Chapter 17: One Day

Holmes turned his head slightly and looked behind him; the entire church was full. Figures clothed in dark ebony filled the pews and some had resorted to standing just so they could attend.

He turned back to the front of the church and his eyes automatically locked on the coffin before them all.

Watson and Mary sat beside him and Mrs Hudson was on his other side with Lestrade next to her. Nancy's uncle Harry Robert, and Alice were beside Watson and Mary; both looked dishevelled and Alice kept her head down the whole time the vicar conducted the funeral.

Holmes himself only caught bits of what the vicar was saying; he found this all too difficult,

' We pray for this poor infant and hope he finds peace, we pray for the mother and that she may also find peace'

Holmes felt his stomach tighten at the mention of Nancy and was ultimately glad when the vicar finally stopped talking.

They stood outside in the graveyard; it was quite a cold, frosty day but the sun still shone brilliantly and dazzled all their eyes. They followed the coffin; the coffin that contained one adult and one child to be buried together.

Everyone crowded around the freshly dug hole in the ground and bowed their heads for one final prayer.

Holmes watched them lower the coffin into the ground and a few muffled sobs could be heard from the crowd.

Eventually the crowd began to scatter, Holmes left with a few others while Watson and Mary stayed to talk to Nancy's family.

He walked alone down the gravelled pathway wondering how it had all come to this?

He eventually paused and sat down on a bench nearby, he replayed that nights events over and over in his mind but there was no other prognosis: death had been inevitable that night.

He broke from his thoughts and pulled his pocket watch out, he'd been sitting there for two hours. He stood up intending to head back to his home but he found his feet wished to carry him another way.

He headed back towards that newly filled in grave and saw a lone figure standing by it, he crossed the dewy grass quietly and came to stand next to the figure,

' Watson said you should be resting, you been through a lot' he said quietly without looking at his companion,

' I had to come…I had to say goodbye to them' the voice was silent almost ghostly,

' Understandably…if I could have stopped it I would have you know that? '

' Of course I know that…'

' I'll leave you then…' Holmes turned and began to walk back down the slight embankment to the path when the mourners voice made him stop,

' It was always you, you know that don't you?' the words cut through his heart, he didn't respond instead he continued walking away.

She watched him walk away until he was completely out of sight. When he was gone she pulled back the black mesh attached to her hat and stared down at the grave of her deceased husband and child.

She thought back to that night, how Joseph had protected her and how Holmes had defended her. She remembered the pained look on josephs face as all the colour drained from his cheeks and how the hot blood spilled from his neck onto her.

That was all she could remember from that night, she blacked out soon after.

When she came round she had to hear the news that her unborn child had died and that her husband had died from a fatal stab wound.

Nancy stood in the graveyard wondering what to do now. She couldn't stay in josephs house and be pitied by everyone around her.

It took a month to set everything straight. She made sure her family were looked after and that all debts were settled. She sold josephs house but made sure his staff were kept on so no one would lose their job. She went to stay with her uncle and Alice for a few days; it was her secret way of saying goodbye to them. Nancy had no intention of staying in England.

She stood on the dock and waited patiently. She would travel for a while and try to recover from the past few years' experiences,

' Running again I see' a voice murmured in her ear from right beside her

' We've been here before' she said

' Yes but I didn't get the chance to speak with you last time' he said in his matter-of-fact tone,

' You were here though' she knew he was smiling,

' Where will you go?' he said in a suddenly serious tone

' I don't know yet…Paris maybe…or Italy?' she really didn't know where she was going or what she would do when she got there,

' I hear Paris is lovely' he said as he looked around the docks

' Is that why you came to see me?' she said turning to him

' No…I came to apologise' his serious tone returning

' What on earth for?' Nancy was stunned and couldn't think what he could possibly need to apologise for,

' I should have saved Joseph…I should have protected you better' he said frowning,

' I wouldn't even be here now if I weren't for you and I know you did everything you could, so you can stop all that' she said gripping his hand at her side,

' So what happens now?' he said squeezing her hand gently,

' I get on that boat…and I leave, you have cases to solve I'm sure?' she said letting go of his hand,

' Is that it then?' he said, his brow furrowed,

' Oh don't get me wrong I'm sure our paths will cross again one day Sherlock' she gave him a small smile and his face relaxed,

' I shall make sure they do' he said returning the smile.

He watched her sail away from him again and felt that same sinking feeling deep inside. It felt wrong for her to not be with him. He felt wrong, like there was a part of him missing.

' One day' he said quietly to himself.

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