"What's going on? Why can't i control myself?" Boss asked in his head as he chased after Cappy and Bijou in the forest. He tried to command his body to stop, but it didn't listen to him. It was as though his body was acting only on instinct and his brain had become obsolete.

"I've got it!" Boss heard Bijou cry, but his eyes refused to turn to the female to find out what she had found. Instead, they focused on the small Cappy who had tripped and was presently nursing his knee and starin at Boss as he prepared to lunge in for the kill.

'Dear god, not Cappy." Boss whispered in his head as he prepared himself mentally for the gruesome image that was about to unfold. Cappy continued to look at him with those large horrified eyes that made him want to puke. His claws narrowed in on Cappy's small throat, the moment of death was at hand.

"Please don't kill me, I love you." Cappy whispered softly, causing Boss' body to stop for a small bit. Boss' mind froze up at the hamster's words, had he just said that he loved him.

As he pondered the thought in his mind he felt a sharp pain in his back, his body let out a howl of pain as it started to collapse to the ground. Boss sighed in his mind, he believed that he was going to die.

"Thank you for distracting him so I could use the antidote on him." Bijou commented awhile later in the clubhouse as Boss lay on the sofa unconscious. Cappy blushed at the comment and continued soaking Boss' head with a wet rag.

"The antidote takes a toll on the hamster as you can imagine, he should be unconscious for at least another hour. At least, I remember Elliot saying something about that." Mr. Williams commented as he scribbled down on a small piece of paper. The other hams appeared to be staring at the syringe filled with he antidote for the zombie infestation.

"Though, I will confess that I wish I had some books to use as reference to the process of Boss' detoxication process. If that bookstore Elliot used to go to were still open I could probably pick up a few pages, but of course that annoying hamster would probably pester me to no end if I went there." Mr. Williams said with a sigh.

"I swear to god, that Maxwell character would always ask me these annoying questions about science and history. He would even ask me to compare thoughts with him and have debates with him over current events. I don't believe he..."

"Excuse me, did you just say Maxwell?" Sandy asked from behind him, Mr. Williams turned around and nodded.

"Yes I did, why do you ask?" Mr. Williams responded. Sandy blushed a bit before answering.

"Well, he was my boyfriend." Sandy explained, Mr. Williams chuckled at her confession.

"I see, well I understand why you would feel attracted to such a man. A man who asks questions to a man such as myself possibly for the sole purpose of showing off to his girlfriend is a very good man indeed. You should have been proud." Mr. Williams said with a smile.