes.

"Oh Kagome." He sighed tiredly after his laugh subsided. I froze, my hands still working on his socks. I didn't know he was familiar with my first name. He always referred to me as Miss Higurashi, or worst, as 'you'.

"Good night, sir." I quickly added, standing up from my kneeling position. I was about to get further away from him when his hand grabbed mine, keeping me rooted in my spot.

"Where are you going?" He asked his voice suddenly serious. And then I felt nervous. My brain started evaluating the situation. I was in a room, with a man, alone. I gulped, trying to deal with the situation as best as I could.

"I am just going to fetch you a glass of water, sir. Why don't you let me go so that I can do it? Your throat feels dry doesn't it?" I reasoned as gently as I could.

It seemed that it worked because he let go of my hand. I sighed in relief and made my way towards the door. Staying in the lobby the entire night didn't seem like a bad idea after all. My hand was still reaching to the doorknob when I suddenly felt two strong arms envelop me. I gasped in surprise and tried to wiggle my way out of the sudden embrace when I felt a hot breath on my ear. I involuntary shivered, my head spinning lightly from the alcohol I had earlier.

"Tell me Kagome…" He whispered hotly in my ear. "What does he have that I don't?"

My eyes widened from the unexpected question. Sensing my silence, he turned me around, pushing my smaller form against the door, his face now inches away from mine. I gulped, feeling a sudden wave of sensations flow through my body. I was never in such a situation before. I could not handle this.

I tried to push him away but he held me firmly against the door. Maybe he was not so wasted after all, seeing how physically superior he still was.

"I don't know what you're talking about." I answered, struggling against him. "Please sir, let me go."

He smiled cruelly, his hands cupping my face, forcing me to stare straight at him.

"Is this what you told him?" He whispered huskily, his eyes darkening considerably. "Did you tell him to let you go at first? What's this, a try to look difficult to get? Or do you like old men?"

I flushed, finally understanding his words. My struggles were renewed with my humiliation. I hit him on the shoulder but his hand caught mine and pinned it above my head. The slight pain the action caused made me stop and stare back with hatred in my eyes.

"My life is none of your concern!" I snapped back. If he thought that I was his father's mistress, than let him think that! I did not have any reason to justify myself again, only having my words thrown back in my face.

However, my answer didn't seem to satisfy him. His hand squeezed mine a little more.

"Tell me Kagome…" he whispered while his eyes scanned my body dizzily."Was my father that good? Or did you fake it all for the money huh? Did you scream his name that loud or were you thinking of someone else while doing it?"

I never knew that I could blush so fast, but I was certain that I was a deep shade of red by then. The alcohol in my system fogged my better judgment.

"What's the matter? Jealous?" I found myself saying, sarcastically of course, but the look in his eyes told me that he took it more seriously than I had intended it to be. My eyes lingered on those beautiful golden orbs. How could someone be so handsome and so cruel in the same time was still a mystery to me.

He slowly pushed himself away from me and I sighed in relief but my sigh soon turned to a gasp when he took me forcefully by my hand and pushed me onto the bed.

I landed on my stomach, my eyes wide with surprise, and my side hurting a little by the sudden contact. My mind tried to understand the situation, but somehow, everything was foggy to me. Did he just push me on the bed? I turned around and tried to get up but his hands pushed on my shoulders, this time forcing me on my back.

"What are you doing?" I finally yelled, too exhausted to even try to get up again. My mind was starting to drift off, and my judgment was obviously clouded.

I could feel the mattress move beside me and I turned my head towards the motion. He leaned towards me, his mouth moving towards my ear.

"I will show you how it feels to be with someone that can handle you." He whispered in my ear, his hands nesting in my hair, freeing it from the ponytail I usually sported during work. "I will show you real pleasure and after I am done with you, you will only crave my touch, do you hear me?"

Before I could answer, his lips met mine, gently massaging them. I remained impassive, refusing the contact by ignoring it. Soon, he lost his patience, his kiss becoming rougher and rougher as if forcing me to participate.

"Kiss me." He whispered in my ear before returning to his assault. He caught my bottom lip, sucking at it until I finally gasped for breath. He took the opportunity and deepened the kiss, his hands gripping fists of my hair, tugging at it almost painfully, desperately.

It was wrong, it was wrong in so many ways but my intoxicated mind couldn't think properly and I found myself enjoying the kiss, living the moment.

His tongue collided with mine forcefully again and again until I became a willing participant of the heated kiss. His hands left my hair and went to my neck, lightly massaging the area before going down to my shirt, doing a quick work on unbuttoning it.

He then broke the kiss and moved to my neck, placing open mouthed kisses everywhere he could. He rubbed his muscular body against mine again and again until I could feel myself getting ready for him. He bit lightly on my skin before sucking it greedily as if he needed to taste me.

"Stop…" I breathed out, trying to hold on to my sanity while my hands gripped his long hair. "…That's wrong…"

"What's wrong in this?" he whispered against my skin, making goose bumps appear on my flesh.

"Everything…" I whispered back, "you hate me, I fear you…"

"I don't care…" he continued and before I could protest even more he kissed me again, bruising my lips painfully. His body crushed mine, making me feel every move he made.

He kissed me desperately, passionately, as if he wanted me to always remember his kisses, to implant them deep inside my memory.

His hands massaged my stomach, and for the first time I realized that my shirt was wide open for his eyes to see everything. I felt ashamed and tried to get up again but he forced me back on the bed.

"Where are you going?" he asked me, kissing my exposed shoulders. I bit my bottom lip, trying to form the words.

"Let me go or I will cry out…" I breathed out while my hands griped his shoulders, bringing him near to me.

"Go ahead, I am not stopping you." He said, pinning both of my hands above my head. He slowly slid down my body and before I could realize what was going down, I felt something hot and wet against my breast. My eyes widened and I whimpered lowly. My body heated instantaneously, my head moving from one side to the other.

"Ohhh." I moaned, my breath coming in soft pants as he sucked greedily, making me arch into him. His other hand made quick work of playing with my other breast, cupping it then squeezing almost painfully. This time, I cried out a little, my body not understanding the sudden sensations he was invoking in me. I only knew that my hands were now free when I felt something penetrate my now unbuttoned jeans, pushing it down and touch me where no other man had ever touched. I bucked against him and I heard him whimper some words that made me all hot.

"Is this all for me Kagome?" he asked me in my ear, his other hand still teasing my breast, twisting and tugging at the nipple, making me cry out yet again. I gasped, rubbing myself against his hand, feeling suddenly cheap. "This wet…" his finger penetrated me a little making my body go crazy. "So tight for me…" he moaned, his mouth attacking mine again… "All for me…" he mumbled between his kisses, his finger slowly rotating inside of me. I moaned loudly, desperately, attaching myself to him as if he was my only way of survival.

I barely registered when he moved away from me, shedding his cloths before joining me again. My hands reached for his shoulders, gripping them tightly before moving on his back, massaging the hard muscles. How I wanted to do that since I first met him. Was this the cause of the tension between us? Was it lust? Or was it more? Afraid of my own thoughts, I blocked everything out, everything except him.

As if he felt my surrender, he kissed me in return while his hands returned to my chest, pulling and tugging and twisting until I went crazy.

"Say you like me…" he panted hotly in my ear, earning a moan out of me while he parted my legs, wrapping them around his waist. My head fell back on the pillow, beads of sweat running down my neck, damping my black hair. I could feel him, pulsing against me and I was ready to beg him. My thoughts came back again. This tension that I felt around him, was it because I liked him the first time I saw him? Was it because his gorgeous golden eyes seduced the hell out of me? Was it because somehow between all this hatred, there was a nuance of love? Just a little?

"You are so beautiful, I knew you should be mine when I first saw you." He whispered, kissing my neck, my face, and my shoulders. "You drive me crazy woman, don't you feel it?"

I closed my eyes, bucking against him. He moaned loudly and entered me suddenly, forcefully, stretching me till I felt I would explode. Then I felt the pain. I cried out, tears coming to my now opened eyes. Shock registered on his face before another emotion came, pleasure, extreme pleasure that caused a shiver to run down my spine despite the pain I was now feeling. He made noises while thrusting again and again. It pained me, but the pleasure took over and soon, I found myself gripping his shoulders, thrusting back with equal force, joining him with the intensity of my cries.

Frenzied, he forced me down again, his mouth attacking my nipples, sucking and biting until I couldn't take it anymore. My moans resonated in the whole room, coupled with his throaty whispers about how good I felt, how beautiful he found me and how long he had waited to have me.

His hands made quick work of memorizing my body, touching everywhere he could reach. And then I felt it, and I knew he felt it too because his thrusts increased, his eyes holding mine till the end.

I couldn't sleep. I turned my back to him and stared at the closed window. What have I done? What have I done? The question kept repeating itself in my now sober mind over and over and over until I felt I would go crazy.

Of all the stupid things I could have made, I slept with my boss, with my boss who thought that I was his father's mistress, with my boss who was engaged, with my boss who hated me above all. I closed my eyes, not wanting to cry. I shouldn't have drunk, I shouldn't have agreed to that. Why did I succumb? How could I? I thought I was stronger than that. After all, I had responsibilities to do, a brother to take care of! How could I? How could I simply jump in bed with the rich boy? Thank God Sango had convinced me to use pills in case something happened. But that something should never have happened!

I hid my face in my pillow. I have never ever thought of sex in my life. It was supposed to happen with someone that loves me not someone who absolutely hates me. I took advantage of him, he was drunk and I stayed in the same room with him. What would he think of me now?

I clutched the covers tightly around my body, shamed, embarrassed. How could I look at him again? How am I going to face him? How?

I suddenly felt him move next to me. My eyes widened. He was awake. I couldn't deal with this, I couldn't deal with the humiliation of him waking in the same bed next to me and probably not remembering how much of a bitch I was last night. I couldn't believe I screamed his name! I didn't know I even knew his name! I never thought I was that kind! So I chose the coward's way out: I closed my eyes, pretending to be asleep.

I felt the mattress shift and I could feel his breath against my naked shoulder. I tensed unconsciously. He was probably wondering what happened last night. I was surprised when I felt his hand gently brush my hair away from my neck before kissing it chastely but repeatedly as if he was trying to wake me up. I couldn't deal with that! I kept repeating to myself. I feared the man for god's sake! And now he was giving me a morning kiss, on my shoulder? But why did his touch warm my heart as it did? Was I that desperate to actually fall for a man after one single night? Was I that weak?

His warm hand slid from my shoulder and carefully moved my covers away then gently cupped my now bare breast, squeezing it while his finger stroked my nipple, twisting and tugging at it. Memories of the previous night rushed through my head, warming me all over again and before I could register anything, my eyes flew open and I moved away, humiliated. I heard him chuckling behind me, so, clutching the covers around me tightly, I turned around and came face to face with my naked boss, a little sexed up I might add, but my boss after all!

"I knew you were awake." He said, smiling. I frowned, shifting away from him. His smile instantaneously vanished.

"What's wrong Kagome?" he asked me, trying to come near me but I moved away again.

"Sir…" I started but he didn't let me continue, his smile interrupting me.

"You can call me Inuyasha…" He whispered huskily, sensually, his eyes scanning me as if he could see through my covers. The idea made me clutch mentioned item more firmly. "After all, you screamed that name last night; repeatedly if I might add."

Mortified that he would remember such a thing, I stood up, taking the white sheet with me.

"Sir…" I started but again he interrupted me.

"I guess I owe you an apology Kagome. You see, since the first time I saw you in my company, you know, when you drowned me with your coffee, I knew that you would be very interesting..." A small smile made its way towards his lip while I simply stood in front of him; feeling mortified of our current situation. "I liked you, I liked you a lot. But then, I heard them talking in the company on how much my father loves you, that he gave you the job in exchange of some services, and when my father went to Switzerland to get the proper treatment for his sickness, he called me to tell me that you are to be promoted…and I had started to really like you, hell, I couldn't take my eyes off of you, haven't you noticed that?…it drove me crazy to think that you were with my father, I couldn't take it, and last night, I snapped…I wanted you to know how much you meant for me…I wanted you to be with me, not with my father…I know I was rough…maybe cruel…"

I stared at him as he spoke, watching a man that I had never witnessed before. He was nervous, almost afraid of my reaction to all of this. I could really feel his regret for the things he had accused me of recently, after all, now he was certain that I had never been his father 's mistress…it was, as if he was a completely different man than the boss who tortured me for the past several weeks. He was sweet.

"I am engaged I know, but it's nothing. I don't care for that girl, it's just a business marriage, and I care for you. We should stay together."

And he finally decided to show up, the man I knew my boss was, the cruel businessman. He wanted me as his mistress, and that I couldn't accept. It might have been a one night thing, but I did it because I wanted to, because my heart led me to this. But I would never sell myself to him, never. I might like him, and there is a damn fat chance that I might love him, but I respected myself more than anything. And he needed to know that. He needed to know that I was not one of those girls who would throw themselves at him for the money. He needed to know that although I was poor, I still had my pride, my dignity.

"Last night was a mistake, and we should never repeat it." I stated firmly, looking directly at him. I would never let him humiliate me twice; I would never let him ruin what happened this night.

His face paled a little, as if he was not expecting this kind of reply. But he composed himself immediately, his face regaining its cruelty, its faraway look meeting my now wet eyes.

"You're fired Miss Higurashi." He whispered, his gaze burning me, his voice resonating in the silence again and again. He had just destroyed me.

Evil was not the right word to describe him. It was simply not enough. He literally made my life a living hell. Wherever I went to try to get a job, they would turn me down as soon as they hear my name. I was sure this was not a simple coincidence. I mean, what are the odds?

He wanted me to cave; he wanted me to realize that he was in charge. But I would never agree to that. He was not a man; he was a monster that I clearly underestimated. But why would he be so interested in me? Why would he spend so much time trying to keep me unemployed? Why would he even bother? After all, he was immensely rich and I was poorer than dirt.

All my life I had a certain vision of things: we are the lower class and they are the upper class. They don't give a damn about us and we desperately try to catch their attentions. But with me, it was the opposite. How could my theory turn against me? However, one part of it was certainly true: rich people are evil and greedy.

My brother's birthday was last month and I was so broken that I wasn't able to get him a single gift. And it was his entire fault. My heart learned to hate him, to despise him more than anything in the world. I blamed him for everything bad that had happened to me since the first day I met him. I hated him with passion, with dedication that it almost made me suffocate. How much could a person hate another one was still a mystery to me till now? Now I knew that I could hate him more than life itself. This was the difference between love and hate. While love is fragile and grows slowly, hate is strong, powerful and expands so fast…that it's almost scary.

My apartment door bell suddenly rang, making me flinch in surprise. Who would come at such an early hour? My little brother was still in school, and the only other person who would visit me was Sango. She was at work too. Getting up from my favorite spot on my couch, I slowly made my way towards the door. And since my door didn't have a hole to look through, I had to settle for the other solution.

"Who's there?" I yelled, leaning tiredly against the door. I really hoped it was not one of those tax collectors. I was totally broke and I couldn't deal with that. Maybe they'll get sick of me one day and throw me in jail, I hope not anyway.

That's when I heard it, his dreaded masculine voice that I hated so deeply, so strongly. I could just imagine him on the other side of the door, in his own fantastic world.

"Open this door, we need to talk." He replied coldly, as if nothing weird had happened between us. That jerk obviously thought that I would open the door. Huh, as if that would ever happen.

"Just go away, I don't want to talk with you at all."

He didn't reply and I stood there, listening intently, trying to figure out what he was doing. Damn that door for not having a little hole. I would die to see his reaction. As a matter of fact, I am sure that a man in his position was never kicked out. Let him experience for once the feeling of rejection.

"I am here to apologize." He finally answered.

That was not expected at all. He wanted to apologize? Him? To me? My eyes widened and I could feel myself become restless. Was I wrong in my judgment? After all, I was the one who rudely spoke that morning. Maybe I was the one who started this entire war between us. If I could only clear those misunderstandings, maybe, just maybe, he would be kind enough to let me get a job for God's sake. Whatever this job was I wouldn't care! I needed a job!

So I opened the door and there he was, standing in front of me in all his rich glory. Dressed in his white Armani shirt and black pants with a shiny black shoe, he looked like an angel, but his eyes, his eyes burned like those of the devil. Before I could talk, he arrogantly made his way inside my apartment. In a few seconds, his eyes roamed the whole place before a scowl made its way to his face.

"This place is even worse than what I have imagined." He declared, turning around to face me. My word sided in my throat. He invited himself inside my apartment and began to insult me.

"I cannot believe that a human being is able to survive in such a trashy…apartment." He continued, obviously repulsed. He then cleared his throat, looking at me again.

"I am here to clear our…misunderstanding." He hesitated with the last word. "Things went wrong and I think that it's time to correct this mistake."

It hurt, it really did, the way he said it was a mistake. I know that I was the first one to refer to it as such but…it hurt. Maybe I didn't hate him as much as I should have. Maybe I wasn't able to.

"Sir, I am really sorry for all what I have done or said. I didn't mean to insult you. Please…" I begged, my emotions running out of control. I couldn't take his hate anymore. He was suffocating me. "Please sir, why are you doing this to me? Please let me have my job back, and let us forget about everything else. Please sir."

His golden eyes remained impassive as he moved to sit on my previous spot on the couch. He took a deep breath before looking at me again.

"I apologize for what I have done." He said and my heart immediately calmed down. Maybe he would leave me alone. Maybe I still had hope to get away of the insane situation he had so unexpectedly put me in. "But I do not regret it."

My eyes met his and I saw it again, the cruelty hidden behind his features. Why was he so cruel to me? What have I done to deserve that?

"I don't understand sir."

He smiled, his eyes never leaving mine.

"You are in trouble Miss Higurashi. You are under debt, you don't have any money left and to sum it all you have to take care of your brother. I understand that you have moral and ethics that forbid you from engaging in an unofficial relationship with me…so I found a middle ground, a common situation that will please both of us."

Although I didn't like what he was saying I knew that if I refused that offer without even hearing it, I would anger him…and the consequences would not please me at all.

"A middle ground?"

"Yes. I am a businessman Miss Higurashi and I like to make successful deals." He got up from his seat and walked towards me. With each step he took I took one away from him until my back hit the wall. I stared at him as he came closer, effectively caging me with his hands.

"You see Miss Higurashi, I have a strange desire towards you, a burning desire if I might add. I don't know what I like about you, and I really don't care. You have something that I want and I have something that you want. So we need each other right?"

I gulped, unable to hold his stare anymore.

"I will not become your mistress." I whispered, my voice almost betraying me. He smelled so good but I knew better, I knew better than to fall again.

"Just one more time, that's all what I ask for…one more time." He whispered back and before I could refuse he continued. "In exchange, I promise that I will pay all your debts for you, get you a job in one of my other branches away from me, you won't have to see me ever again. Don't think about yourself Kagome, think about your brother, isn't your brother's future worth this?"

My mind was too tired to fight, my heart went to Souta, he needed this, and he deserved this opportunity…

"I won't see you again?" I asked and I saw him smile.

"No, you won't, I promise." He assured, leaning in. I turned my head away, refusing his kiss. He was blackmailing me, buying me as if I was…I couldn't continue, too afraid of what I was about to say.

"Think about it Kagome, just one more time, and then I'll disappear from your life. It is only your choice; I am not forcing you…"

It was one more time, and then he would disappear, that's what I told myself before facing him, determination in my eyes. He seemed to understand, his smile coming back to his face.

"You won't regret it."

But somehow, I knew I would.

I closed my eyes, taking a slow breath out. Just like the previous time, I couldn't sleep. Not after what I had done. I had just sold my body to the devil, and he had used it to his own pleasure. I had to confess that he made everything he could to make me enjoy it too, but I refused his touches, trying as best as I could to block him out. However, deep inside of me, I knew that he did not force me, I was aware that my body sang when he touched me, I was aware of how much my heart thundered when he made love to me, but he would never know. He would feel my rejection, and nothing else.

I could feel his breath on my neck and I knew that he was awake too. His hair caressed my shoulders, his body against mine sending shivers down my spine, him still so deep inside of me, making me blush, the darkness concealing my reaction from him.

"Was I that bad?" he whispered in the darkness of the room, his hand gently caressing my hair out of my face. His question surprised me, making me shift uncomfortably. He was anything but bad. He was fantastic, gentle, loving but I knew him too well, he was the devil and I would never cave. His other hand cupped my breast, slowly caressing it, his thumb rubbing over my nipple. I knew why he did that, he did it to tell me that for now he owned my body, but my thoughts were not enough to push the pleasure he invoked in me away.

"Why would you say that?" I asked, wincing when my voice sounded too loud for my ears. He sighed, his hands stopping their sinful actions. He then hugged me closer, his face buried in my hair. He inhaled deeply, and my body tingled all over, a detail he should never be aware of.

"Because you cried after."

An uncomfortable silence stretched between us before I replied.

"It doesn't matter."

His face moved towards my face, his lips caressing my skin all the way before settling on my lips, pressing urgently, desperately. I complied, opening my mouth for him. He kissed me slowly, lazily as if he wanted to take as much as he could and it was all my power that I used to make sure that he thought I wasn't enjoying the kiss.

He pulled away, his hands caressing my flushed cheeks.

"You're so beautiful…" he whispered and to my deepest embarrassment I could feel him harden again, inside of me. That's why, before he could dive for another kiss, I turned my head away, his lips colliding with my cheek, gently kissing it.

"You said one more time." I breathed out as coldly as I could. I felt him freeze, his hands stopping their motions on my skins. I sighed in relief, afraid of how much I could handle his touch before melting in him.

He carefully rolled me on my back, him on top. His hands touched my thighs and I jumped slightly at the touch, the sudden movement causing a wave of pleasure to wash over my body. I stiffened it immediately and blushed in embarrassment when I noticed that my legs were still tightly wrapped around his waist. I unwrapped them, letting them fall on the mattress under me.

"Hold still." He whispered before slowly withdrawing out. The movements made another more intense wave of pleasure go through my body, and this time I couldn't stifle the loud moan that escaped my lips.

This time, we both froze, staring at each other in the darkness.

"Inuyasha…" I said in a half moan, trying to pretend that it was due to pain, not to pleasure, but before I could speak, he thrust back, hard, his hands griping my legs, wrapping them around his waist.

I bit my bottom lip, decided on blocking any additional sounds when I saw his hand reach for the lamp next to the bed, turning it on. I closed my eyes, blocking the light out when I heard him whisper in my ear, thrusting again.

"You won't hide from me anymore."

His fingers caressed my bottom lip until I opened my mouth lightly, moaning when he took the exact moment to thrust deeply. He buried his face in my hair, his hands caressing up my body before finally settling on my chest. I slowly opened my eyes, immediately meeting his heated gaze.

"Let go…for me." He whispered. And I did just what he asked. It would be just tonight, and then, he would disappear. He promised.

To be continued...