Shades Of Brown

The way his perfect face was at piece with the world when playing on his guitar or writing a solo song.

The way his hair was always messy but in a sort of I'm a rockstar but I'm not a diva way.

The way he laughed with a little snort that made him sound like a angel sent from heaven above.

The way he always smiled with a real and true smile even when sometimes smiling wasn't the right way to deal with a suitation.

The way he never gave up on something till he got it even if people told him it was no use.

The way he looked after Nate when he found out that his mom and dad died on a cruise ashore when Nate was 17.

The way he would sling his arm around my shoulder in a normal way when he played guitar and the audeince loved it.

The way he hated seeing people crying.

The way he may not have been the brightest caryon in the box.

The way he kissed my head when I was upset which made me shine

The way he learnt to deal with the death of his parents even though he was on tour at the time.

The way he acted when I first told him that I loved him with a smile and a I love you too but it was never the same way.

The way he didn't quit the band and call me a faggot like Nate did after finding out.

The way he left one day and never came back.

The way he lit up a room just by stepping into it.

The way in which I found out my angel was dead.

The way I would never give up though it was no use.

The way in which he would be mine forever and always.

My name is Shane Gray and those are many things that I loved about the one guy to never judge me. The one who always saw the bright side of things even if there wasn't ever one. The one who risked his life to save the band and Camp Rock.

The one and only Jason Brown.

I stood up from the gravestone after the cermonry was over knowing everything written on the gravestone was true.

Jason Brown

November 5 1987 - 9 September 2010.

Carring brother.
Loyal bandmate.
Ruler of everlasting peace.

Sighing I placed one last kiss to the gravestone before moving away letting losse tears fall and knowing that Jason was safe now.

And I would see him soon enough.

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