Chapter 1
First Person

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"Here is to getting together including Haruhi who had to leave us to go to Ouran."
It had been so long since Haruhi had seen her friends from middle school. They were all talking about middle school and old hang out events. Before they wanted to know about Ouran and how the students were. Haruhi was quick to inform them that the ones she knew were stuck up rich people leaving in their own little worlds, and one day she was going to lose it. Everyone was having a great time and in tears from laughing so hard. There was a stack of plastic soda bottles by the door. In a few hours they had downed twelve liters of soda. Haruhi knew she would be sorry, it would keep her up all night and then make her crash. Oh well there was no school which meant no club. Tamaki would probably freak out to see her as a zombie from sleeping so poorly. Why was she worrying, he wasn't here and unless Kyouya called her father to give him an update about the club he wouldn't know. This get together would stay perfect. He would probably complain if he found out he missed the chance to learn more about middle school and have more things he could use against her, more pictures Kyouya could bribe him with. Yes this was great night because Tamaki would never know.


Tamaki paced the club room floor. On the verge of calling the cops he tried to listen to Kyouya only, just like he always did, he wouldn't listen.
"She must be missing, it's just not like my daughter to skip school."
"Relax boss her dad said she has a cold."
"Then we should take her to the hospital."
Grabbing Hikaru's shoulder he shook him from being worried.
"Tamaki relax already. We will have company coming in five minutes so tend to them. Don't disappoint the ladies. If you do I will make you pay Haruhi's debt plus what we lose with added interest on both."
"Okay I got it Kyouya. I won't disappoint you but do you think I could call her, I mean I'm sure her guests would love to talk to her."
"Remember what I said Tamaki." Rubbing his temple he walked away.
"Wait, Kyouya, is that a yes?" Moving away from Hikaru he ran after Kyouya.

A few days later Tamaki was more than just freaking out as he learned Haruhi wasn't in school yet again. Kyouya sat in his usual spot typing on his laptop trying to ignore him.
"Kyyyouyaaaa, I can't handle it. Where is Haruhi? Has she seen a doctor? How bad is it?"
"Tamaki shut up. If you're so worried about then call her house. Just don't do it here."
"I think I will." Grabbing his jacket off the back of the couch to take out his phone, Kyouya closed his laptop and left the room. Tamaki could call but that didn't mean he would reach her. Haruhi wasn't home and hadn't been for a few days. If he told Tamaki he knew he would only freak out more than he already was. Everyone followed Kyouya out of the room figuring he was on to something. As they walked the hall they heard Tamaki yell.

Music flooded the entire downstairs of the second estate as Tamaki played the piano. He had homework but he couldn't concentrate on it. Haruhi wasn't home when he called; apparently she hasn't been home all week. Ranka said she had gone to Mei's but he didn't know why. Why would she go there and miss school when her scholarship depended on good attendance? Playing helped but his mind couldn't relax from not knowing. And why did Kyouya lie to him about her being sick and home? Surely he knew what was going on.
"For the last time I don't know why she ran off to Mei's. Don't you have homework or something Tamaki?"
"Yea but."
"She has her reasons I'm sure and Ranka has his for not saying anything. I don't care to know. I'll start to care when we start losing profits."
"Jackass." Before he could say more he heard Kyouya hang up.

Trying to get his mind off it he went back to playing. As his mind started to drift he noticed Shima at the living room door.
"Master Tamaki, you have a visitor."
"Oh, is it my father?"
"No, it's a classmate."
"A classmate?" Moving off the piano he saw Haruhi behind Shima.
"Haruhi, it's really you. What are you doing here?" Shima stepped aside to let them talk.
"I know it's rude of me to intrude but do you think we could talk?"
"Talk? Sure, come sit Haruhi." He led her to the couch so they get comfortable. "Where have you been all week? It's not like you to miss school."
"I had some things to short out."
"Oh, what sort of things?"

Haruhi sat there and just played with her thumbs. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.
"I'm sorry for bothering you senpai. I shouldn't have stopped by." As she got up to leave Tamaki grabbed her arm before she got too far.
"You can tell me whatever it is Haruhi. I told you I would be there for you no matter what."
"Senpai I…" For a moment she stared into his eyes to see how focused they were. He was serious he wanted to know. Still holding her arm he sat her back down.
"Are you okay? Are you in trouble somehow? If I can give it to you I will help."
"You could say that. Senpai I'm pregnant."
"What?" His mouth dropped, this wasn't what he expected her to say. He didn't expect her to say those words for at least five more years and with him having some idea that was coming.
"I went to a friends' party last month and it turns out some one spiked the soda we were drinking. I woke up the next morning in bed with someone. The memories of what happened exactly won't come back."
"Did you tell the father yet?" His voice shook slightly still surprised by what Haruhi was telling him.
"No and I, I don't plan to. I never got along with him all that well to begin with. In fact out of everyone I know he would be the last person I would sleep with. Senpai, you're the first person I told about this." The more she thought about it the more she wondered why she came here to tell. Tamaki held no responsibility for this.
"I should go, sorry to waste your time senpai. I will be in school tomorrow so see you then."
"Hey Haruhi." Running after her he stopped her again from leaving the room.
"I want to be there for you a Haruhi. You came to me to talk and since you could have gone to anyone and chose me that means you trust me. If you would like to you can stay the night and after school I can go with you to talk to your dad tomorrow, if you want."
"Senpai, you really want to help me? But, this isn't your problem I got myself into this mess."
"You came to me so that has to mean something. Like I said before, I'll always be there for you Haruhi."
He pulled into his chest as she started to cry.

"Yes sir, she showed up at my house about an hour ago. She is asleep now in one of my guest rooms, I can wake her if you'd like. No, okay then. I promise you sir no harm will come to her." Tamaki hung up with Ranka before heading back upstairs. He got chewed out by him thinking they were up to something. One day he would get Ranka to like him, as soon as he figured out how. Earlier she told him she never went to Mei's; it was just an excuse so she could get out of town to think things through for a while. She hadn't spoken to her father all week since when he called Mei she had to tell him she was busy. Ranka figured something had to up but just like everything else Haruhi wouldn't say much.

Tamaki carefully opened the door on the second level. Haruhi was sleeping soundly on the bed. He had no idea what he was doing. He had to help her but how, she had a point, this wasn't his child. Once she decided to tell the rest of the club he would talk to Kyouya and see what he should do. What was this feeling in his chest? He felt it since Haruhi told him that he was the first she thought of to talk to. Out of all of them she went to him. That had to mean something, didn't it? Could their father, daughter relationship somehow be changing? But changing how actually? Something deep down told him he was going to find out one day and that day would be here sooner then he would think.

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