Chapter 7
Due Date

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Haruhi rolled over on the bed, sleep wouldn't come, again. The bed was soft and the house was great but even so her eyes wouldn't stay shut for very long. Everything had been taken care of soon after they had finished moving in; Tamaki was looking to see if someone could hire him so they would have a decent income. So far it looked like only the twins could help him there. He didn't do martial arts so working with Mitsukuni or Takashi was out. He was thinking maybe he could work for Kyouya but he had to prove his worth to Yoshio. He wasn't trying to gain power in the family he only wanted work to make sure they could afford the basics at least. Giving up on sleep she sat up and left the room. The house had this feudal Japan and western feel to it. The décor was all western but the design and walls were all feudal Japan. Walking in the living room she noticed Antoinette sleeping on the couch, that was odd usually she slept with Tamaki. Did that mean he was up too? Putting the TV on she sat next to Antoinette to pet her, this was calming. Her thoughts were focusing better; soon her eyes couldn't stay open.

She needed to give Tamaki an answer of some sort. She had accepted his ring but they never talked about getting married. Part of her wanted to wait until she was done with school completely to stick with her original plan. The other part wanted to marry him sooner, they were already living together and she loved him. There was no real reason to wait. In a month in a half they would be raising a baby together. Their child, just as deep down she had always dreamed. Maybe once the baby was born and things settled they would marry, yea she would like that. Tamaki probably would too, and it didn't have to be anything big just a small ceremony with her dad and the Host Club at the very least.

Tamaki walked out of the kitchen to get Antoinette from her spot on the couch when he saw Haruhi sleeping. She looked so cute laying there with Antoinette on her feet, moving the quilt off the back of the couch he placed it on top of her before going upstairs to go to bed. He was happy to know that everything was working out for them. He wanted to take care of her, this way he could. The gang had gotten involved as well; the twin's mother was allowing him to model her male fashions. Nothing inappropriate and it was nothing that would make him famous it was just something he could make good money from. Kyouya had set Haruhi up with the best doctors since he didn't trust the ones she was seeing before. Mitsukuni and Mori were making sure Yuzuru didn't try to take him away from her. As the twins kept saying they were all in this together. They were a family that wasn't going to break apart from people outside of it. She never would have guessed that everyone would be so willing to help her. When she first found out she was pregnant she figured that she would be all alone. Now that fear was gone and she realized how silly that fear was. With her friends and father's support she was as ready as she would ever be to raise this baby. Her daughter, the child Tamaki, her senpai and someone she thought she would never fall for, would raise together. Her daughter was so incredibly lucky already to just have Tamaki as her father. No one would treat her better while raising her right.

Haruhi pushed away from the table, she needed a break from her homework. Semester finals were a few weeks away and she had to study hard. To keep her scholarship she had to be at the top of her class, since she didn't have to leave school per say she needed to hold onto the scholarship. Everyone wanted to see her fulfill her future goals so she needed to graduate from Ouran with top grades to go to a top school. She was willing to change her future to raise her daughter but since people were willing to help her stay on track she would take it.
"Do you need any help studying Haruhi?" Looking towards the door she saw Tamaki carefully walking in so he didn't disturb her.
"Sure if you want to help me. Don't you have your own tests to study for?"
"I'm all set."
"Well lucky you." Sitting next to her books he started to help her anyway he could.

"Shirow's been trying to contact me."
"What?" Tamaki sat up straight, why would he try to contact her?
"My dad told me that he has been calling the house looking for me. And my dad keeps telling him that I don't live there anymore and he won't give my information to him since he knows I don't want to talk to him."
"Do you know what he wants?"
"To be involved, he says he was taken off guard before but he has been thinking and he wants to do the right thing."
"The right thing?" Swallowing hard he waited for her response. He had been taught that the right thing was marriage, so was he trying to marry Haruhi?
"I won't talk to him, and I don't have to. My father was talking to an old friend of my moms and they said I don't have to involve him if I don't want to. He waited months after I told him to change his mind and talk to me, and to me that still makes him nothing to this baby. If he wanted to involved he would have contacted me sooner. You are this baby's father and Shirow will have to deal with that fact. Sure she may carry his DNA but you have been there he hasn't so in my book he isn't a father."
"…Haruhi…" Looking into her eyes he slowly stroked her face before he leaned over to kiss her lips. Her lips were soft; he could feel the smile behind them. Keeping her face close to his she whispered.
"Once the baby is born let's get married." At that his face lit up, he had been waiting to hear those words. He had wanted to for months now but he wanted her to be ready. If she never was then she never was. He had been prepared to just stay as they were. Legally Shirow could be a problem but they would solve it one way or another. They had powerful friends and connections they would make it all work out in their favor.

Finals were over and done with. It was nice knowing that was one thing she didn't have to worry about anymore. The baby was due in a few weeks so she was worrying about that. Things were settling down around her but she was still scared. Would she make a good mother? She was scared that Tamaki wasn't making the right choices for his future. She loved him and wanted him to stay beside her but with Shirow trying to step in she kept thinking that maybe she should talk to him. All this worrying wasn't making her feel well. She was uncomfortable as it was even without worrying about other things. Wanting to be with someone she left the room Tamaki was in his room if she remembered correctly. Knocking at his door she heard his voice rush to the door. That seemed unnecessary.
"Something wrong Haruhi?"
"No, I just wanted to know if you were busy and if not could we spend some time together."Moving aside he let her in the room. He wasn't doing anything so the company would be nice, he thought she had gone to bed already.

That night Haruhi felt relaxed as she cuddled with Tamaki on his bed. For some reason they didn't do this much, well not in his room on the couch downstairs they did. She figured it had something to do with the morals Tamaki was raised on. Always the gentlemen, he wasn't worried what others thought but he made sure he remembered the boundaries one should have. They were unmarried so he always knew where the line was drawn. The few times they shared a bed she fell asleep in his arms and they were on top of his covers.

Tamaki was in the backyard enjoying the fall weather. He loved watching the leaves change and with Haruhi asleep on the living room couch it seemed like the perfect time to just sit and think. He was going to be a father soon, he was nervous about this. He loved Haruhi and he loved this baby but was he ready? Would he be a good father and the raise baby right? They had everything they needed and plenty of people to ask for advice so he knew this fear was just from nerves.
"Master Tamaki Ms. Fujioka is looking for you." Spinning around he saw a maid walking towards in.
"Is everything alright?" Usually Haruhi looked for him directly. She was still adjusting to having help always around.
"I'm not sure sir I was just asked to find you from another staff member."
"Oh okay then." Following the maid inside he saw Haruhi sitting in the middle of the steps leading upstairs.
"Haruhi is everything okay? Why are you sitting up here on the stairs?"
"T…Tamaki I think I'm going into labor, I think I'm having the baby."
Tamaki froze where he was for a second; his mind went blank on what to do for her.
Grabbing and squeezing his wrist as a contraction hit her, his senses came back.
"Right, sorry, come on." Standing up he had a maid help him get her down the stairs without falling. Somehow he managed to remember to call Ranka and let him know what was going on.

Tamaki wasn't sure what to do; he had no idea how to help. Haruhi was in pain and there was nothing he could do. He was never in this position before and he didn't like it. He was a little surprised by some of the things coming out of her mouth.
"Ready Haruhi?" Seeing the doctor finally walk in and come in a happy tone made Haruhi shoot a dirty look at them, if looks could kill. Grabbing one hand while Ranka took the other they all prepared themselves. Keeping his promise to Ranka and Haruhi he ignored the doctor. From what he had been learning it wasn't too hard to do, he gave much credit to the doctors in this field.

Everyone smiled and Haruhi relaxed as they heard a cry fill the room. Both Ranka and Tamaki noticed she looked like Haruhi more than Shirow. Little brown eyes looked up at bigger ones as she was placed in Haruhi's arms. She was captivating in Tamaki's eyes, just like her mother.
"Have you picked a name for her yet Haruhi?" Just barely lifting her head from her newborn she looked up at her father.
"I have." She was waiting to see her before she picked a name so she knew it would be the perfect one. That was how her mother named her after all. "I am going to name her Asuka written as smell of tomorrow."
"Asuka fits her wonderfully sweetie." Ranka sat beside her to watch he granddaughter. He was so proud of Haruhi. She was growing up fast, where had all that time gone.
"Want to hold her dad?"
"Why don't you let Tamaki hold her first? He is the father after all." It took him nine months to finally accept that fact that Tamaki, a total idiot, was willing to help his daughter with a baby that wasn't his. Not anyone would have done that, and he gave up on his family's business for Haruhi. He had true feelings for her; Tamaki deserved his blessing to be with his daughter. They would be happy together.
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"You won't drop her I promise Tamaki just relax." Ranka stood up to walk to Tamaki. Placing his arms in a better position so he would be more relaxed Tamaki let his body relax as Asuka stared up at him. She seemed happy in his arms, that was a good sign.

Ranka walked into the back room to see if Haruhi needed any help getting ready. He couldn't believe his little girl was getting married today. He was happy for her, Tamaki was being a big help with Asuka who was already three months old last week so she would be happy. Walking into the room he became all choked up seeing Haruhi in a white gown. She kept it simple with a long length, lace straps v-neck. It had been designed by Hikaru and Kaoru's mother if he remembered correctly. Haruhi wasn't sure she liked the v-neck since it seemed a little too low but it was perfect for what he wanted to do.
"Oh dad it's you, I thought it was Mei again."
"You look beautiful."
Looking down at the dress on her she felt her face become warm. This all seemed to be a crazy dream, there was no way she was in a wedding dress about to marry the man she loved. She was only seventeen, though deep down this felt right. She felt ready.
"I have something for you."
"Father you didn't have to."
"It's from your mother." Opening a box she noticed it held a necklace she remembered always seeing on her mother. She thought she had been laid to rest with it on.
"That's mother's necklace." She was happy Mei put waterproof make-up on she could feel her eyes watering up.
"It is and she gave it to me when she became sick. It's been in her family for years and she wanted you to have it when the time was right. Moving the veil from the back of her neck Ranka clasped the necklace on her. The low cut on the dress didn't seem so low anymore. The necklace shimmered in the light.
"Thank you father."
"Your mother would be proud of the woman and mother you've become. I know I am. Now come on we better not keep everyone waiting." Taking her arm in his own he led her out of the room.

Tamaki felt his heart pick up speed as Haruhi came into focus. She looked beautiful even more so then she normally did. He could hear Mei talking to Asuka about her. He could even hear Kyouya smile behind him, he was the luckiest man in the world.
"I'd say take good care of my daughter but you already are. Just don't let me down now."
"I won't sir I promise." Giving Tamaki Haruhi's hand they smiled at each other as she moved closer to him.
"I love you."
"I love you too Haruhi."
With that the ceremony started. Right now both were lost in each other's eyes.
"Tamaki you can kiss the bride." Taking her in his arms he brought their lips together. When they separated he took Asuka into his arms, they were a family. A family that he had dreamt about since he was little.

Moving to another part of the backyard Tamaki was playing with Asuka while he watched Haruhi dance with her father. This day had been better then he could have ever imagined.
"Congratulations Tamaki, I take it this is your daughter." Looking behind him he saw Yuzuru standing there.
"F…father, hi. I didn't think you would come."
"I know we haven't seen eye to eye Tamaki but you're my son. We are family."
"Want to hold your granddaughter, Asuka?" Handing her over he couldn't help the warm feeling spreading over him. It seemed like everything could go into a place it should never have left.
"Mi'lord what are you doing sitting here. Go dance with your bride!" Hikaru and Kaoru each grabbed an arm and pulled him out of his chair. Dragging him to Haruhi they backed off to let them dance alone.
"Did your dad give you that, it's very pretty?" Haruhi followed Tamaki's hand to the necklace she was given earlier, he held it gently as they moved to get a better look at it.
"It was my mother's." Stepping a little closer she closed the small gap between them. "So you and your father made up?"
"Yes I believe so."
"Good because I want our daughter to know her whole family not just half."
"Me too." Dipping her he kissed her surprised, smiling lips. Pulling him closer she kissed him back, she was the luckiest girl. Tamaki was and would always be the only one for her and her for him. This was love, one that had taken sweet time to bloom into the prettiest flower.


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