I felt tension, and everything was a smoky grey. A blue cat and a winged wolf pulled me. I was a two tailed orange fox, with blue shoes and laces, red socks, a red T-shirt, purple gloves, and my same old black hat. The cat and wolf, I had never seen before. A silver hedgehog and a pink cat followed us, and so did a black hedgehog. The cat and wolf pulled me to a different location…one I was capable of seeing. The cat pulled out an emerald, and gave it to me.

"…you will see us again…" she whispered. The thing blacked out. I was in total darkness. I heard a familiar voice.

"Double D! Hey! Wake up, Sock head!" A loud and rather raspy voice called. I woke up.

I was in my green-painted room. My ant farm sat on my dresser, and my friends, Eddy and Ed, were right in front of me.

"About time, Sock head. We need to make the Ed's dimension space-time mcblobber travel today! It's already noon!" He shouted. NOON? I Never slept in ONCE! So, I got up quickly, and followed my friends. Before I did, though, I felt something in my hat. I got it out quickly so that nobody could see what was under it. I couldn't believe it…it was the same emerald from my dream…