Yeah! So I was watching 'Chi's Sweet Home' cuz my anime obsessed friend told me to and I was like oh my god such a cutie wittle baby kitty witty!*SQUEEAAALLLL* so I just HAD TO DO neko kitty thingy cuz I just LOOOVVEE KITTIES and I felt like in such a kitty mood!^^

P.S. this is a neko grimm and ichi story! Not so rape filled or sex or smut but just plain adorable griminess! Grimmjow cute hmmmmmm there's a thought!

'Argghh! You know, you can be such a major piss-off, dad! I never want to come back EVER!' Ichigo roars at his dad before slamming the door and stomping away from the Kurosaki clinic which is supposed to be his home as well.

'What the fuck is wrong with him?' Ichigo vents out heatedly in his mind as he perks the collar of his jacket up to keep out the cold. Winter is fast approaching as the trees lining his street are now bare of leaves and just look like skeletons standing like solitary sentinels outside each yard like a guard dog.

'Does he actually expect me to get married? I mean, I'm only 18, for God's sake! I have my whole life ahead of me! Does he really expect me to throw it all away from some girl I'm supposed to fall in love with!'

He cries out in rage and kicks a pebble in frustration. It sails in a perfect arc across the sky, skipping thrice across the cold ground to roll into an alley.

'I hate my life,' he murmurs. He glances at the sky and notices that the sun is going down pretty fast. Well, the days do get shorter during winter so he might as well head home before everyone gets worried.

He snorts. His dad must be throwing a hissy fit about him leaving the house in the middle of the argument. Like he gives a fuck. Now if his father jumped out the window, then he might consider caring. Like who would take care of Yuzu and Karin.

Plink! Clink! Plink! Ponk!


Ichigo turns his head to look behind him. The street is bare of any life. Even the tiny critters have gone into hibernation. His eyes trail down to his feet and he notices a pebble. The same pebble he had been kicking earlier. He knows it is. It's in a weird shape, like his father's head, which is why he had enjoyed kicking it so much. How did it get back to him?

Rustle! Rustle!

Ichigo freezes. His face pales as he remembers the kidnappings that have increased in Karakura Town. What if there is someone here who is going to attack him? Turning his head around like his neck is a rusty nail he faces the alley from which the noises seem to be resonating from. Beads of sweat form on his forehead as he approaches the dark corridor cautiously. He tries to swallow but his saliva seems to have dried up making his mouth feel like it's stuffed with cotton.

The sounds seem to be getting louder and more frantic. Ichigo finally swallow his fear and braces his feet in a fighting stance. It's now or never.

'Whoever you are, come out now and fight like a-!' Ichigo hollers and suddenly, out jumps something very big, very blue and very, very heavy .He cries out in surprise as that big, blue, heavy something pushes him down onto the ground and is now sitting on top of him like a proud creature.

'-cat?' Ichigo blinks rapidly. Sure enough, there is a neko perched elegantly on his chest and looking deep into his brown eyes with great intensity. This neko humanoid has very, very blue irises that sparkle with curiosity and mischief. He even has wild blue hair that is falling all over his face! His furry blue ears are poking out of his hair and are twitching animatedly as their owner sniffs Ichigo. His tail flicks behind him lazily as his eyes bore into Ichigo, who is feeling nervous being scrutinized so intently.

'Uhhhh,' he manages to utter. 'Nice…kitty?'

The neko sniffs his breath and wrinkles his nose. Then, out of nowhere, it sticks its pink tongue out and licks Ichigo's nose.


Ichigo bucks the neko off and scrambles away backwards, his eyes wide in shock and his mouth still open in a scream. The neko lands on his butt and sticks its hands out behind himself to prevent falling flat on its back. He mewls happily, closing its eyes and grinning like an imp. Ichigo is panting so hard and fast he feels like he has run a mile. Did that thing just lick him on the nose?

'Dude!' Ichigo shrieks as he gets to his feet and places one hand on his hip while raising the other to wag a finger at the neko. 'That was not cool! Not cool at all, kitty!'

The kitten gives him a confused look again by widening its eyes and then cocking its head to one side. Its ears then droop at the tone of Ichigo's voice and lower its head in shame. Ichigo's heart melts at the pathetic site and he gets down on his knees so he is level with the neko.

'Hey,' he whispers softly. 'Hey, I didn't mean to scold you. I was just kidding. Hey, don't be sad, kitty…'

Suddenly, the neko sticks its tongue out and licks Ichigo's nose once more.


The neko mewls happily as Ichigo jumps at least ten feet into air before landing on his butt. The orange-headed teen cries out in pain and rubs his sore ass, muttering curses under his breath. Clearly the neko likes this funny human.

'That was not funny! That hurt!' Ichigo complains and then squawks as the neko starts rubbing its body against Ichigo's legs. Ichigo can feel his thighs vibrate as the neko purrs contentedly. He finally notices how skinny the neko actually is. It is barely dressed in anything save stone-washed torn jeans that hang low on his waist and gather at his ankles, going under his bare feet. His torso is barely covered by a deep indigo flannel long-sleeved shirt with the cuffs undone and a few buttons missing to expose a pale chest.

Hesitantly, Ichigo stretches out a hand to lace it into the neko's azure locks. The neko purrs even more loudly. Soon, Ichigo realizes that he is petting him. He is petting a stray neko that probably has rabies. But for some strange reason, he cannot make himself move away from the neko. There is something about it that is oddly comforting to Ichigo. And he just seems so cute leaning into Ichigo palm as it cradles his cheek.

'It's getting late,' Ichigo murmurs. 'I'd better get going.'

With a final scratch under the neko's chin, Ichigo gets up, dusts himself and turns around to leave while stuffing his hands into his coat pocket.

'Nya!' the neko cries out helplessly.

Ichigo halts suddenly, the cry travelling down his ear canal straight to his heart and constricting it painfully. He turns around slowly only to gasp softly at how pathetic the neko looks shivering in his ragged clothing, lying on the cold ground with his eyes widely naïve and innocent looking. His lower lip wobbles as he raises one hand as if calling out to him.

'Nya!' he repeats, his voice sounding more miserable than before that Ichigo almost bursts into tears. Ichigo chews his own lower lip in thought. He breathes out a sigh which comes out in a puff of cold air.

'Well,' he says slowly. 'I don't think I can leave you out in the cold now, can I? It would be inhuman of me!'

'Kya!' he mewls in ecstasy and launches himself at Ichigo, who shrieks but manages to catch the neko without dropping him.

'You silly, silly, kitty!' he says, exasperatedly as he lowers the blue neko to the floor. The neko makes to sit like a real cat and begins to lick the back of his hand. 'I could have dropped you, you know!'

He removes his coat and drapes it over the neko. The kitty makes an irritated noise and inspects the coat curiously, wondering what this object is that is making him feel so warm. He then uses his teeth to tug at a sleeve fiercely before abandoning it to rub himself against Ichigo's legs. The orange-head smiles.

'Now,' he ponders as the neko begins to purr again. 'How the hell am I going to sneak you into my house?'

'This is all your fault, dad!'

'My fault? I'm not the one who ran out of the house and making everyone worry to pieces about me!'

'Yeah but you made nii-san run out the house with your stupid decisions and stubborn attitude!'

'Now listen, young lady! That is no way for a young girl to be talking to her father!'

'I'll start acting like one when you'll start acting like a father!'


'Don't Karin me, dad!'

'Good old Karin,' Ichigo chuckles softly as he silently slips into the family kitchen. He does this by placing his foot in the sink and then sliding the rest of his body onto the counter before stepping quietly onto the tiled floor. Thank God they aren't arguing in this room since this is the only place where the window is easy to open and slip through.

'She never misses a chance to piss the old bastard off,' he scoffs angrily as he props a chair in front of the sink. Now how is he going to sneak the neko in?

'Come on, little fella,' he coaxes under his breath as the neko places his hands on the windowsill and looks into the room curiously. 'Just jump in onto this chair. I'll catch you if you fall so don't be afraid.'

His tail flicks behind him as he sniffs the sill now, lifting his head to sniff the air in the kitchen. Suddenly, his eyes widen and he licks his lips as he bounds into the kitchen, sailing past the chair, knocking Ichigo down and flies right at the fridge.

Ichigo stifles a cry of pain as he collides with the chair and topples to the ground with the furniture on top of him. Groaning, he looks towards the neko and notices how he is scratching the fridge earnestly as if trying to dig his way to the source of the smell that is driving him crazy.

'Hey!' Ichigo hisses as he pushes the chair away to grab the neko roughly by the collar. 'You're not supposed to make so much noise! We don't want them to hear us now, do we?'

The neko whimpers and gives Ichigo that pitiful look that Ichigo knows from now he will never be able to say no to. He sighs.

'Look,' he says in a tired murmur. 'I know you're hungry. But if you come to my room I promise I'll get you food. Can you do that for me?'

The neko stares at him longingly. Then, he gives in by yawning right in Ichigo's face and prowls towards the stairs, looking behind his shoulder as if saying 'are you coming or not?'

Ichigo knows his room isn't much, especially to accommodate him and the kitty. But he doesn't want anyone in the family to know that he's brought a cat into the house. For one thing, Ishin Kurosaki is allergic to cats and secondly, he had already warned each and every one of them that if they brought a feline into the house, he would send the kitty straight to the pound. Or something like that. Whatever he had given as an ultimatum, Ichigo didn't want this kitty to undergo a punishment due to his actions.

The neko explores the room enthusiastically; jumping on the bed while mewling happily; playing with Ichigo's course book on the floor; messing with the blankets in the cupboard and even scratching the walls.

'Hey! Hey!' Ichigo says angrily as he tosses his coat into the cupboard before stomping up to the neko making dents in his wallpaper. 'Don't do that! I don't know how I am going to explain that to my family if they see it!'

When the cat still doesn't listen, he grabs it around the waist and flings him onto the bed. The neko bounces once. Twice. Thrice. He is now laughing and meowing joyfully as it jumps on the bed like it is some kind of trampoline. Ichigo rolls his eyes. What a kitten!

'Alright,' he says casually as he slips into a more homey t-shirt. 'I'm going downstairs to get food, ok? You. STAY. PUT. Got it?'

'Kya!' the neko squeals in joy and continues to hop on the bed, now getting entangled in the sheets.

He gives a shriek of surprise as he suddenly finds himself stuck in a yellow sheet. He tries to untangle himself with his claws but ends up getting even more stuck. Ichigo stifles a giggle as he sneaks out of his room to tip toe down the stairs back to the kitchen.

He opens the fridge and pulls out a carton of milk. He sets it aside, making a mental note to pour some in a bowl for the neko kitty. He starts rummaging through the fridge, trying to locate something that might appeal to the neko. Sushi? Maybe. Hamburger? Do cats even eat hamburgers? Do nekos?

He pulls out a small box to sniff it and wrinkles his nose as his face goes green. That's just plain nasty and expired.

As he turns around to toss it in the garbage, he gasps but immediately covers his mouth to muffle it. The neko is standing right up in his face, his eyes squinting at the contents in the fridge that Ichigo seems to be blocking.

The kitty pushes Ichigo aside who goes teetering into the kitchen table as the neko begins to poke through the fridge. He uses his tail as a third limb and grabs a jar, unscrewing it with his hand and jabs his tongue in it.

'Hey! Don't do that! We have to eat that in the morning with our bread!' Ichigo whines as he walks up to the engrossed neko. The kitty growls at him. Ichigo jumps back but then recomposes himself and growl back. He grabs the jar and pulls it towards himself.

'Put it back,' he commands in a firm voice. The neko's eyes narrow.

'Nya!' he utters sharply, shaking his head as his tail pulls the jar towards himself so he can stick his tongue in it once again.

'Yes!' Ichigo hiss and pulls the jar away from the neko's outstretched tongue. The neko growls again and flexes his hand to reveal very sharp claws. Ichigo gulps but he maintains a firm grip on the jar.

'Nya!' the neko cries again hysterically and pulls the jar to his side.

'Yes!' Ichigo pulls it to his chest.





The jar slips from Ichigo head and he juggles it in his hand to prevent it falling. Trying one last time to obtain it, the neko sticks out a hand to grab it but Ichigo does the same thing. Their hands collide and the jar flies even higher out of their reach, tilting over in the process, pouring all its contents on the two individuals. They both slip on the jam that has smeared the floor and collapse in a heap on the floor. Ichigo pushes the neko off angrily and inspects the damage.

'Arghh! Look what you did! We're covered in jam!' Ichigo scolds but the neko is more than happy to be covered in sweet tasting stuff as he uses his expertly long tongue to lick away the bits stuck on his face. He cleans his hand and then passes it over his hair to scrape any jam stuck over there. He repeats the process until he is sure he is free of jam before turning on Ichigo slyly and begin to lick his face enthusiastically.

'Hey! Hey! Cut it out! That tickles!' Ichigo laughs, trying to push the neko away but the kitty pursues and even smirks as he licks some off his owner's cheek.

It's when the neko licks a piece off Ichigo's lips does Ichigo shiver. His hand flies to his lips as he remembers the sensation of that tongue on them. The neko is now in his lap, his hands on either side of Ichigo's hips and his face only inches from Ichigo's own; his entire body stretched out behind him. The neko gives him a sly smile and licks Ichigo's lips again, feeling Ichigo shiver once more. Ichigo cups the neko's cheek with one hand before he can pull away. He looks deep into those beautiful azure eyes and admires their intensity. He breathes onto the neko's face, who shivers now. He has to admit, he had never seen a more magnificent creature…

'Nii-san! You're back! And what is that? Is that a kitten? Did you get us a cat? And what are you covered in? Is that jam?'

Ichigo winces as the lights are turned on in the kitchen, literally blinding him with their brightness. He raises one hand to shield his eyes from the glare so that they can adjust and focus on what's at hand. When he finally lowers his hand, he can see Yuzu and Karin standing in the doorway. Karin is leaning against that doorsill while Yuzu is bent down scratching behind the neko's ear. The neko seems to be enjoying it since his eyes are closed and he is purring like a lawnmower.

'Nii-san!' Yuzu squeals. 'Why didn't you tell us you were getting a cat! Thank you, thank you, thank you! He is just adorable! Where'd you find him?'

'Huh? Oh, I found him wandering on the streets and I just didn't have the heart to abandon him in the cold!'

Ichigo gets up off the ground to join Yuzu. He too scratches the neko affectionately behind the ear and enjoys how it purrs even more at his touch.

'Hello? Earth to you lamebrains!' Karin says sarcastically as she pushes herself off the doorframe to place a hand on her hip and narrows her eyes at them. 'Dad isn't going to let us keep him!'

'Keep who?' Ishin Kurosaki inquires as he joins his family in the kitche. He freezes when he sees the mess, Ichigo covered in jam and finally, his eyes rest on the neko who looks up at him and meows playfully. Oh shit…

'Ichigo!' he explodes, his face turning red. 'What is the meaning of this?'

'Well,' Ichigo starts, scratching his jam covered hair. 'I opened a jar of jam and it kinda spilled all over me and then this cat came out of nowhere and began to clean up the mess but then you showed up and it can't use its special powers in front of adults so-!'


Ishin is now reaching his exploding point and that is never pretty. Even the neko's ears are flattened along his head and he is hissing angrily at the dad.

'Look, I can explain, dad,' Ichigo starts.

'Oh I'm sure you can, Ichigo,' Ishin says sarcastically with a roll of his eyes. 'You always have an excuse for everything!'

'What the hell is that supposed to mean?' Ichigo says sharply.

'It means…oh damn my nose is tickling…that you can never face the truth!' Ishin argues, his nose twitching while he does. 'You always make up an excuse or you run away from it! When are you-Atishoo!- going to learn-Atishoo!-that in order to be a man-Atishoo!- you need to start acting like one and take-Atishoo!-responsibilities!'

'Oh shut up you hypocrite! You yourself don't have time to listen to me! You always say,' you can always come to me for help!' but whenever I do you just pretend that you didn't hear me or something! Face it! You're just as bog a coward as I am!'

'Shut up both of you!' Karin hollers as she places herself between them, her hands stretched out to both their chest as if to hold them off from each other. Good thing too for they looked close to jumping at each other's throat.

'Like it or not, it's not just about you two all the time!' she snaps at them, her eyes flicking from one snarling man to the other. 'Yuzu and I are sick and tired of you two always bickering so this is the moment you guys come to a compromise! Starting with the cat!'

'Fair enough!' Ichigo sneers and balls his hands into fists over and over again.

'I couldn't agree more,' Ishin growls, glowering menacingly at his son.

'At least this is a start,' Karin says with a roll of her eyes as she removes her hands from the men's chests and crosses her arms as she watches Yuzu pet the neko. 'Now, what do you both propose we do with him?'

'Throw him out!' Ishin says immediately.

'Keep him!' Ichigo says simultaneously in a fierce voice.

The two men glare daggers at each other. Karin smacks her forehead. This isn't how she had hoped it would turn out.

'How about a vote!' Yuzu pipes up, looking up from her ministration of tickling the neko under the chin.

'Alright! All in favour of the cat going raise their hands!' Karin announces. Ishin's hand shoots up. He looks at his daughters and grumbles about lack of family support as he lowers his hand.

'All in favour of the cat staying?'

Three hands go up almost instantly.

'That's not fair!' Ishin complains and pinches his nose to prevent the cat hair from entering his nostrils. 'I'm a parent! My vote should be twice the vote you guys have given!'

'Stuff it, dad,' Karin says coolly as she pats the neko once on the head before heading up the stairs. 'All's fair in love and cats. Now somebody's gonna have to clean up this mess or we're going to have mice in the morning.'

She wrinkles her nose as she clambers up the stairs to her room.

'I thought that's what cats are good for!' Ishin hollers after her.

Ichigo allows the tap to gush hot water for a few more minutes before turning it off with a knob. He runs his hand through the steaming water in the tub and his eyes travel to the neko who is perched up on the toilet seat, observing his surrounding with mild interest.

The neko licks his shoulder where a little jam is still left and then looks up immediately when he notices a change in atmosphere as Ichigo turns the water off. He stalks up to the bathtub, sniffing the water cautiously. He dips a hand into it and hisses, backing a few steps away from the tub; his body low to the ground and his mouth twisted in a snarl. Ichigo sighs.

'Come on, kitty,' he says soothingly as he flicks the water playfully at the neko, who flinches and jumps a few feet back. 'Its just a little water! It can't hurt you!'

The neko hisses again, his fur now standing on end. Ichigo has moved from his perch near the bathtub and is walking slowly towards the neko.

'Easy,' he says, trying not to alarm the neko. 'I'm not trying to hurt you. I just need to make you take a-!'

He never gets the last word out for at that moment, he leaps at the neko, who hisses as he dodges Ichigo's hands. The neko scampers to the other side as Ichigo picks himself up and launches himself at the neko again. The neko moves out of his reach just as numbly as before but this time, Ichigo is prepared.

Instead of going for his body, he stretches a hand out to grab the neko's tail. The kitty squeals in amazement as he is dragged backwards by his tail while digging his nails into the floor, leaving permanent marks. Ishin isn't going to be happy.

'Come on,' Ichigo grunts as he struggles to remove the neko's shirt. 'The sooner you wash up the sooner its over! with me!'

'Nya!' the neko shakes his head and makes another attempt to escape but Ichigo grabs his waist as he begins to undo the pant buttons.

The neko's eyes widen in fear and with a snarl, he swipes at Ichigo's face, just barely grazing his face with his claws. Ichigo yelps and lets go, clutching the side of his face. He rushes to the mirror over the sink to inspect the damage. His face turns a beet red. He turns on the neko, who is now cowering in the corner at the fury on his owner's face.

'You! That's it! You're going in the tub and that's final whether you like it or not!' Ichigo snarls and lunges at the kitten.

'Nya!' the neko still retaliates. He manages to slip away from Ichigo to perch on the edge of the tub. Ichigo grins slyly. Now he's got him! As he stealthily creeps up to the tub, making sure the neko is busy licking the back of his hand, he crouches low and then pounces! But not before he catches the glint of the neko's eyes as he jumps up and pushes Ichigo into the water with his feet.

Spluttering, Ichigo goes face first into the tub of hot water as it fills his nostrils and ears. The neko laughs at him, clutching his sides as it hurt so much to laugh. After laughing his fill, the neko notices that his master hasn't surfaced. Concerned, he leans in close to the surface, trying to find him.

'Nya?' he says softly, his eyes scanning hawk-like. Suddenly, a hand strikes out of the water, grabbing the neko by the hair and dragging him head first into the water.

The neko thrashes wildly, desperate to get away from the wicked water. He hears laughter above him and growls. As the neko surfaces, he sees a very wet Ichigo chuckling away and wringing water out of his hair.

'See?' he laughs and flashes an encouraging smile as he splashes some water at the neko. 'Water isn't so scary now, is it?'

The neko frowns as he looks at the water surface intently. Then, he uses one powerful stroke at the water to soak Ichigo and the bathroom floor in one go. Spluttering, Ichigo wipes water out of his eyes to glare at the neko who is grinning from ear to ear.

'Oh, you are so going to pay for that!' Ichigo exclaims slyly as he slicks his hair back. The neko gives him an equally evil grin.

'What the hell are they doing up there?' Ishin grumbles as he tucks Karin and Yuzu in for bed.

'Nii-san said he was giving neko-chan a bath!' Yuzu chirps.

'Sounds more like a battle to me,' Karin says in a bored voice.

'Well they better not make a mess! It took me six months to renovate that bathroom!' Ishin says hotly, glaring at the ceiling and frowning at the laughter and splashing audible from above.

'Well now don't you feel clean, Mr. Grumpy!' Ichigo teases the neko as he clambers downstairs for breakfast. The neko grumbles as he continues to lap the milk placed before him in a bowl. He's too hungry to pounce on Ichigo right now.

'Don't tell me that's his name, nii-san!' Karin groans as she pours milk into her cereal.

'Puh-leeze!' Ichigo rolls his eyes as he pops bread into the toaster. 'As much as he annoys me, I think he deserves a better name than that!'

'I was thinking Blueberry!' Yuzu squeaks as she slides pancakes onto a plate.

'Blueberry? Seriously, Yuzu? Seriously?' Karin says sarcastically as she raises her bowl to her lips to drain it of the last dregs of milk.

'How about Bruiser?' Ichigo suggests.

'What is he? A dog?' Karin snaps.

'Alright, Miss Sassy, why don't you come up with something!' Ichigo snaps back as his toast pop out all golden brown. He is now slathering them in peanut butter and jam.

'I was thinking more like Jaws. Or Killer,' Karin says thoughtfully as she drums her fingers on the table.

'Oh yeah that is so much better, Karin!' Ichigo retorts as he sandwiches his toast and bites into it. The neko begins to rub his body against his legs and Ichigo almost chokes on his toast. Yuzu giggles.

'I think he really likes you, nii-san,' she says shyly. Ichigo rolls his eyes and continues to eat his breakfast.

'He likes me as much as he likes you,' Ichigo exclaims.

'Nuh-uh!' Yuzu shakes her head. 'Last night I offered him to sleep in a bed in the living room but he ran and slept outside your room the entire night! That's love!'

'Oooo!' Karin teases, wagging her fingers at Ichigo from under her chin while smirking at her brother blushing like mad. 'Someone's got a crush on Ichigo!'

'Stuff it, Karin!' Ichigo mumbles and gasps as the neko stand up on his legs to places both hands on Ichigo's chest and sniff the sandwich in his hand before fixing Ichigo with a wistful look. Ichigo sighs and hands the sandwich to the neko, who takes it happily in his mouth but not before he licks Ichigo's nose. This time Ichigo didn't react but only flinched. He glares at his sisters who are trying to control their laughter.

'Shut up!' he squeaks at them.

'Nya!' the neko mewls as it continues to roam around Ichigo's legs.

'Is that all it says?' Karin says in a bored voice. Ichigo shrugs.

'Who knows? It'll probably say something sooner or later!' he says bluntly.

'And when it does, we'll record it,' Yuzu says excitedly.

They all groan.


Suddenly, they all jump at the sound of a loud roar resonating in the house.

In storms Ishin Kurosaki, his favourite pale pink shirt in his hand with a very visible dark stain on it.

'Look what your little pet did to my favourite shirt!' he yells, shaking the shirt wildly in the air. Ichigo has to bite his inner cheek from laughing and refraining himself from reaching out to pet the neko on the head for doing a good job.

'It's ruined! I can never wear it again!' the grown man wails and throws the shirt to the ground, crossing his arms across his chest like a sulking child.

'I don't even know why you took it out today! It's a Saturday! You don't have any work!' Yuzu exclaims as she places a plate of pancakes with maple syrup and whipped cream decorating it.

'It's my favourite shirt!' Ishin whimpers and stamps his feet on the ground.

Ichigo rolls his eyes.

'Look,' he says in a reasonable voice. 'I'll go downtown and buy cat litter so he won't destroy anymore of your 'precious shirts'. Happy?'

As soon as Ichigo turns the knob of the kitchen door leading outside, the neko whimpers and scratches feebly at his pant legs, looking up at him with those irresistible blue eyes that never fail to make Ichigo melt.

'I think he wants to come with you, nii-san,' Karin snickers. Ichigo glares at her.

'Yeah! Take the mongrel with you! Don't want him ruining anything else in the house and-Atishoo!-there goes my allergies again!' Ishin says thickly as his eyes begin to water and his nose starts to run.

Ichigo rolls his eyes once more.

'Alright fine! Come on, kitty! Guess you're coming with me!' He ushers the neko out, who happily leaps out and begins to frolick in the yard like a free spirit. Karin laughs while Ishin glares daggers at his daughter.

'I'll go and try to get the stain out of your shirt,' Yuzu says helpfully and rushes out of the kitchen with the shirt.

'This is all your fault,' Ishin growls at Karin. The raven-haired girl just smiles mischievously.

'Pancakes?' she says innocently, gesturing to the leaning tower of goodies.

'It's a good thing I got you this ball, kitty,' Ichigo exclaims as he bounces a ball on the pavement. The neko watches in awe before reaching out a hand to swipe the ball and start playing with it on its own. 'You like it, don't you? I could tell by the way you were eying it at the shop!'

'Kya!' the neko mewls happily as he tosses his ball up in the air and catches it in his mouth. He smiles contentedly at Ichigo who grins back.

'You definitely need a name,' Ichigo continues to talk and stops outside a theatre as he frowns. 'But the problem is finding the one that suits you!'

The neko stops playing with his ball to stare curiously at Ichigo. The ball is between his teeth and he is on his knees, on hand rubbing his nose and the other perched at his side.

'Well, you don't want a simple name like Paws or Blue, do you?' Ichigo wonders out loud and the neko hisses. Ichigo smiles. Maybe if he can gets the neko's opinion, he might be able to find a suitable name!

'Alright, let's see. Hmmmm,' Ichigo thinks, placing one hand on his chin and the other on his elbow supporting the hand on his chin. He looks around and notices rows upon rows of Hollywood actors. He grins as he strolls up to it and scans it for names.


The neko makes a weird face.


'Nya?' the neko tilts his head to the side in confusion.

'Not a 'Star Wars' fan? Alright, no problem! How about…Indiana Jones?'

The neko gives it a thought before getting up to puff his chest out and stare into a mirror. He then sucks it back in and shakes his head.


The neko raises an eyebrow.

'Edward Cullen?'

The neko sticks his fingers down his throat and pretends to puke.

'Taylor Lautner?'

The neko opens his mouth to say something, pauses as if thinking about the possibilities but then shakes his head to clear it and then shakes it at Ichigo to indicate a 'no'.

'I give up, kitty! There is absolutely nothing interesting here but-! Hey! How about this one?'

Ichigo places a finger on it and squints to read the fine print.

'This guy is probably dead but the name is pretty interesting! 'Grimmjow Jeagerjacque'!' how do you like the sound of that!'

The neko puts a finger to its chin and meditates on it. Then, it stalks up to a mirror and roars so loudly that Ichigo jumps back in fright. He had never seen a cat, hell let alone any feline, roar like that! The neko grins wickedly in the mirror before turning on Ichigo nodding.

'Awesome! So you're Grimmjow Jeagerjacque but we'll just call you Grimmjow! How'd you like that? You got a name, kitty! Come here!'

As Ichigo throws his arms open to embrace the newly named neko 'Grimmjow', the neko leaps into his arm and to Ichigo's surprise, lands a kiss on his lips. Ichigo gasps in surprise but he doesn't make to pull away. Instead, his eyes slowly flutter to a close as he laces his hands into the hair at the nape of Grimmjow's neck and wraps an arm around Grimmjow's waist, pulling him closer. The neko groans into the kiss as he throws his arms around Ichigo's neck, his tongue flickering across Ichigo's lower lip before the teen gave him access into his mouth. The long feline tongue explores the mouth thoroughly before the two part, gasping for air as though it is their drug. Grimmjow's tail flickers behind him; twitching as he places his hands on Ichigo's shoulders and looks down on the ground, his cheeks tinged pink. Ichigo laughs and lifts his face up by his chin to plant a light kiss on those soft lips.

'I liked that,' he purrs and Grimmjow grins, nuzzling his face in Ichigo's neck. The boy groans in pleasure. 'I really liked that. Grimmjow.'

'Oh em gee! Ichigo's back!'

Ichigo is surprised that he isn't flung out the doorway with the force the woman who hugged him came at. Or maybe squeezed to death by her amazingly large boobs.

'You're…choking…me…' Ichigo manages to get out before the woman lets go so Ichigo can breathe. As he does, he gets good look at the girl.

She has extremely curly purple-black hair and she seems to really like purple since her entire outfit is purple not to mention her make-up. She is wearing a smug look like she thinks that 'oh! I;m better than you so bow down to my awesomeness cuz you can't handle it!' Ichigo didn't like her already and he had a sinking feeling he knows who she is.

Grimmjow enters and growls at her. She eyes him reproachfully.

'I didn't know you had a stray,' she says in a scalding voice and ignores Grimmjow completely.

'I happen to like cats,' Ichigo corrects her and addresses her with a cold tone. 'Since you know who I am, I think I deserve to know who you are.'

'Ah yes, Cirrucci Sanderwicci, pleased to meet me I presume,' she says in a superior tone as she offers him one purple gloved hand to kiss but Ichigo actually didn't know what to do with it. He took it lightly in his hands before she pulled it out of his reach. She observes him keenly, a smile apparent on her lips.

'So you must be Ichigo,' she purrs but it just sends shivers up Ichigo's spine. Here he is balancing a pound of cat litter in his hand and a woman is trying to flirt with him. Great.

'Ichigo!' Ishin says as he comes beaming into the hall, dressed in his freshly-washed, ironed and piss-free favourite pink shirt. Ichigo glares at his dad. So that's why he wanted to wear his favourite shirt. 'I'd like you to meet Cirrucci. Her family is very well-off and is looking for an eligible bachelor, much like yourself, to marry their wonderful daughter. She came by to visit. I know I should have told you but then I wanted it to be surprise. Well, surprise!

'Surprise indeed!' Cirrucci says as she licks her lips and circles Ichigo like he is some auctioned object. He doesn't like the way she is looking at him. 'He is quite the eye-catcher. I will be the envy of my friends with a husband like him!'

'Wow, wow, wow!' Ichigo! Interrupts. Cirrucci and Ishin look at him with raised eyebrows. 'Don't I get a say in this? I mean, what if I don't want to marry you, Cirrucci? Not that there is anything wrong with you but I don't think you are my…type.'

'Nonsense, Ichigo! Everyone would die to marry me!' Cirrucci throws her head back and laughs. Ichigo winces. Even her laugh is retarded. 'You should be lucky I picked you of all people! I turned down men with higher statuses than you since they liked that 'oomph' factor. You need to have that 'oomph' factor in which you know that this man is going to give you the sex life of your wet dreams.'

She winks at Ichigo. He shudders again. Scratch that. Everything about her is retarded.

'Dad, I-!' Ichigo starts to complain to his dad when Grimmjow begins to hiss at the Cirrucci.

'Grimmjow! Bad boy! Stop hissing at her this minute!' he scolds as Cirrucci yelps in fright, jumping from one purple stiletto to the other in order to get away from Grimmjow.

The neko crouches to the ground and snarls, baring its teeth.

'Grimmjow!' Ichigo says in a warning tone.

'Grimmjow? What kind of retarded name is 'Grimmjow'?' Cirrucci scoffs and places her hands on her hips. That does it.

Grimmjow leaps up into the air clean above Cirrucci but not before he grabs her hair in his jaws and swipes it clean off his head. She gasps and tries to grab it but Grimmjow holds fast. They have tug of war with Cirrucci shrieking insults at him and Ishin shrieking insults at Ichigo who is just standing there enjoying the show. Soon, Karina and Yuzu clamber down to see what the noise is all about.

'What's going on?' Yuzu asks, puzzled.

'Holy crap! She's bald!' Karin bawls out, laughing hard as she clutches her stomach.

'Let. Go. You. Mongrel!' Cirrucci pants, tugging hard. Grimmjow's eyes glint again as he finally releases the wig, sending Cirrucci tumbling backwards. As she passes Ichigo, he accidently lets the bag of cat litter slip from his hand onto Cirrucci's head.

'Oops!' he mutters and winks at Grimmjow who comes slinking to his side, pleased with what he had just done.

'You all are retarded bastards who don't deserve to be in the presence of Cirrucci Sanderwicci!' Cirrucci screams before she straightens up, places her wig on backwards and stomps off sputtering kitty litter.

'Good kitty,' Ichigo coos as Grimmjow purrs in his hand. 'Good job, Grimmjow.'

'Grimmjow?' Yuzu wrinkles her nose.

'I like it!' Karin says as she saunters over to pet Grimmjow.

'Wait! Cirrucci! I'm not like them! I like you! I want to be in your presence!' Ishin howls out the door and races after the purple freak. Ichigo rolls his eyes.


The family freezes as they look down at Grimmjow. The neko stares up languidly at Ichigo and smiles softly.

'Ichigo,' it mewls and rubs its head onto Ichigo's leg.

Ichigo smiles affectionately and rubs his head.

'Grimmjow,' he says softly.